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A Real Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts

The Astrology of Love & Romance
The Astrology of Love & Romance
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In the words of Michael Bolton, "Love is a wonderful thing" and he'll say it "Again and again".

If there were no concept of falling in love, producers of the performing arts would have a lot less material to work with. Thankfully that is not the case, allowing the recent Netflix series, 'An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts' to follow a storyline that combines both astrology and romance. This series is based on the novel, 'Guida astrologica per cuori infranti' by Italian author Silvia Zucca and must enjoy some degree of popularity, as it has now run for two seasons.

The cover of this novel is shown here. We are obliged to inform you that we are participants in the Amazon affiliate programme and we may earn a meagre commission, if you choose to order this book through our link.

Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts, Kindle eBook

For the unfamiliar, this Netflix series revolves around the love life of the lead character Alice, who attempts to set said love life in order by dating people on the basis of their sun signs. "So, how's that working out for her?", you might ask. Not very well, we might suspect because if sun signs alone are her determining factor, then she hasn't chosen a particularly powerful astrological influence. As astrologers, we would prefer Alice acquire more than a superficial understanding of astrology and harness that to effectively manage her love life. So, for all the Alices and 'Not so smart in love' Alecs out there, this is for you.

Can Astrology Predict Love?

Yes, it certainly can if used to its true potential, but how is the average Joe supposed to know that? After all, you don't know, what you don't know. Mainstream media, Netflix included, never ceases to project the stereotypical image of astrology being nothing more than sun signs and daily horoscopes. All the major media houses run lots of content about astrology, but rarely venture beyond the superficial, as mainstream media editors know that real astrology requires the time and resources that they are just not willing to deploy. It is thus left to astrology websites like PowerFortunes to bring to light the immense detail and power of this ancient knowledge. However, we often run into the Great Wall of Google, which buries information that is not distributed by their corporate brethren. But, we digress, so let's get back to using astrology to find love.

It has been well established that different zodiac signs have different levels of compatibility, as shown in our ready reckoner for zodiac sign compatibility. If we go beyond that however, we will find the natal or birth chart of an individual has four houses that directly influence relationships and which determine the nature of the personal/romantic relationships in a person's life. These are the:

  1. Ist House. This house governs our thoughts and temperament.
  2. IInd House. The house of your household and domestic life.
  3. VIth House. The house of friendships and enmities.
  4. VIIth House. The house of married life/long term relationships.

In Vedic astrology, there is also a division of the main natal/birth chart that relates specifically to marriage, this is known as the 'Navamsh' chart. Just like a main birth chart, this divisional chart is also divided into 12 different houses, each controlling a different aspect of life after marriage, if such a thing exists, some might say.

To make predictions about the love life of a person, astrologists essentially study the influences on these houses, in the birth and divisional charts.

Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to love and relationships.
Love & Relationships Houses in a Birth Chart

Which Planets Attract Love?

The houses of a chart aren't much good without planetary influences and the following planets are of a special interest while analysing a horoscope for love factors:

Planets that Invoke Feelings of Love ↴
  1. Venus ♀
    • The universal planet of love in all forms of astrology and the Greek goddess of love. When Venus is favourably placed in the IInd and VIIth houses there will be strong feelings of love and affection in a relationship. When this planet is favourably placed in the ascendant's house, the individual is likely to be physically attractive and be drawn to attractive members of the opposite sex.
  2. The Moon ☽
    • The Moon rules the heart, is the planet of emotion and has a strongly feminine characteristic. This planet can determine the level of emotional chemistry between two people. However, depending on its position in a chart, the Moon can also cause a lack of stability in a relationship, as emotions are subject to change, ipso facto so can the level of attachment.
  3. Mercury ☿
    • In many senses, Mercury has an influence similar to those of both Venus and the Moon. Love can blossom and passions can ignite during transits of this planet. This can also be responsible for invoking feelings of attraction. However, this planet can also bring about frequent changes of circumstance, be responsible for a fickle attitude or an ambivalent nature.
Planets that Invoke Passion & Desire ↴
  1. Rahu ☊ and Ketu ☋
    • These twin mythical planets are unique to Vedic astrology. According to Hindu mythology while other planets are deities, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are demons, but were accorded the status of planets by Lord Shiva. They have the same degree of influence as any other planet and seem to make their way into most aspects of human life. Both planets bring out a person’s base instincts. ‘Rahu’ introduces feelings of lust and carnal desire, while ‘Ketu’ can make a person deviate from their normal behaviour, cause a lapse in judgment or be responsible for a scandalous occurrence. Sound familiar? Don't worry, we've all been there. They are referred to as the North and South Nodes in Western astrology. That is, they are the intersecting points of the solar and lunar paths and are therefore, not considered to be planets.
  2. Mars ♂
    • Mars is also a planet that can inflame passions. It gives us the confidence to follow our instincts. Mars can make us act on impulse and instils us with the courage to take a chance. You need Mars to have your back if you need inspiration to make an impromptu proposal. Mars can however, also be responsible for angry conflicts. In Vedic astrology, checking Mars’s influence is of particular importance while matching two horoscopes for marriage. In certain circumstances, a person may be classified as being ‘Manglik’. This means that in order to have a successful marriage, their spouse must also be similarly ‘Manglik’ or have counterbalancing influences in their horoscope.

The Astrology of Love

The above information is certainly worth knowing, but on its own, it doesn't have much practical value, unless you're an astrologer. So, if astrologers were to re-write 'An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts', what would they have poor Alice do? Ideally, she should have an Astrology Love Report created. This type of astrology report analyses of all of the above factors, in addition to the concerned person's Moon sign, name derived zodiac sign, past, present and future transits and more. This will among other things, help Alice to look for love in the right places, as this will explain the type of person that she is romantically compatible with and when and under what circumstances she might expect to meet such a person. Not only does this help her to narrow down her options, but this should also save her time and dare we say, some amount of heartache.

Rather that relying on assessing her potential partners solely in terms of their sun signs, Alice would be better served by entering their details in the PowerFortunes 'Love Calculator'. This is an easy and accurate way for her to not only compare her sun sign with that of her potential partner, but will also analyse the respective name derived zodiac signs and important astrological and numerological influences that make up their respective personalities. This calculator is sensitive because it both adds and subtracts influences, so even small changes to the input data can substantially change the results generated.

The above two suggestions should prove to be highly effective in allowing Alice to arrive at a shortlist of names, with whom she can invest in strong and long lasting relationships.

Matching your horoscope with another person's is a sign that you are giving serious thought to making a long term commitment to a relationship. In India, horoscope matching can often make or break a matrimonial alliance. We would therefore advise Alice to seek a full blown Astrology Compatibility Report only after she is reasonably confident about who she sees as a long term partner. One reason for this is that she will have to be open enough with such a person, to ask them for their exact birth data, as this will be required to cast their horoscope.

What are the Best Lucky Charms for Love?

To help Alice or anyone seeking to attract love into their lives, we would suggest that they pick out a suitable 'Love Talisman', from our selection of the top love charms. This will ensure that they always come up trumps, when dealing with matters of the heart.

1. Vashikaran Yantra.Vashikaran Yantra
Vashikaran’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Vash’ meaning to control and ‘Karan’ meaning to accomplish. Hence the literal translation of ‘Vashikaran’ is, “To bring under your spell”. That is not to suggest that this talisman is some sort of spiritual remote control for human beings. Now wouldn’t that be something? Love is a mental and emotional state of mind. This talisman makes us more in tune with the person we desire, by calling upon the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, ‘Saraswati’ to give us strong powers of influence. By saying and doing the right things, we are able to highlight our qualities and thereby make ourselves more attractive to others. ‘Vashikaran’ is also a ‘Tantric’ (ancient Vedic occult) practice.
2. Saraswati Yantra.Saraswati Yantra
Man has learnt from the Gods that knowledge is power and even the power to attract love, requires knowledge. In addition to being the Goddess of knowledge, ‘Saraswati’ is also the Goddess of speech and is mentor to Mercury. This talisman for the Goddess ‘Saraswati’, draws her blessings, allowing us to convince others and bring them under our influence. Mercury’s positive influence on our love lives is also strengthened with the help of this talisman.

Customers Say »»
Popular Customer Choices »These talismans are a favourite choice with many customers:
  • Fortune Telling Cards
  • Amulet Combination for Attracting Love & Romance
  • The Crystal Shri Yantra Talisman
  • lucky charm locket, Shri Yantra
  • lucky charm Rudraksh bracelet
  • lucky charm horseshoe
  • Lucky charm Rudraksh - Swastik key ring
  • Lucky five metal bracelet
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3. Vashikaran Yantra Locket.Vashikaran Yantra Locket
The ‘Vashikaran’ locket is exactly the same amulet as the larger, fixed ‘Vashikaran Yantra’. The only difference being that the larger, fixed amulet is placed a specific position in your home, where it remains undisturbed as it brings positive changes to your life. The locket is a pendant version of the amulet that you wear on your person. This then effects changes, as you go about your life.
4. Amulet Combination for Love & Relationships.Amulet Combination for Love & Relationships
Why do something in half measures? If you're going for it, go all guns blazing and arm yourself with the Vashikaran Yantra, locket and their two corresponding Mantras. One of these Mantras is to be chanted by including the name of the person you wish to bring under your spell.
5. Karya Siddhi Locket.Karya Siddhi Locket
Karya Siddhi’ are two Sanskrit words, ‘Karya’ meaning your deeds or objectives and ‘Siddhi’, meaning success or fulfilment. Hence the literal translation of ‘Karya Siddhi’ is, “To achieve success in one’s efforts”. This is a graphical talisman, with symbols that seek to use positive spiritual energy, to create a clear path between you and your objectives. These objectives may relate to your personal or professional lives. Hence, if you seek someone’s affections, this talisman will clear the obstacles between you and that person.
6. Your Lucky Number Locket.Lucky Number Locket
The Universe runs on numbers and their power has been known to us since the time of ancient civilisations. The great inventor Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 3, 6 and 9, as he knew they could help manifest desires. It isn’t hard to find your own lucky number, just try this calculator. Numbers and astrology have a close association, as each planet has a number, as does each zodiac sign and just like sun signs, each number has a special relationship with every other number. Wearing your lucky number will not only bring you good fortune, but will also prove to be a great way to break the ice, when you meet someone who has the same lucky number that you do.
7. Navgrah Amulet.Navgrah Amulet
‘Navgrah’ means nine planets. This is a special talisman that contains sub talismans for all nine planets in Vedic astrology. Each planet, barring ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ rules over a zodiac sign. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra, the Moon rules Cancer, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and so on. Planetary affinity and opposition is what determines zodiac sign compatibility. Therefore, strengthening those planets that have a favourable influence in your horoscope will help them to work their magic. At the same time, this talisman suitably appeases those planets that have an adverse influence, thereby bringing harmony to your relationships and allowing your planets to hold sway over the competition’s.
8. Fortune Telling Cards.Fortune Telling Cards
This may not be a lucky charm, but a deck of Fortune Telling Cards is an invaluable tool when it comes to working out complicated relationship situations or the potential of a new relationship. These cards are especially good for gauging personal relationships, as they contain specific references to romantic activity, such as the ‘Eight of Diamonds’, which means ‘Secret Lovemaking’. Who's up for that? There are also cards that identify the people in your life and hence you are able to assess the roles they might play in your future.

All of the above remedies are based on positive spiritual energy and can therefore, have no counterproductive effects. Acquiring an astrological love remedy is a needs based decision, hence there is no optimal time to do so and the principle of, ‘The sooner the better’, would be the best to follow.

Writing a novel or screenplay is a job best left to the experts. At PowerFortunes, we are under no illusions that our collective abilities can produce anything comparable to Ms. Zucca’s work. However as experts in the field of astrology, we hope to help a few more real life love stories conclude with fairy tale endings.

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