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Astrology of the Israel Palestine Conflict

When will the Israel Hamas War End?
When will the Israel Hamas War End?
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In order to make a prediction about a complex matter of this nature, it is important to establish the known facts and correlate these against the available astrological data. This will allow us to establish which astrological details are useful for making the predictions we seek. What we know so far is:

  1. Gunmen of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, killed more than 1,400 people, including civilians and soldiers, in an attack that took place near the Southern part of Israel, near the Gaza strip. This occurred at 06:30AM on October 7, 2023.
  2. In response the IDF launched 'Operation Swords of Iron', striking at targets in Gaza. CNN reports that this operation was launched on October 7, 2023, at 04:04AM EST, which would be 01:04PM, Israeli Standard Time (IST).

It is somewhat fortunate that the state of Israel was created at a very specific time in history. We can thus use this information to cast the following astrology charts for an analysis of this situation:

  1. The horoscope for the state of Israel.
  2. The chart prevalent at the time of the Hamas attack.
  3. The chart prevalent at the launch of 'Operation Swords of Iron'.

Comparing these charts will provide a complete astrological assessment of the situation and is similar to how we conduct our personal astrology readings.


The Position of the Planets at the Time of Conflict

The horoscope prevalent at the time of the Hamas attack has been cast according to the following details:

  1. October 7, 2023.
  2. 06:30 Israeli Standard Time.
  3. Ashkelon, Israel.

The salient features of this horoscope are:

  1. A combusted Mercury rules the ascendant's house. Mercury occupies this house with a debilitated Sun.
  2. Mercury is also the lord of actions and the ruling planet of the Moon sign.
  3. Ketu and Mars occupy the house of home affairs and Mars rules the house of death.
  4. A retrograde Saturn occupies its own sign Aquarius, in the house of enemies.

The horoscope prevalent when Israel launched 'Operation Swords of Iron' has been cast according to the following details:

  1. October 7, 2023.
  2. 13:04 Israeli Standard Time.
  3. Ashkelon, Israel.

Both charts are similar, as they are only about six-and-a-half hours apart. The salient features of the IDF operation horoscope are:

  1. A retrograde and neutral Jupiter occupies Aries and rules the ascendant's house.
  2. A combusted Mercury rules the house of actions. Mercury occupies this house with a debilitated Sun.
  3. Mercury is also the lord of actions and the ruling planet of the Moon sign.
  4. The Sun is the lord of fate.
  5. A neutral Venus occupies the house of fate, in the sign of Leo and rules the house of enemies and house of gains.
Horoscope of the Hamas Attack
Horoscope of the Hamas Attack.
Horoscope of Operation Swords of Iron
Horoscope of 'Operation Swords of Iron'.

Interpretation of the Hamas Attack Chart

Although this may seem like a random act of violence, Hamas had put a fair deal of thought and planning into this move. However, as Mercury was combusted, there may have been a lack of in-depth strategy on exactly how this plan would be carried out. This operation has also been thought and re-thought several times and this lack of clarity will affect the final outcome. Nevertheless, a strong Sun in the ascendant's house shows that the Hamas leaders would have been buoyed with confidence in their plans. This may also have induced a over-estimation of the success of these plans. Also, the placement of Mars suggests that Hamas will lack the wherewithal to follow up on this operation with further military action.

This chart does not have an overtly negative characteristic. This means that for the purpose of carrying out an operation, even one as nefarious as this, the initial impact would have worked out as intended. A retrograde Saturn shows that their enemy was stung and for the target, recovery from this hit will take time. Having said that, Saturn suggests that long term pain will also be inflicted on those responsible for this act, further down the line.

As this chart only represents a snap-shot of the time at which the operation was executed, it is not indicative of the final outcome to this matter. That will be determined by future planetary alignments, as explained further on.

Interpretation of the 'Operation Swords of Iron' Chart

Due to the influence of Jupiter, the Israeli authorities believe that they are justified in this response and will strive to impose their authority. However, the alignment of the Sun indicates that the country's image may be tarnished or they will struggle to win the PR war relating to this operation. Their emphasis will be on achieving tangible results, through careful planning and an attention to detail. The influence of Mercury will however, result in a lack of clarity as to how this operation is executed. That is, the strategy that the Israelis adopt is likely to undergo frequent change, reducing its efficacy.

As Venus controls both the house of gains and house of enemies, from its position in the house of fate, the country will take advantage of the multitude of resources at its disposal and use this to prevail over its adversaries through some out-of-the-box thinking.

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Horoscope Chart for the State of Israel

The state of Israel was created on Friday, May 14 1948 at, 16:00. The horoscope cast with these details at Tel Aviv is:

Horoscope of the State of Israel
Horoscope of the State of Israel.

According to this chart:

  1. Mercury occupies the friendly zodiac sign of Taurus, in the house of fate and is placed alongside a weak Sun. Mercury is the ruling planet of the ascendant of this chart.
  2. Mercury is also the lord of actions, while Venus is favourably placed in the house of actions and rules the country's houses of fate and internal affairs.
  3. Venus is an important planet for this country, as it occupies a central house and is the ruling planet of the name derived zodiac sign for Israel, which is Taurus.
  4. Its Moon sign is Cancer, which is ruled by a strong and favourable, Cancer placed Moon.
  5. The South Lunar Node, the malefic, 'Ketu' occupies Israel's house of home affairs, where it is neutral in the friendly zodiac of Libra.
  6. A fiery Mars is strong and aggressive in Leo, as it aspects the house representing Israel's enemies, from its position in the 12th house. The house of enemies itself is ruled by a debilitated Saturn.

This chart suggests that this country will prosper through the diverse talents of its people and strategic planning of its government. The Jewish state will always face opposition and struggles due to its enemies. Peace and harmony will not prevail in its domestic affairs, for any extended period of time. There will be many ups and downs in its history. However Israel will always adopt an aggressive hardline against adversaries, due to which it will prevail over opposing ideologies and forces.

At the time of the Hamas invasion, the state of Israel was passing through contradictory planetary periods of 'Rahu', Jupiter and Venus. Although 'Rahu' is a malefic in nature and two concurrent periods of this planet were in progress, in the larger scheme of things, this current situation may only prove to be a short-term set back that the country will recover from soon enough.

When Will this War End?

As explained at the very beginning of this piece, this matter is complex and is unlikely to undergo one final event that marks a resolute full stop to the matter. What we do know is that present events will wind down or even cease when Israel realises its immediate objectives. What those objectives are exactly, is anybody's guess, but Netanyahu has stated that the release of the 242 captured hostages, is the focus of their efforts right now. In the longer term, Israel's chart suggests that an era of peace and harmony will elude this region.

Therefore analysing Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's chart and comparing this with the charts for the conflict, may reveal when a cease fire, or end to present hostilities is likely. We are however, hampered here somewhat, as the accuracy of Netanyahu's time of birth cannot be verified. We will therefore, not be able to derive planetary periods from his chart. Accurate planetary periods would have shown us exactly which planetary influences he is presently under and will be in the future. Also, prime ministers of the 'Promised Land' tend to come and go with surprising regularity, so there is no guarantee that Mr. Netanyahu will be around to establish peace, when the opportunity arises. However, the charts for this conflict and present and future planetary transits, will allow us to make a reasonably accurate assessment of future events.

Benjamin Netanyahu's birth date is October 21, 1949, at 10.01AM, Tel Aviv, Israel and the birth chart that corresponds to these details is:

Birth Chart for Benjamin Netanyahu
Birth Chart for Benjamin Netanyahu.

The salient points of this chart are:

  1. A weak Mars is favourably placed in Leo, in his house of actions and this planet is the lord of his ascendant, Scorpio. Mars is also the ruling planet of his house of enemies.
  2. A neutral Venus occupies the ascendant's house and rules the 7th house, aspecting its own sign of Taurus.
  3. A neutral Sun occupies the 12th house and is the lord of actions.
  4. Saturn is adversely placed in Leo, in the house of actions, where it is in conflict with Mars.
  5. Mercury is the ruling planet of his Moon sign and this occupies the house of gains, in its own zodiac sign of Virgo.
  6. The Moon is the lord of fate, but this adversely occupies Virgo in the house of gains where it is in conflict with 'Ketu' and Mercury.

Netanyahu is a confident, ambitious, competitive and determined person. The fact that Mars also rules the house of enemies, suggests that there will be challenges and opposition from his rivals and this will hamper his career. Although his enemies may be strong, he will prove to be stronger. Due to the influence of Mercury, he is calculative and is an intelligent strategist. He is always ready to take up challenges, but due to the influence of Saturn and the Moon, his plans will only bring him limited success and his fortunes will experience many ups and downs.

By around late-November 2023, the state of Israel will enter planetary periods of 'Rahu' and Saturn. These periods are complementary and there will be a gradual, but progressive improvement in the situation for the country. This will lead to a change in the situation, favouring Israel, after May 2024. More disturbances and uncertainty are likely in the region between mid-September and early November 2024, these will however, be relatively minor problems.

After early November 2024, Israel will enter a favourable sub-period of Venus. When Venus enters Libra in Israel's 2nd house, around early December, there will be a positive change of circumstances. This will result in a relative peaceful period of longer lasting harmony. At that time, a combusted Mars and strong Sun will occupy Netanyahu's ascendant's house. Due to this and the alignment of Venus, he will be in a less belligerent and more positive about establishing peace. Another favourable factor at that time will be Saturn. This will be in its own zodiac sign of Aquarius, in Israel's house of enemies and is also suggestive of an agreement between the opposing parties.

Therefore to summarise:

  1. After late November 2023 there should be a change in the situation that initiates gradual progress towards a period of stability and a possible long-term resolution.
  2. After May 2024, Israel should meet its short-term objectives.
  3. Between mid-September and early November 2024, there will be a short-term period of disturbances and uncertainty.
  4. After early December there will be positive changes. There will be possibilities of something akin to a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, from then onwards.
  5. The astrological factors analysed do not suggest that the fundamental differences between the Palestinians and Israelis will be resolved, despite this new peace deal.
  6. This present conflict will not escalate beyond the West Bank and will not draw in other regional or global powers.

Why Should We Try and Predict the Outcome?

It is true that for most of us, this current conflict is just another in a series of events that affects a distant, but troubled part of the world. Having said that, astrologists and the world at large, have good reason to afford this situation due consideration.

The French astrologer, philosopher, physician and apothecary, Michel de Nostradamus is famous for his book, 'Les Prophéties', published in 1555. This is a collection of 942 poetic quatrains, which make predictions about the distant future. Many of these predictions are believed to have come true, such as those about the death of Kennedy, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, 9-11, Saddam Hussein and so on. Nostradamus' predictions are nevertheless considered to be cryptic and open to interpretation. Last year there was much media coverage about one such forecast that was thought to relate to the Russia-Ukraine war and that this could escalate into World War III.

There are many who believe that Nostradamus has predicted that a major conflict will occur in the year 2023 and refer to his prophesy that says, "People would be punished for their wrongdoings". This prophesy is said to relate to the current Israeli- Palestinian conflict, the reach of which could easily spread. Players like the other major Palestinian terrorist outfits, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, as well as Iran could well be drawn in. Both Iran and Israel are thought to possess nuclear arsenals, so any escalation, could soon become everyone's problem.

There is also a very real and immediate humanitarian aspect. While the Israelis have stated that they have no intention of harming civilians, they have gone in with a heavy hand, intent on eradicating Hamas, even if this means, bombing Gaza "Back to the stone age", as George W. would say. A tragedy that no one can turn a blind eye to, is thus unfolding at this very moment. The sooner that this stops, the better this will be for the world's 'Karmic' balance.

Final Thoughts

This is a complex geo-political matter that is subject to global strategic interests and domestic political considerations. There are many unknowns and unanswered questions relating to the entire episode. Questions such as, were the highly specialised Israeli intelligence services really ignorant of the threat? Also, has this situation proven to be a convenient diversion for Benjamin Netanyahu against his otherwise failing political fortunes? These are questions that even political insiders may struggle to answer, but are nonetheless a part of this complex equation. Hence providing any sort of prediction about such matters, is a task that most astrologers prefer to avoid. But not the astrologers at PowerFortunes!

Those familiar with our 'Topics & Opinions' section will no doubt remember that at the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, we predicted that the conflict would last for months. This was at a time when the global mainstream media was of the firm opinion that this war would be over in a matter of weeks, if not days. Most of our predictions about this war were later proven to be true, although this was also a similarly complex matter, for which accurate astrological data was in short supply.

As always, watch this space and call us out if you're not convinced.

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