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Astrology Predicts the Outcome of the Russia Ukraine War

Astrology of the Russian - Ukrainian 2022 War
Astrology of the Russian - Ukrainian 2022 War

According to media reports, Russian troops attacked Ukraine at around 5A.M. local time, on Thursday, Feb. 24 2022. The salient features of the horoscope cast at that time are:

  1. An exalted, but weak Mars and a neutral Venus, both occupy the ascendant’s house. Mars is also the ruling planet of the Moon sign of this chart.
  2. A neutral, but combusted Jupiter is the ruling planet of the ascendant.
  3. The malefic Vedic planet ‘Rahu’ is exalted in the house of enemies.
  4. Venus is the ruling planet of the house of enemies.
  5. The Sun is the lord of fate and this aspects Leo from its position in the 3rd house.
  6. The Moon rules the house of death and directly aspects this house.

This horoscope has four characteristics which are important in the context of this situation:

  1. The fiery planet Mars, rules over wars and conflicts. It is therefore, no surprise that Mars occupies the ascendant house of the chart prevalent at the time of this invasion.
  2. At the same time, Jupiter is ineffective and this lack of influence means that good sense will not prevail upon the parties involved in this conflict.
  3. Along with this, the lord of death, the Moon is in conflict with Rahu’s twin planet, the also malefic ‘Ketu’.
  4. From their respective positions, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ form what is referred to in Vedic astrology as a, ‘Kal Sarp Yog’. This essentially means that these two planets encompass the remaining planets in this chart. There are many consequences of this alignment and this would be worthy of a whole article devoted to the topic, but let’s just say that when these two malefic planets are working in tandem, no good arises. In the context of this current conflict, this ‘Rahu - Ketu’ confluence aspects the house of enemies of this chart.

For more information about why ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are considered to be malefic, refer to our ‘Planets’ section.

Horoscope of the Russia Ukraine War
Horoscope of the Russia Ukraine War.

Astrologically speaking, these above mentioned, four factors can be attributed to be the main reasons for the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022.

Further analysis of the Russia-Ukraine horoscope shows that the Ukrainians will display great bravery and courage and will fight with ferocity. Their enemies, that is the Russians and Belarussians are resourceful and may resort to strategies that may not strictly be in accordance with fair tactics.

This horoscope also indicates that Ukraine will not be short on aggression and will even be willing to form alliances with parties that have questionable values. That is if the means justify the ends, the Ukrainians will themselves not be shy of compromising on some of their own principles. In a sense, they will adopt the policy of all being fair in love and war. However for Ukraine, achieving gains will be a difficult task and a path that is full of struggle and doubt. There will be multiple challenges and they will have to endure great pain.

Why are Russia and Ukraine at War in 2022?

At this point, the characteristics of the above horoscope chart have largely proven to be on point. This confirms that we are on the right track and we more or less have the right horoscope that can provide us with an overview of the theatre of conflict. However, this horoscope alone may not be sufficient to allow us to make predictions about the future course of the war. To answer questions such as why Russia and Ukraine are at war in 2022, we have to consult the horoscopes of the two men at the centre of this conflict.

Now at PowerFortunes, we are not exactly sure who was around to record wee Comrade Putin’s birth data, but we have it on good authority that his birth details are:

  1. Date of birth, October 7 1952.
  2. Time of birth, 09:30AM.
  3. Place of birth, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Likewise, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s birth details are:

  1. Date of birth, January 25 1978.
  2. Time of birth, 02:00PM.
  3. Place of birth, Kryvyi Rih, present day Ukraine.

A comparison of the respective horoscopes of these two gents, will allow us to arrive at some definite conclusions. However, we have to confess that this is not an astrological comparison that we are used to making in say the same way that we might draw up an ‘Astrological Compatibility Report’. The objective of that kind of report is to see how much chemistry two individuals possess. That is not quite the same as seeing who will be the last man standing at the end of what might possibly be World War 3!

What we need to do in this case is make a kind of, astrological SWOT analysis of the two horoscopes.

Vlad v/s Vlod
The horoscope chart of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Horoscope Chart of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
The horoscope chart of Volodymyr Zelensky
The Horoscope Chart of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Libra is his ascendant and Venus is the ruling planet of his ascendant. His name derived zodiac and his Moon sign are both Taurus. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, hence this planet has a strong role in his horoscope.

This man is not your average dictator, he has many talents and interests. He is also a surprisingly balanced thinker and will use innovative methods to achieve his objectives in life. His innovative way of thinking will bring progress to his life.

A combusted Venus is his ascendant’s ruling planet. Just like his namesake Vladimir, Volodymyr’s name derived zodiac is also Taurus. Hence Venus also has a prominent role in Zelensky’s chart, but not to the same extent that it does in Putin’s. He is also a man of many talents. He is a pragmatic and innovative thinker.

Mars is in a strong position in Putin’s 3rd house and shows that he has a good understanding of military matters and could have made a career of this.

Venus is also the ruling planet of Zelensky’s house of enemies. He will have many rivals and enemies, but he will ultimately prevail over his rivals, albeit with some difficulty.

An exalted Moon occupies Putin’s 8th house and is his lord of actions. This again confirms that he has a creative, imaginative manner about him. He is also intelligent, even scholarly and will be charitable to his friends and allies.

An exalted Moon is the ruling planet of his Moon sign, Cancer. He has a definite artistic inclination. He is also an emotional person, although he presents a tough exterior to the outside world. The influences of the Moon and Venus have allowed him to accomplish success in different roles and fields of life. These planets are responsible for allowing him to transform himself from pretend president to real life, wartime president.


Due to the influence of the Sun and Moon, there will be gains in his life through the State or government. Admittedly, that is kind of a given when you’re dictator of your own country. But, this confirms that he will prosper in positions of authority.

Zelensky is not a natural born leader, but is a man who dreams big and has the talent and determination to realise his dreams.


Due to the alignment of his lord of actions, Putin can be cunning, untrustworthy and a tyrant. Putin himself might find it difficult to refute that characterisation.

He is inclined to seek short cuts to success and quick gains.

In Zelensky’s chart, Mars is debilitated and combusted and is hence, weak and ineffective. He may be many things, but a man of great courage he is not. He isn’t about to turn his necktie into a Rambo style headband and start firing at will at the Russkies.

Just like Zelensky, Putin too is not a born leader, he has made it to the top by way of his ability. History will not judge Putin to be an inspirational leader who led his country to glory.

The influences on his house of enemies show that intellectual differences with others, will be the cause of many of his conflicts. His enmities are long lasting, but prevailing over strong enemies will not be an easy task for Putin.

A debilitated and retrograde Jupiter is his lord of death. In the context of his present circumstances, Jupiter does put his life at some degree of risk, on account of political differences.

His Mercury is weak and combusted. Putin does not possess great communicative skills, nor is he a shrewd strategist.

The similarities between Vlad and Vlod continue with the influence of Mercury. Zelensky’s Mercury is debilitated in his 8th house, indicating that communication and strategy are not his strong suits either.

A debilitated ‘Ketu’ occupies his house of actions. Due to this and the influence of the Moon, his actions will be somewhat naive and unreliable. Many of the hardships in his life are a consequence of his own actions.


The horoscopes of both men are quite revealing. Although Zelenskyy is some 23 years junior to Putin, there are some surprising similarities in both men’s horoscopes.

Note to NATO commanders: If you ever need a deeper analysis, don't be shy of asking us to do one.

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When will the Russia-Ukraine War End?

Vladimir Putin is presently passing through major, minor and sub transits of Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, respectively. It is clear that Putin is in no mood to compromise. It is also apparent that since February end and till mid-May, his actions will change in accordance with his emotions. There will be many ups and downs for him during this period, but he will inch closer to his objectives.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is presently passing through major, minor and sub transits of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, respectively. Zelenskyy will be equal to the challenges he faces till mid-April. The Russians may not be able to achieve any decisive advantages during this period.

For Zelenskyy, there could be troubles after this, but he is still likely to hold on till mid-May and if he does, he will enjoy more successes till mid-June. His fortunes may take a downturn after mid-June and this could mark the beginning of the end to whatever turmoil prevails at that time.

Zelenskyy’s minor transit of Jupiter will continue till early October 2022. Now we do not wish to sound alarmist, but as Jupiter is his lord of death and the present war situation does put his life at some degree of risk, during this period. This risk is small, but definite and will end after October.

Militarily, the war might start to shift to Russia’s advantage after mid-June. There will be a further period of uncertainty, particularly from a Russian perspective between early October and late November 2022. It will be unclear as to how a resolution to this situation will be found.

Putin will enter a major transit of Mercury after November and he is likely to fully achieve his mid-term objectives after this. Hence, if the conflict is active during this time, the interval between November and December 2022 will be a likely term for the end of the Russia-Ukraine war. The period post December marks a new, relatively favourable phase in Putin’s life and this will last into the mid-term future.

There will be a change of fortunes for Zelenskyy between July end and early October, 2022. This will bring even more turmoil and doubts about the future that will mark the beginning of a new phase in his life. There will be greater struggle in Zelenskyy’s life post October 2022.

If matters play out according to this timeline, the following scenarios are possible for the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war:

  1. The war ends in a relatively favourable stalemate for Ukraine by mid-April. That is, some kind of compromise is reached, but Ukraine as we know it, survives.
  2. The conflict continues or reignites after mid-June and a compromise is then reached between early October and late November 2022. This peace deal will offer no outright advantage to either side and there will be doubts as to whether it will actually bring an end to the war. However as time progresses, this will work out to Russia's advantage after November 2022.
  3. If the conflict is prolonged and continues past July, then this is likely to end in Russia's favour, between November and December 2022.

How will the Russia Ukraine War Affect Us?

If we are to believe Joe Biden, if we ever find ourselves in a situation where American and Russian forces are firing at one another, we should consider ourselves to be in the middle of World War III. If this were to happen, the situation could escalate into an apocalyptic nuclear conflict. The most pressing question would therefore be, does astrology show that we are heading towards World War III?

The inauspicious placements of the Moon, Mars, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ during the end of February are the astrological factors that led to the invasion of Ukraine. However, the planetary alignments for the likely period for the end of the war that is, mid-November to December 2022, don’t look quite so menacing. This is particularly true if this resolution is closer to mid-November, as opposed to December end. So perhaps we don’t need to bust out our ‘The World is coming to an End’ placards just yet.

There is also no suggestion that the conflict will escalate, drawing the US into direct confrontation with Russia. Hence our American patrons can sleep easy in the knowledge that military conscription in the United States, is not a likely possibility.

Of course, acquiring a suitable amulet for protection, is something that never goes amiss:

What will the World look like after this War?

That is difficult to say. We have to always bear in mind that the accuracy of any astrology prediction is directly proportional to the accuracy of the data used to cast the horoscope being analysed. This is explained in detail on our ‘’ page. In this particular case, we are heavily reliant on data that is available in the public domain, but whose accuracy cannot be verified. Nevertheless, the general astrological conditions prevalent for 2022, do not suggest any radical changes to world order. That is, unless you’re living in Ukraine, in which case you might want to brush up on your Russian.

This is a fluid situation that may need to be revisited in the future. Watch this space for further updates.

For comments, please tweet at us @talismans quoting #russiaukraine, or post on any of our social media profiles.

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