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Flirting with Astrology

The Astrology Guide to Flirting
The Astrology Guide to Flirting
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The desire to find a partner is a powerful instinct common to all species. Humans however, have taken this basic instinct to the next level and evolved it into the fun game of flirting. At least, I’m not aware of any monkey pick up lines!

For prehistoric people, to flirt may have meant, to club an attractive member of the opposite sex around the head and drag them off to the nearest cave. In the modern era things are a little more nuanced. We subtly express our interest to a possible partner and if reciprocated, we engage in activities of a social nature such as, ‘To go clubbing’, as opposed to, an actual ‘Clubbing’. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory.

We typically rely on psychological hints to guide us when we flirt, which is why flirting is an art that is not easily mastered. We essentially flirt by the seat of our pants, so the possibility of picking up the wrong signals is always high.

Astrology on the other hand, is governed by well defined principles that can be employed to make the dating game, a far less brutal experience.


Horoscope Charts are not a Tease

Horoscope charts are how astrologers put astrology to work and each person has their own unique birth chart. An astrologer can map out almost anything by analysing the houses of this chart. In the case of amorous behaviour, the houses that are of relevance are:

  1. The 1st House. The 1st house is also known as the ascendant’s house and this governs our thoughts and basic nature. The planets that rule and occupy this house go a long way in determining character traits, such as if a person is predisposed to philandering or a coquettish nature.
  2. The 6th House. This is the house of friendships, enmities and short-term relationships. Depending upon the influences on this house, a person may have several or only a few, romantic relationships.
  3. The 7th House. This is the house of relatively longer term relationships and married life. This house shows if a marriage may be prone to extramarital complications. The degree of stability and affection in a marriage, as well as a spouse’s characteristics can also be determined from this house.

Planets & Numbers that Cause a Flirtatious Nature

When the following planets influence the above mentioned houses, they can encourage an amorous, flirtatious nature.

Each planet has a corresponding number and when these numbers match, passions can potentially ignite. Be on the look out to see if your date of birth, ultimate number, destiny number or compound number (sum total of your date of birth, reduced to a single digit), corresponds to any of those for the person that you are interested in.

Venus represents love in both Vedic and western astrology. When Venus is favourably placed in the 6th house, a person may be involved in a number of short-term relationships. If this planet is debilitated in this house, there will be a lack of affection in one’s romantic relationships. When this planet is favourably placed in the ascendant's house, the individual is likely to be physically attractive and be drawn to attractive members of the opposite sex. Venus’s number is ‘6’.

The Moon rules over matters of the heart and has an important role to play in romantic relationships. It has a decidedly feminine nature and is responsible for mood swings and emotional chemistry.

The Moon is a fast moving planet and metaphorically, this doesn’t hang about in one place for too long. How successful your ability to flirt is, in any given situation, will depend on how the Moon is positioned at that point, with regards to the person you are flirting with.

The Moon has a relaxing influence. This makes a person seem less pushy or distastefully persistent. This planet can also lend an endearing coyness to one’s demeanour. The Moon’s number is ‘2’.

Flirting is all about communication and Mercury is the planet that governs how we communicate with the people we find attractive.

Mercury's transit helps you to balance old habits and develop new interests that will help you lighten up, as well as change your view of the world. This is also a planet of new beginnings. When this planet enters your sign, it can trigger inspiration, creativity and a desire to explore new options. The corresponding number for Mercury is, ‘5’.

The Sun is usually not associated with attraction and relationships, but this planet can instil characteristics that can make someone seem attractive.

When the Sun is favourably placed in the ascendant’s house, a person will both attract and seek, attention. The Sun instils confidence, courage and general appeal.

The corresponding colours for the Sun are red and maroon. Wearing the Sun’s colours increases its influence and will not only allow you to be more persuasive, but will cause you to radiate like the Sun and seem more attractive. This applies to both men and women. The Sun’s number is ‘1’.

Rahu and Ketu: If passions are involved, these bad boys of astrology can’t be far behind. When these twin mythical planets influence the 1st, 6th or 7th houses, they can encourage lust, carnal desires, lapses in judgment and short term relationships.

‘Rahu’ is likely to occupy the ascendant’s house of your typical philanderer and these characteristics will be more evident during ‘Rahu’ transits.

These two planets also bring about strife, upheavals and confusion, which is why it’s not all fun and games during transits of either planet.

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Ranking the Most Flirty Zodiac Signs

Which star signs are a tease and how do the different signs respond to flirting? The personality traits attributed to zodiac signs are only generic in nature. The way an individual reacts to any given situation, is defined by the horoscope chart described above.

  • Leo

Leos like to party hard and will often find themselves in situations with flirtatious potential. Expressing your interest in someone requires confidence and this is in no short supply where Leos are concerned. If anything, they can often be under the impression that anyone would be lucky to hook up with them. Leos don’t like to be tied down and prefer to play the field, it is hence no surprise that they are the biggest flirts under the zodiac.

  • Aries

Ariens tend to be full or energy and exuberance. Not only do they know how to get along with other people, they also possess the confidence and impulsiveness required to make the first move when it comes to getting a date. They are creatures of passion and generally respond well to flirtatious advances.

  • Gemini

Geminis are ruled by Mercury and are therefore, good at weighing up situations, they can also be quite persuasive when they want to.

Geminis are complex people, but they know how to create an impression through their wit and humour. These are useful qualities to possess when you’re looking to court someone and generally, this makes Geminis fun people to hang out with. Geminis can however, be easily distracted and confused by conflicting points of view. They can tend to float from relationship to relationship. If you fail to make a good impression on a Gemini, they’ll be quick to dismiss you from their presence.

  • Scorpio

Scorpios are enterprising and confident. They combine this with their strong powers of deduction to know when to successfully make a move. They have a strong competitive streak and want to be the ones with the most notches on their bedposts.

A romantic alliance with a Scorpio can be passionate, but turbulent. The sting in the Scorpio tail is, they can be guilty of discarding a relationship, once they decide that this has out lived its utility.

  • Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Make no mistake, beneath that strong and silent Taurean demeanour, there is smouldering passion. If you happen to stir the dormant passions of a Taurean bull, you better saddle up for a rodeo ride of romance.

Although Taureans can seem quiet and introverted, beauty never escapes their attention. When they are locked and loaded on a target, they have no hesitancy in shedding their inhibitions and exposing their vulnerable side. Don’t yank this bull’s emotional chain, rejection is their kryptonite.

  • Cancer

Cancerians are governed by the Moon and have a strong emotional side. Although Cancerians can be accused of being timid, dull, shy and withdrawn, they have strong instincts about who they can potentially hook up with. As they are sentimental beings, a short flirtation can often take on a deeper meaning for them.

To improve their dating skills, Cancerians should act less needy and more confidently.

Scoring with a Cancerian isn’t the easiest task as they are prone to mood swings and suffering from a feeling of self-pity or inferiority. They can be easily offended by imaginary insults, but can also be taken in by sycophancy.

  • Libra

If you want to bag yourself a Libra, appeal to their sense of logic. They are timid and like a feeling of balance in their lives, so coming on strong, isn’t going to work with them. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to reciprocate, as Librans can be shallow, fickle and indecisive. All these qualities suggest that they aren’t accomplished flirters themselves, but like Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus. So there is latent passion in there somewhere, if you have the patience to find it.

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarians possess good judgement and can be witty. Sagittarian men are not shy of being opportunistic and if the juice is worth the squeeze, they are ready to make the first move when it comes to pursuing a romantic interest.

Sagittarian women can be reluctant to express their emotions and are sometimes perceived as being frigid. They should try to smile more often.

  • Aquarius

Aquarians can be guilty of being frivolous exhibitionists. They aren’t the easiest nuts to crack, as they are also known for being rude, eccentric and stubborn in their opinions. Aquarians like their drinks and after knocking back a few, their barriers tend to come down.

Aquarius is one of the most mysterious and confusing signs to get to grips with. The typical Aquarian wants to portray a cool rebel and not the unashamed extrovert that they actually are. However, the slow build-up and release of the emotional tension caused by these Aquarian idiosyncrasies, can make them seem attractive.

Making a strong first impression is important both in terms of breaking the ice with an Aquarian and their own flirting strategy.

  • Virgo

Virgos are shrewd and analytical. Virgos have trouble expressing their true feelings and can seem to be unduly cold and detached. Virgo women like to play hard to get and are ever mindful of not selling themselves short or tying themselves down to any one particular individual. Due to this and their own insecurities, they aren’t the most fun people to hit on. Virgos aren’t likely to readily throw their hats into the flirting ring either. If they do, they can improve their chances of success by engaging in more eye and physical contact.

  • Capricorn

From Capricorn we get the word capricious, as they a difficult to read and are likely to leave you high and dry after you’ve made your move.

Capricorns are also prone to being perceived as selfish, miserly, boring and chronic complainers. They can lack the creativity and spontaneity required to be successful flirts. If they can tone down their less attractive qualities, the brooding Capricorn nature can seem attractive. They can improve their game by subtly mirroring the body language of the person they are interacting with.

  • Pisces

Pisceans might have strong emotional intelligence, linguistic and creative skills, however when it comes to flirting, they are wet blankets. Couple this with their general lack of attention to their appearance and propensity to retreat into a dream world and you’ll find that they seldom engage in acts of flirty behaviour, or respond positively to it.

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