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Using Artificial Intelligence in Astrology

Guide for Using Chat GPT for Astrology
Guide for Using Chat GPT for Astrology
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Since the advent of ChatGPT, there has been a slew of A.I. based apps and software that essentially claim to be able to make astrology predictions using A.I. To make our position clear, we do subscribe to the theory of employing artificial intelligence to make astrological analysis. An explanation of how we envision this happening was covered in our article, 'Astrology, Computers and Information Technology', first published back in August 2022 and later updated in March 2023. What was covered in that article was building a form of artificial intelligence for the express purpose of astrological use. This is however, quite different to the astrology based A.I. software that has been released in recent times, as these are mostly based on the OpenAI API. You probably already have a fair understanding of how astrology works. What we propose examining in this article is, if and how generative AI, like the freely available OpenAI, can be used in astrology.


What is ChatGPT?

Google's SGE and ChatGPT are the new best friends to many of us. They have a ready answer for almost anything you throw at them. However, before we can boggle their virtual minds with something like astrology, we need to acquaint ourselves with a few of the basic concepts that make them tick.

OpenAI is an advanced artificial intelligence that powers ChatGPT and has been used to develop models like GPT-3.5, 4 and will no doubt, be employed in any subsequent versions. OpenAI algorithms are used across different domains of AI, such as natural language processing, robotics, reinforcement learning and more. The ChatGPT that we are all familiar with, is an instantiation of the GPT-3.5 model that is essentially tailored for chat and conversation based tasks.

Both SGE and ChatGPT are 'Generative Pre-trained Transformers', which accounts for the 'GPT'. This is a specific type of generative AI that focuses on generating human-like text based on the input it receives. The SGE and ChatGPT transformers have been trained on a diverse range of text from the Internet and can generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on submitted prompts.

NLP refers to the field of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling computers to understand, interpret and generate human language. ChatGPT is a type of natural language processing (NLP) model, developed by OpenAI that uses advanced NLP techniques to understand and generate humanlike text. It can engage in conversations, answer questions and provide information, using natural language. Google SGE employs the BARD large language model (LLM) as the chat bot interface through which users communicate with SGE.

Generative AI is a broader term that encompasses various AI models and techniques capable of generating content, such as text, images, music, computer code and more. It includes a wide range of approaches, including language models like GPT, as well as other types of generative models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for images or music generation algorithms. That is, while GPT is a type of generative AI, not all generative AI models are GPT or capable of constructing language.

Despite Google SGE's apparent lack of success, Google is arguably one of the most advanced developers of AI and they have developed several models such as, the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) and Multitask Unified Model (MUM). MUM is reportedly 1,000 times more powerful than BERT and is used to find topics in different forms of media such as videos, even when the topics aren't explicitly mentioned.


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To summarise SGE and OpenAI in simple terms, they are AI models that contain a vast corpus of data that has been scraped from the Internet and sites like PowerFortunes. Whenever a prompt is submitted, they use complex, self-correcting algorithms to determine how to manage and serve this data, so that it can be understood by humans.

In Your Dreams A.I.

It is quite apparent from the above that artificial intelligence is completely different to human understanding. AI learns patterns, styles and information from stored data, efficiently leverages that data and creates responses, texts and outputs that mimic human-like understanding and creativity. In terms of pure intelligence, our brains, as fallible as they may sometimes seem, are in fact infinitely more capable than any present form of AI. This is because we perform a whole range of tasks that AI hasn't even dreamt of. That is, we possess:

  1. Creativity and intuition that give us the unique ability to imagine new possibilities and arrive at intuitive conclusions that AI cannot replicate. This creativity is fuelled by our emotions, real life experiences and cultural backgrounds.
  2. Emotional intelligence that allows us to perceive, express and respond to situations and stimuli, in a nuanced way. AI has no genuine comprehension of emotion and can only simulate emotional responses based on patterns learned from data.
  3. Contextual understanding drawn from our diverse experience and ability to make sense of complex and even contradictory scenarios. That is, because we are not bound by rigid patterns, we can think any which way we choose, be it rationally, irrationally, laterally, out-of-the-box, you name it.
  4. An understanding of abstract concepts, social references, metaphors and philosophical ideas. This allows us to make ethical judgements, exercise common sense, update our ideas and beliefs and gives us our sense of humour.

Can ChatGPT Make Astrology Predictions?

Although present AI models have many capabilities and have been trained to perform a wide range of tasks, including some complex feats such as generating music, images, videos and computer code, there is no model that has been specifically developed to interpret astrological principles. So, while chat bots can provide information about astrological laws and beliefs, they cannot actually comprehend or analyse this information. Here too, due to their inherent inability to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information, they can often produce outputs that are patently wrong. That is not to say that an AI model that does understand astrological principles cannot be developed and we would again refer back to our, 'Astrology, Computers and Information Technology' article for how we envision this being done. But at this point in time, no such model exists.

If we return back to the AI models that do exist, what would happen if we were to try and extract an astrological analysis from them? Well, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, this simply would not work. Despite being very exact in methodology, astrological predictions and analysis require a clear understanding of a subject's circumstances. That is, each individual's background, life and options are unique. In order to provide an enquirer with a relevant prediction, an astrologer needs to clearly understand the context in which the reading is being sought. In that sense, astrology predictions and ChatGPT like chat bots are quite similar, because both are very much, 'Garbage in, garbage out' systems. That is however, where the similarities end.

There is no mistaking that generative AI is immensely powerful and carries almost limitless possibilities. However, a practice such as astrology is both an art and science that requires a keen understanding of the human condition and an appreciation of each person's unique set of circumstances and the options that they afford. It is for this reason that we provide options for PowerFortunes' users to submit all details that they think might be relevant, when sending for an astrology reading or report. We also provide guidelines for what we recommend users should include, so that they get the most out of their predictions. As present AI models are incapable of deciphering nuanced information of this nature, for the reasons mentioned earlier on, they will be incapable of making any kind of intelligible astrological analysis, for the foreseeable future.


The Best Practices for Using AI in Astrology

Although they aren't perfect, there are many uses that Googles SGE and ChatGPT can be put to, for astrology related purposes. They do possess a comprehensive knowledge of astrology and can convey information about astrological concepts, practices and historical developments, as well as address questions related to different forms of astrology. However, to limit the inaccuracies that will undoubtedly, also be part of the experience, there are a few best practices that we should keep in mind. These being:

  • Be aware of the basic facts and principles of the information you are seeking.
  • Use these facts to input the correct prompts to obtain a useful output.
  • Be able to make sense of the output and discern what is good, bad, inaccurate or irrelevant information.
  • Construct a prompt that returns the main concept received, back to the chatbot such that it is required to evaluate the correctness of this information.
  • Be clear on the applications and limitations of this filtered information.
  • Remember that in the case of ChatGPT, the cut-off date for its knowledge is, September 2021.

Astrology Prompts for ChatGPT

On the basis of the above, it would be possible to engineer prompts that seek the following type of astrology related information from a chatbot:

  • The basic profiles of zodiac signs and planets, their relationships and compatibilities.
  • The basic concepts regarding the different types of astrology charts and houses.
  • What the positions of the ruling planets of different houses may indicate about your unique talents and potential.
  • The main characteristics of planetary transits and periods.
  • Clarifications about astrological terminology.

Prompt Related Caution

Avoid constructing a prompt that may require a chatbot to make an evaluation of this type of astrology related information:

  • Any question that requires an opinion, analysis or interpretation of astrological conditions.
  • An astrological calculation, such as a future planetary position, period or transit, unless the exact method of calculation is also provided.
  • Any information that requires an analysis of an individual's specific details.
  • Chatbots are not virtual astrologers and they cannot analyse charts, houses or planetary alignments.
  • Due to the dataset on which they have been trained, chatbots can be prone to expressing a bias against astrology, unless specifically prompted not to do so.

Final Thoughts

As chatbots become ever more sophisticated, their role in our lives is only set to increase. But just like any tool, they can deliver results of varying degrees of satisfaction. It all depends on how they are used. AI itself has no understanding of common sense. As the masters of AI, it is incumbent upon us to compensate for this inadequacy and to ourselves display an abundance of good sense, whenever AI is put to use.

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