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Can Astrology Protect You?

What are the Best Amulets for Protection?
What are the Best Amulets for Protection?

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is also yes. The belief behind astrology holds that this knowledge was presented by the gods to enlighten humankind, expand our horizons and to enrich every area of our lives. Astrology thus describes each aspect of life and provides different forms of remedy, depending on the area of focus. Astrological protection therefore, also comes in different flavours. There are means to protect our physical well-being and health, our spiritual well-being, for protecting us from evil or ill wishes and for protection from enemies and malicious intent. In all cases, astrology has you covered.

Good Luck Charms for Protection

As explained on our page about 'Good Luck Charms', there are many lucky charms, talismans, amulets and symbols that attract different forms of good fortune. ‘Yantras’ are a type of talisman that work on positive spiritual energy and can therefore have no adverse effects. To protect a person from harm, an astrologer will often recommend a ‘Yantra’ talisman that will strengthen or appease the planets that influence the houses of a birth chart mentioned below. This type of talisman corresponds to the specific planet that merits attention and carries the numerical grid and incantation of that planet.

In addition to such planetary talismans, there are also talismans and amulets that work in a more general manner and can both appease groups of planets and bring protection, along with other benefits. Both planetary and protective amulets are suitable for all people and can be used by men and women alike.


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Some of the more powerful protection charms and amulets for warding off evil are:

Nine Planet Amulet
This is the same as the individual planetary talismans described above. This amulet contains grids and incantations for all the nine planets that are considered to be of relevance in Vedic astrology. If a person’s horoscope is such that there are a number of planets that need to be strengthened or appeased, the Nine Planet or ‘Navgrah Yantra’ amulet is the way to go. Pacifying negative planetary influences in this way, enhances positive influences and allows for a more harmonious balance in a person's life. This 'Yantra' talisman is used for a variety of purposes including improving health, wealth, career, education and relationships, as well as for spiritual wellbeing and enlightenment.
Mahakali Protection Amulet

Hindu mythology emphasises that a balance between masculine and feminine spiritual energies is essential. The powerful Hindu God, Lord Shiva is believed to have existed before the universe was created and will still be around after this ceases to exist. He represents masculine energy and created a consort, so that feminine power would have a place to reside. In her worldly form, this consort is known as ‘Parvati’. In her divine form she is the benevolent, ‘Goddess Durga’, but she also took on a ferocious form of unbridled energy known as ‘Mahakali’, in order to eradicate evil/demonic forces. The story goes that Lord Shiva had to go to the extraordinary lengths of playing dead, in order to bring the rampaging ‘Kali’ back to her benevolent form.

The ‘Mahakali Amulet’ represents the ‘Goddess Kali’ and blesses all those who possess her amulet, by providing protection from all forms of evil and misfortune. From an astrological perspective, this amulet appeases Saturn, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’.

Baglamukhi Pendant
As explained above, the ‘Goddess Durga’ is the divine consort of Lord Shiva. This Goddess has nine different forms, 'Baglamukhi' being the 8th and this name means, ‘The face that captivates and enchants’. This pendant amulet appeals to Durga’s 8th form and wearing this will protect against evil, enemies and rivals.
Mahamrityunjay Amulet

Lord Shiva forms part of the divine trinity that also includes ‘Lord Brahma’ and ‘Lord Vishnu’. Lord Shiva is worshipped by all Vedic planets, including the malefic ones. The Mahamrityunjay Mantra is a powerful Sanskrit chant, representative of Lord Shiva.

There are two schools of thought regarding the origins of the Mahamrityunjay Mantra. One belief is that a soothsayer predicted that Markandey, the son of the sage Mrikandu would die at a young age. When Markandey reached the foretold age, he began to chant this Mantra without pause, compelling Lord Shiva to appear before him. Lord Shiva then directed 'Death' away from Markandey and granted the boy a longer lifespan. The other belief is that Lord Shiva imparted the ‘Knowledge of Resurrection’ or ‘Sanjeevani Vidya’ to Venus, who is mentor or spiritual guide to the demonic realm. Lord Shiva revealed this knowledge to Venus in the form of the Mahamrityunjay Mantra.

The Mahamrityunjay amulet is a graphical representation of this Mantra and anyone who wears this amulet will be protected from ill health, ill fortune and negative energy. This amulet also appeases the Moon, Saturn, Venus, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’, as they all bow before Lord Shiva.

Lucky Charm for Protection, Well Being

The ‘Lucky Charm for Protection and Well Being’ is based on the ‘Hanuman’ amulet. 'Hanuman' is the monkey God and son of 'Pavan', the deity of the atmosphere and air. The ancient Hindu epic, the ‘Ramayan’ is the story of ‘Ram’, an incarnation of God and the triumph of good over evil. In this epic 'Hanuman' plays a leading role on account of his great sense of righteousness, loyalty and miraculous physical strength, enough strength to literally move mountains. This is why Hanuman's amulet is considered to be a very auspicious means of warding off any form of evil and illness. This amulet also appeases Mars.

There is a catch though, this amulet isn’t for everyone. 'Hanuman' led a celibate life and this particular pendant can only be worn by men. Our women readers need not fret though, all of the other amulets mentioned in this piece are available to them.

Protection from Accidents Keyring

For the uninitiated, the name of this amulet might seem like something of a mouthful, so let’s break it down. ‘Vɑ:han’, two syllables, laying stress on the first ‘a’ and ‘Dur-ghat-na’, three syllables. The ‘d’ should be pronounced similar to ‘the’, the ‘u’ is short and ‘gh’ is aspirated. This is a ‘Sanskrit’ term meaning, protection from vehicular accidents.

In this amulet two sacred Vedic symbols, ‘Om’ and the ‘Lucky Swastik’ are placed along the axis of Lord Shiva’s trident. This trident known as the ‘Trishul’, is like kryptonite to any form of evil or misfortune. String your keys to this keychain, put it in your pocket and you're good to go.

Spiritual Crystal Beads

The Greek word for crystal is ‘Krystallos’ meaning frozen ice, but crystals are actually formed in the intense heat and pressure of the bowels of the earth. The molecular arrangement of a crystalline lattice is a precise geometric structure that can be observed in crystals and human DNA alike. It is therefore no surprise that this unique material helps to crystallise a connection between man, the earth and God.

Quartz is a clear, pure crystal that has a well-defined, six sided molecular lattice, which resonates to a specific frequency. It also has unique optical qualities and is therefore believed to absorb and emit specific types of spiritual energy. Can this be scientifically proven? Not yet, but neither can dark matter or higher dimensions of space and time and these are accepted scientific phenomena.

Wearing a set of clear quartz prayer beads has a healing effect and amplifies your psychic abilities. This also boosts your memory, ability to focus and emotional and spiritual immunity. As this absorbs negative energy, it has many metaphysical benefits and builds a sphere of protection around you.

Astrologically, crystal prayer beads have a favourable influence on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

Astrological Nine Planet Bracelet

Colour is a very important part of astrology. Each planet is associated with specific colours and wearing an article that bears the exact colour of a planet, is a powerful way to increase that planet’s influence in your life. Gemstones also make use of this property and is one of the reasons that they are astrologically powerful.

Like the ‘Nine Planet Amulet’, the ‘Nine Planet Astrological Bracelet’ brings protection through planetary influence, but uses colour to achieve this. This bracelet may be worn on the left or right wrist, by both men and women.

Astrological Nine Planet Bracelet
Why settle for a single protection amulet when you can have a complete set of a protection pendant amulet, fixed amulet and their corresponding Mantra. These are all a part of the combination of astrological remedies for, 'Protection from Enemies and Evil'. Is this overkill? Not if you persistently suffer from problems and worries due to enemies or evil. The fixed amulet is to be placed in your home to drive out any form of negativity, while wearing the protection pendant allows this protective energy to surround you at all times. Playing or reciting the Mantra, strengthens the effects of both remedies.
Lucky Horseshoe

There is an old fable involving the patron saint of blacksmiths, a horseshoe and a deal with the Devil. To cut a short story shorter, the result of the deal is that the Devil vows to never cross the threshold of a property to which a horseshoe has been affixed. Since then, horseshoes have been hammered to walls and doors like nobody’s business.

Horseshoes also find use in astrology. The horseshoe of a black horse is considered to be an effective remedy against the suffering experienced during a negative planetary period of Saturn. A horseshoe is fashioned into its distinctive shape from a piece of solid iron. This requires a process involving fire, heat, sweat and hard labour. The horseshoe born from this process is then attached to a hoof, where it is further subjected to a working life of punishing pounding. Saturn is the hard taskmaster who judges us for the deeds of our past and present lives, our ‘Karma’. Iron is a material that belongs to Saturn, so acquiring a used horseshoe spares us from the karmic punishment that this piece of iron has already endured. Or at least, that’s how the theory goes.

Amulet for Protecting the Home

Vastu Shastra’ is an ancient knowledge of a higher dimension that manipulates the web of cosmic energy, to draw positive spiritual energy into a home or building. This knowledge may be considered to be a sort of, 'Spiritual Architecture' that makes use of the same principles on which astrology and ‘Yoga’ are based. Where it isn’t possible to comply with all the tenets of ‘Vastu Shastra’, a ‘Vastu Talisman’ is installed. This talisman overcomes ‘Vastu’ defects and protects the building and its occupants from harm and bad energy.

Evil Eye Lucky Charm

What does the evil eye mean? We’ve all experienced it at some point. It is the undeniable feeling that someone is displeased by our happiness and has put the ‘Mockers’ on our good fortune.

Many people also ask, “Is the evil eye good or bad?” Jealousy is a powerful sentiment and is the emotional driving force behind the superstition that is the evil eye. The sneaking feeling of being under the influence of an evil eye is one that has troubled man for thousands of years. This led the Turks to create the 'Nazar' and the Greeks the 'Mati', lucky charm. The term ‘Nazar’ is one that is used throughout the eastern world, from Turkey all the way to northern India. In Hindi this word means, ‘The look or gaze’ and is used to describe the influence, rather than the affliction itself. In India ‘Nazar’ is treated by burning red chilies in the name of the suspected victim. If the chillies burn with pungent smoke, the ‘Nazar’ has been successfully removed. If not, the threat still remains.

Contrary to its name, the ‘Evil Eye Lucky Charm’ does not set the evil eye in motion, but in fact protects against its malicious action. This charm differs from the others described above, in that this is not usually consecrated and does not have a deep mythological background.

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Protect Yourself with Astrology

Four of the twelve houses of a natal chart deal with our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states. These are:

  1. The 1st. The Ascendant’s House: The ascendant’s house governs a person’s thoughts, temperament, physical and emotional well-being.
  2. The VIth house. The House of Enemies and Disease: The planetary influences on this house determine our relationships with others. This house describes how susceptible we are, or are not, to troubles due to enemies, jealous or malicious intentions and the types of illnesses that can affect us.
  3. The VIIIth house. The House of Death: This house can also provide insight into illness and lifespan.
  4. The IXth house. The House of Fate: Fate can apply to all areas of life, but this house can determine how much or little a given situation can affect our present and future.
Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to harm, protection.
Harm, Protection Related Houses in a Birth Chart

Analysing these houses is a part of the process of compiling an ‘Astrological Health Report’ and an ‘Astrological Personality Report’.

Which Planets Protect Us?

Each planet has the potential to do good or bad, depending on its alignment. However, each planet also has an intrinsic positive or negative nature.

When favourably placed, these planets generally have protective powers:

  1. Jupiter ♃
    • Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Astronomically, Jupiter protects the Earth from celestial debris, on account of its immense size and gravitational pull. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is the wise, learned and influential spiritual guide or mentor, to the Gods and is the head of a planetary cabinet. It is for this reason that in Sanskrit, Jupiter is known as, ‘Guru’. It has a dominating influence over everything in existence and has an inherently positive, benevolent energy. Hence, Jupiter counters negative and evil energy and both instils in us and rewards us for, good thoughts and deeds.
  2. The Sun ⊙
    • The Sun gives life and energy. It is the leader of the group of planets that are subservient to divine powers. The Sun counterbalances negative astrological forces and can give us the strength and energy to overcome opposition or adversity.
  3. Saturn ♄
    • Saturn can have a contradictory nature. When this planet has a favourable influence, it protects us from physical and spiritual harm. A person with a strong Saturn is not easily dominated, both emotionally and spiritually. It is also believed that if this planet has a strong positive influence, a person is somewhat immune to evil and black magic. If this planet favourably influences the VIIIth house, the individual will have a long lifespan. Conversely if this planet is debilitated, a person can be prone to physical injury. Also, we all pass through seven-and-a-half year, adverse periods of Saturn, usually thrice during our lifetimes. In Sanskrit this is known as the ‘Sade Sati’. This is not quite the same as the ‘Saturn Return’ of Western Astrology, as both differ in their calculation, cultural context and the specifics of their astrological significance. The ‘Saturn Return’ occurs approximately every 29.5 years, when Saturn completes its orbit and returns to the same zodiac sign it was in when a person was born. What is common to both events is, there are generally all forms of upheaval and turmoil in a person’s life.

When adversely aligned, these planets have the potential to do harm:

  1. Rahu ☊ and Ketu ☋
    • These malefic twins always seem to make an appearance when troubles occur. This is because they take care of the more negative aspects of life, from which no one can escape. When these two planets are adversely aligned, they can be associated with black magic, sorcery and evil. If they adversely influence the ascendant’s house, a person can be prone to depression, doubt, suspicion and negative thoughts. If they influence the VIth house, a person can be plagued by troubles due to enemies and be prone to harm due to other people’s jealousy and malicious intentions, as well as black magic and evil spirits.
  2. Mars ♂
    • From an astronomical point of view, Mars is a cold, barren planet, but in astrology this is the fiery, violent lord of war. When Mars is adversely placed, it induces quarrels, treachery, aggression and many kinds of wickedness and cruelty. Mars can cause us to be short-tempered, impulsive and reckless, this is why adverse transits of this planet can increase the risk of accidents and violence. However a strong and favourably positioned Mars, is a good defence against evil spirits.
  3. The Moon ☽
    • There is nothing malevolent about the Moon. This planet has a soothing, calming effect. It’s like the friend who wants you to just kick back and chill. Therein lies the dichotomy, the Moon wants you to be a lover, not a fighter. But, if you’re too caught up with your emotional side, how will you defend yourself in a fight or flight situation? If the Moon adversely influences the ascendant’s house or the VIth house, a person can be relatively susceptible to spiritual attack.

Final Thoughts

Psalm 46:1 in the Bible says,

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble."

Protecting yourself through a spiritual amulet or good luck charm is not an attempt to circumvent the Almighty's will, but is one of the many ways to gain God's graces. Now you know all about the protection offered by amulets, acquire the one that appeals to you.

You may then proceed to boldly take up an adventure sport of your choosing!

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