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Tarot Predictions for Prince Charles after Covid-19

Tarot Predictions for the Health of Prince Charles, Post COVID-19
Tarot Predictions for the Health of Prince Charles, Post COVID-19
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It is believed that Prince Charles contracted coronavirus a week before it was announced that he was positive, on March 23rd 2020 and that he was only displaying mild symptoms at the time. He had been self-isolating since then.

Dr. Rittu is the resident tarot reader at and she has drawn a tarot spread specifically for Charles’ present health condition, looking into the mid-term future. This has been done particularly in the context of his recovery from coronavirus and any possible recurrences.


The Status of Prince Charles’ Health in the Recent Past

Most of the cards in this spread, directly relate to the condition of his health. Prince Charles’ sun and moon signs are both, Scorpio and his name derived zodiac sign is, Pisces. Two cards that are relevant to his life are ‘Death’ and ‘The Moon’. However, neither of these cards appeared in his reading. This suggests that there will be no disruptions to way of life, in any way and his approach to his present health issues, have been pragmatic. There was no card in his reading that gave a clear indication as to how he may have contracted this virus. However, given the nature of the cards that did appear, we can assume that he contracted coronavirus during the course of discharging his duties.

The Present Time for Prince Charles

In this layout of Prince Charles’ cards, a very favourable card, ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ represents his present situation, indicating changes for the better and good health in the very near future. The ‘Page of Pentacles’ also lends support to the above situation and these recent events will inspire Charles to contemplate his future ahead, with the view of concluding important, but unfinished plans. He will be considering bringing about a new fitness regime and he will be successful in such plans, particularly if this relies on including the therapeutic benefits of nature or natural treatments. Presently, he is in the spotlight and there is a fair deal of support and good wishes amongst the general public, for his well-being.

Two more important cards in this layout, representing Charles’ present life are the ‘King of Coins’ and ‘The Six of Wands’. The recent health issues that he has been experiencing are not as bad as he may have initially seemed and they will be resolved, before too long. There is no doubt that he will triumph over this disease.


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What of the Queen?

It is believed that Charles last met with the Queen on March 12. The card representing Charles’ recent past, is the ‘Queen of Coins’. This is particularly appropriate as this represents a mature, wealthy, generous lady, with a nurturing nature. No prizes for guessing that is obviously Her Majesty and she is there to support him.

Given that practically all of the cards in his tarot spread are of a positive nature and the card that represents the Queen is a very favourable tarot card, there is almost no possibility that the Queen is was at risk of infection through her meeting with Charles. In fact, this tarot spread for Charles is so positive that it seems to suggest that no one close to him, is in imminent danger of this virus, in the mid-term future.

How will his health be, in general for the mid-term future?

Although, his health is strong, Charles has to reassess his routine or his duties and how he has been treating himself. That is, he may have inadvisably been putting his public duties ahead of himself.

Two very positive cards represent Charles’ future, ‘High Priest’ and ‘The Sun’. He needs to pay heed to this health scare, but in the long term future, he will enjoy wellness and positivity, with regard to his health. There are all indications that his recovery will be full and permanent. It is highly unlikely that he will suffer any recurrence of coronavirus in the future.

The ‘Ten of Wands’ also has a role in Charles’ future, indicating that he is burdened by stress and this may take a toll on his health, in the long term. It also appears that he has been able to overcome the coronavirus, in part due to his sheer determination.

What does he need to Consider to Stay Healthy?

Charles’ future potential is represented by the major arcana card, ‘The Magician’. He needs to expect changes to occur, as a result of the physical and emotional stress that he has experienced. However, he is the Prince of Wales and he can achieve almost anything he puts his mind to. In a health context, he needs to make positive changes towards keeping himself in good health. If he focuses on staying healthy, this is exactly what he will achieve in the long term.

All the important cards in this tarot spread are favourably placed, indicating that mostly good fortune lies ahead in his future.

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