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Astrological Predictions about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Astrology Predictions for Coronavirus
Astrology Predictions for Coronavirus
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This page first went online on March 25th 2020. At the time of publishing this page, many of us may still be unaffected by COVID-19, although most of us are certainly suffering from the effects of 'Coroverload' and yet, we are still yearn for more details about this 'Novel' virus. COVID-19 has very rapidly become a global phenomenon and from here onwards, it is likely to change human existence on planet earth, as we know it. Presently, medical science is in over-drive in an effort to find an effective means to contain and control the situation, but a concrete solution is yet to emerge. We've had this apocalyptic scenario played out for us in numerous Hollywood movies, but none of us are prepared for the uncertainty that lies ahead. In these desperate times, we have to look at any and all means of getting a grip on the situation, so at, we have entrusted our Chief Astrologer, Pandit Sarvesh Nagarvedic with the task of analysing the astrology of coronavirus and suggesting ways that we can use astrology to fight back. This is not a simple matter and we've provided relevant links, so that useful additional information can be accessed easily.


State of Play So Far

In astrological terms, there are not many details that can help us to correlate this virus to astrological factors, but the facts that we presently can use, are:

  1. This originated in Wuhan, China around the end of December 2019 and from here, it has essentially spread westwards. This correlates to the planet Saturn.
  2. This virus has mutated from animals, primarily cats and bats after which it was transmitted to humans through the consumption of meat. These factors correspond to the malefic Vedic planet 'Rahu' and Jupiter.
  3. It is a formite and is spread through respiratory droplets on solid surfaces. This also correlates to the planet Saturn.
  4. It is spread by touch and thereby linking it to Mercury and another malefic Vedic planet and Rahu's twin, 'Ketu'.
  5. Diagnosis is difficult and symptoms only emerge after a number of days of incubation. This again corresponds to 'Rahu'.
  6. The initial symptoms are a temperature, dry cough and breathing difficulties. These characteristics relate to Mars and Mercury.
  7. Controlling the spread of this disease requires maintaining hygiene and social distancing or physical isolation. These characteristic relate to Jupiter and the Sun.

This is Where Things Get Interesting

Although the coronavirus is not a living organism, according to ancient Indian astrology, any entity that possesses a name, has a zodiac name sign.

By submitting the form on our Free Horoscope page, using both names of the virus, COVID-19 and Corona we have identified the name zodiac signs for each name and both come up as a Gemini sign.

In astrology, the common or popular name of an entity is considered to be of importance, so we'll neglect the 'Novel' part of the name or any other nomenclature associated with the virus. The number '19', which is also associated with this virus, represents the Sun. This is quite appropriate, as the Sun brings fame and popularity, something that this virus can claim, even if this is in a negative context.

We don't have a specific time or date marking the emergence of this virus, but Pandit Sarvesh is of the opinion that a rare astrological event occurred on December 26th 2019, at 8A.M. (Indian Standard Time) and this was the trigger that led to the emergence of this disease as a pandemic. On this day a solar eclipse occurred, while five planets concurrently occupied the zodiac of Sagittarius. According to Hindu mythology, the absence of the Sun in the sky during an eclipse, is an inauspicious event that harks back to the struggle between the Sun and 'Rahu' and 'Ketu'.

Pandit Sarvesh suggests that an inauspicious astrological event of this nature can lead to natural disasters, political upheavals and the epidemic spread of disease. Below is the horoscope chart that Pandit Sarvesh has drawn up and is similar to the charts shown on our 'Daily Ephemeris':

The Horoscope Chart Cast for December 26th 2019, Nahan, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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A Complex Set of Unusual Circumstances

In this horoscope chart an exalted, but combusted Jupiter is the ruling planet of the ascendant and Mars is exalted in Scorpio. Along with this, a debilitated Saturn, 'Ketu' and Mercury all occupy Sagittarius with an exalted Sun. In Vedic astrology, there are two groups of planets, led by the Sun and Saturn, respectively. The Sun is strongly opposed to 'Ketu' and Saturn and in late December, these planets were all in conflict, in Sagittarius.

'Rahu' and 'Ketu' are mythological planets that can bring chaos and upheavals to all aspects of life and this would seem like a textbook description of the circumstances that prevail at the present time. In December 2019, 'Rahu' was exalted in Gemini, which is the zodiac sign of the virus, hastening the spread of this virus, such that this would be particularly adverse for the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Sagittarius. The sum of '2020' is '4' and according to numerology, this is Rahu's number, hence the influence of this planet will be prevalent this year.

The zodiac name sign of China is Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter. According Vedic astrology, Jupiter is a pure or 'Satvik' planet and a pure lifestyle is required, in order to increase the positive influence of this planet.

The consumption of infected meat was an activity that was prevalent in Hubei, China and something that can be attributed to the influence of 'Rahu'. This runs counter to the 'Satvik' nature of Jupiter, China's ruling planet. At that time, Jupiter was already weakened due to its combusted alignment, hence Jupiter was not able to provide an effective counter to the prevailing adverse effects of 'Rahu' and 'Ketu'. Saturn governs the west and as this was debilitated and in conflict with the Sun, this calamity slowly, but surely spread in a western direction.

The zodiac name sign for both Italy and Iran is Taurus and this sign is placed in the house of disease of the above horoscope chart. As such, these countries were particularly hard-hit by these events, while other countries such as India, are in imminent danger. It's worth noting, that anyone who is ruled by these mentioned signs could potentially be at risk, however our zodiac signs are not the only or most important factors at play, something that can be explained by a complete astrological health report.

What can we Expect in the Future?

In astrological terms, it would be fair to say that intrinsically malefic forces hold sway over the more benefic ones, at the present time. As of March 20th 2020, Saturn has progressed on to Capricorn and Jupiter remains exalted, but is no longer combusted. These two factors will bring about a slow, but progressive reduction in the spread and degree of severity of this virus. Given the planetary changes that are to come, this virus will greatly weaken within the next three to six months, thereafter. However, as 'Ketu' will remain in Sagittarius, this virus will not be completely eradicated, but will be weakened to the extent that it will not re-emerge in this form.

It is believed that that the virus that causes COVID-19 is similar to the one that is responsible for SARS. Hence, this is not something new, but something that has a history and has reappeared from the past, this is an indication that such events occur whenever there is a clash of opposing astrological forces and therefore, can recur in the future.

After April 15th 2020, the Sun will enter Aries and this will be give strength to the fiery forces that oppose this cold induced virus. This is also in synch with the approach of summer and increasing temperatures. While there is no scientific evidence of the virus being temperature sensitive, it is spread through droplets. Therefore, an increase in temperatures could lead to greater evaporation and result in a decline in the strength and virulence of the virus. This would be consistent with the planetary changes that are to come and the effects that Jupiter and the Sun will have, when they literally and metaphorically turn up the heat on this cold driven disease!

How can we use Astrology to Contain Coronavirus?

Astrological remedies are all about strengthening favourable factors and negating unfavourable ones. There are definite actions that all of us can undertake on an individual level, which will give strength to those astrological factors that run counter to the virus. At the present time, overcoming this disease essentially requires adopting a purer, more hygienic life style as well as displaying sensible behaviour and good judgment. All such actions are in line with Jupiter's characteristics and a strong Jupiter will weaken the effects of this virus. Strengthening these unseen forces will help to bring success to the efforts of the medical researchers who are working on anti-virus drugs, at this very moment.

Pandit Sarvesh suggests that we can purify our surroundings, both in physical and spiritual terms. Although coronavirus is not air borne, burning a combination of camphor, carom seeds, cloves, cardamom, Indian bdellium and black pepper seeds will help to purify your immediate surroundings of physical and spiritual impurities. It is not necessary that all of the above be burnt and a combination of any of those available, can be used.

Goddess 'Durga', a popular Hindu warrior goddess has different forms and is considered to be the mother protector. The 'Durga Saptashati' is an ancient text devoted to her and this contains the following Mantra that is said to prevent the spread of disease and epidemics:

"Jayanti Mangalakali,
Bhadrakali Kapaalini,
Durga Kshma Shiva Dhatri,
Sawha Swdha Namastutey."
The Hindu goddess, Durga.

Chanting the all-powerful 'Mahamrityunjay Mantra' will also have a similarly purifying effect and help to maintain health and wellbeing. Many existing visitors to PowerFortunes will be familiar with the category of amulets listed under 'Good Health'. Those who have already acquired any of these, should ensure that they are close at hand. However, under these circumstances, the following amulets will be particularly useful:

Keep well, keep safe and have hope!

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