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Tarot Readings for the Winner of Wimbledon in 2022

Tarot Predictions for Wimbledon Tennis 2022
Tarot Predictions for Wimbledon Tennis 2022
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Every year Wimbledon, the only grass surface grand slam tennis tournament, generates a great deal of interest, world over. There is no mistaking the uniquely British feel to the SW19 tournament, as the world's best players turn out in all white attire, to do battle at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

This year, our tarot reader, Dr. Rittu has cast her tarot cards to make predictions for all the pretournament favourites.

The official draw for this year's tournament was held on Friday, June 24 and the men’s and ladies’ singles first rounds are scheduled to start on Monday, June 27 2022.

In what must be a first, this summer's championships has been stripped of its ATP and WTA ranking points due to the organisers' decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players. Regardless of the ATP and WTA points situation, public interest in the tournament is not likely to diminish.

Which of the top men's and women's players will make it to the latter stages of the championship and who are likely to go home as winners? As it was not possible to draw cards for all competing players, we have chosen the top ranked favourites. These predictions are being updated to accommodate lesser known players, who were not initially assessed, but who have made it through the rounds, as the championship has progressed. The tarot cards will reveal their fortunes.

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Men's Singles Favourites

  • Novak Djokovic (1)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Novak Djokovic, Ace of Cups
Tarot Card for Novak Djokovic, Ace of Cups

Novak holds a world ranking of 3, but is the top seeded player for Wimbledon 2022.

The media always has fun with this great player's name, the 'Djoker' in the pack and so on. Well, the 2021 Wimbledon defending champion hasn't drawn any jokers in this tarot reading. The card that represents Novak for the 2022 event is the ‘Ace of Cups’. In the context of his campaign, this card clearly indicates that his rewards will exceed his expectations. This seems to say it all.

Internally, Djokovic is very pleased with his draw and is brimming with confidence. His tarot card shows that he is a crowd favourite and enjoys love and support from far and wide, including from the heavens above. Djokovic may also be on the cusp of something new relating to his career. This card suggests that he is a very strong contender and could be walking away with a sixth title.

  • Rafa Nadal (2)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Rafael Nadal, Knight of Pentacles
Tarot Card for Rafael Nadal, Knight of Pentacles

World number 4, Rafa Nadal hasn’t played at the All England Club for the last two years, in 2021 he withdrew due to a foot injury. This year, Nadal is in prime form and has already won the Australian and French Opens.

The tarot card that represents Rafa’s chances at Wimbledon is the ‘Knight of Pentacles’. Nadal is a strong championship contender and in his mind, he has already charted out his course to the title. Realising this dream is now up to him alone, he holds his fate in his own hands.

Nadal’s determination is unshakable and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Anyone who goes up against him, will find it extremely difficult to wear him down. Rafa’s tarot card is quite emphatic, he is a very strong title contender.

  • Stefanos Tsitsipas (4)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Sun
Tarot Card for Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Sun

Greek champion Tsitsipas, is ranked at world number 6. The 23 year old has never made it past the quarter finals at Wimbledon and has never won a Grand Slam. Last year, Tsitsipas made a first round exit.

The tarot card drawn for Stefanos is, the ‘Sun’, which is the card for his Sun Sign, Leo.

Although Tsitsipas has a reputation of being somewhat temperamental, his card shows that he is growing in experience. At Wimbledon, he will play with great confidence and will be highly motivated to excel. The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the tarot deck and Tsitsipas will receive all of its benefits, as well as the confidence associated with his star sign. The Sun also shows that Tsitsipas will out shine his competition and perform better than he has done in the past.

  • Carlos Alcaraz (5)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, Knight of Wands
Tarot Card for Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, Knight of Wands

Carlos currently holds an ATP rank of 7. In 2021, he only made it to the 2nd round of the All England Championship. The Spaniard is however, a bookie favourite and reached the 2022 French Open quarter-finals. He has since then suffered an elbow injury, somewhat hampering his preparations for the grass court Grand Slam.

The tarot card that represents Carlos for this year’s Wimbledon is, the ‘Knight of Wands’. He has gained success and experience in his short career and right now, he is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is good and ready to charge ahead and face any challenge that is thrown at him, he has no fear of the consequences. Carlos is living in the moment and he knows that he has what it takes to get where he needs to be. This passion and energy will take him far in this championship.

At the ripe old age of 19, Carlos is full of youthful exuberance, but this can also be his undoing. Acting in haste or impulsively, will lead to his downfall.

  • Cameron Norrie (9)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Cameron Norrie, Eight of Pentacles
Tarot Card for Cameron Norrie, Eight of Pentacles

Cameron Norrie was born in Johannesburg, but is resident in the UK and thus the world number 12 enjoys strong home support at SW19. He hasn’t made it past the third round of a Grand Slam, so he isn’t a bookie favourite.

The tarot card that appeared for Norrie is the, ‘Eight of Pentacles’. Norrie is a good player, he may not be the best in the game, but the tarot is telling him that the more that he plays, the better he will become. He is completely committed to tennis and this commitment is not about to change any time soon. He is like a craftsman whose only desire is to hone his skills further.

If Cameron maintains high levels of focus and self-belief, he can progress further than he has done before. This year, Cameron can reach the latter stages of Wimbledon, but in order to overcome strong opponents, he has to learn to stay strong under pressure. His overall performance will bring him recognition.

  • Nick Kyrgios
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Nick Kyrgios, The Moon
Tarot Card for Nick Kyrgios, The Moon

Australian Nick Kyrgios, is ranked world number 40 and is not seeded at Wimbledon. In the past he has only made it as far as the third round.

Nick is known to be outspoken and has a ‘Bad Boy’ image, somewhat uncharacteristic of his Taurus sun sign. The tarot card that came up for Nick was the ‘Moon’, which is a major card that is, it is from the major arcana.

This card is particularly relevant for Kyrgios as like the Moon, his emotions seem to wax and wane. This card emphasises that he is somewhat of an unknown quantity, as you can never be sure what side of the bed Nick will be waking up on. This unpredictability is reflected in his on court performance. This also alludes to the existence of some form of confusion in his mind, due to which he tends to get into arguments on court. Clear communication can dispel much of this confusion.

The Moon shows that Nick is an instinctive player, who relies on gut instinct, as opposed to meticulous planning and strategy. The Moon also shows that right now, his instincts are strong and will take him to the latter stages of the championship, but he isn’t likely to win the title.

  • Felix Auger Aliassime (6)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Felix Auger Aliassime, Three of Swords
Tarot Card for Felix Auger Aliassime, Three of Swords

Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime is ranked at 9, which is one place higher than last year's runner up, Matteo Berrettini. He is yet to win a Grand Slam and isn’t a bookie favourite for this year’s title.

The tarot card that represents Aliassime for Wimbledon 2022 is, the ‘Three of Swords’. In the context of Wimbledon, Felix may have to face heart break. There will be disappointment in the very short term, but this will be a stepping stone to future successes. The experience of playing at this year’s grass court Grand Slam, will make him a stronger player.

Women's Singles Favourites

  • Iga Swiatek (1)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Iga Swiatek, Six of Wands
Tarot Card for Iga Swiatek, Six of Wands

Fresh from winning the French Open title, top ranked women’s player, Iga Swiatek is the women’s top seed and odds on favourite for the All England Championship.

The Polish player’s tarot card for the tournament is the ‘Six of Wands’. The very meaning of this card is success and reward and it is a sign of victory. This card shows that she is very confident of winning and that Wimbledon will bring Iga much acclaim. The Six of Wands leaves little doubt that she is a firm title favourite.

  • Elena Rybakina (17)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Elena Rybakina, Death
Tarot Card for Elena Rybakina, Death

Elena Rybakina was born in Moscow, but plays out of Kazakstan. She is a Gemini, her single’s rank is 23 and she is seeded 17. Her best result at the grass court Grand Slam was the fourth round in 2021.

The tarot card that appeared for Elena was, ‘Death’. Do not be alarmed by the name of this major card, no tragedies are about to occur at the All England Club. This card simply suggests that a transformation or change is imminent.

Elena is ending one phase of her career and entering another. Elena has reached a world ranking of 23 and if she welcomes this change, she will achieve greater progress, both in Wimbledon and beyond. The tarot is telling Elena that she should expect sudden changes that will help her to achieve greater success at Wimbledon and which will take her deep into the tournament. She will carry this success forward into her future career, but she is not likely to be playing for or defending championship point this year.

  • Simona Halep (16)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Simona Halep, the Sun
Tarot Card for Simona Halep, the Sun

Simona Halep is only ranked at 20 on the WTA, but is still a top favourite for the title. The 30 year old Romanian’s last Grand Slam title was the 2019 edition of Wimbledon. She was a pretournament withdrawal in the 2021 championship, due to a calf injury.

The tarot card that represents Simona for this year’s Wimbledon is the ‘Sun’.

Simona's tarot card is a card of the major arcana that signifies good luck and represents success, confidence, enthusiasm and optimism. Her experience is her forte, she draws positivity and confidence from this. This confidence will allow her to play with freedom and she will be rewarded with good fortune. The outcome of her Wimbledon campaign will bring her a feeling of satisfaction and by the end of the tournament, she will be basking in glory. The result of her performance will be very positive and will bring her adulation.

  • Cori Coco Gauff (11)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Cori Gauff, Ten of Pentacles
Tarot Card for Cori Gauff, Ten of Pentacles

Cori Gauff holds a WTA rank of 12. At the last SW19 tournament, the American suffered a fourth round defeat to Angelique Kerber. More recently, she was runner-up at the French Open and this time round, she is considered to be one of the favourites for Wimbledon.

The tarot card that represents Coco is, the ‘Ten of Pentacles’, which is a positive card indicating that she will perform well at this championship. This card confirms that she has recently accomplished much. The Ten of Pentacles is telling Coco that all her plans are coming together and that at Wimbledon, she will do herself and her family proud.

  • Ons Jabeur (3)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Ons Jabeur, Three of Cups
Tarot Card for Ons Jabeur, Three of Cups

This 27 year old from Tunisia, is the women’s world number two tennis player. Ons Jabeur has had success at the All England Club and reached the 2021 quarter finals. In 2022, she made a first round exit at Roland Garros. Although Jabeur is a top player, she has never gone past the quarter finals of a Grand Slam event.

The tarot card that came up for Ons Jabeur was, the ‘Three of Cups’. This card signifies good fortune, happiness and celebrations. The tarot does confirm that she has performed well in the recent past, as reflected by her ranking. There are more good times ahead and she will be celebrating her success with her inner group of well-wishers. Her card is very positive and suggests that she is likely to reach the latter stages of the event.

  • Tatjana Maria
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Tatjana Maria, Three of Cups
Tarot Card for Tatjana Maria, Three of Cups

The 34 year Tatjana Maria is unseeded and her singles WTA ranking is 103. She played in the third round way back in 2015.

Tatjana’s tarot card is the ‘Three of Cups’, a mostly positive card that means achievement and celebrations. At this relatively late stage in her career, Tatjana will experience new success and progress. However, the ‘Three of Cups’ is also telling her that in order for these celebrations to materialise, she has to stay the course in the face of adversity.

Tatjana’s opponents will be strong and perceptive, they will pick up on any signs of weakness. She is a Leo, relying on her courage and confidence will help her to exceed her expectations, but she may not be able to overcome the very top most players.

  • Emma Raducanu (10)
Wimbledon 2022 Tarot Card for Emma Raducanu, the Hierophant
Tarot Card for Emma Raducanu, the Hierophant

World number 11, Emma Raducanu will enjoy plenty of home support at the All England Club. She remains a favourite despite her second round exit at the French Open.

The tarot card that came up for Emma is, the ‘Hierophant’, which is a card of the major arcana. This cards shows that Emma has the mental and physical strength to perform well, but still needs to learn a lot before she can challenge the old pros on a consistent basis. At the present time, she is in need of a trusted guide or mentor, who will teach her the necessary skills and tactics. The Hierophant suggests that good things are coming her way, but 2022 is not likely to be Emma’s best year at Wimbledon.

And the Winner is...

Both the men’s and women’s draws are quite open this year as women’s defending champion Ashleigh Barty has since retired and Roger Federer is in semi-retirement and will not be playing.

There were players on both the men’s and women’s sides who received very good cards. Weighing up whose cards were better, was not an easy task. Nevertheless, Dr. Rittu shortlisted the best tarot cards on each side and then used her powers of intuition to draw out cards for the men’s and women’s semi-finals, finals and eventual champions. The semi-finals line ups should thus, look something like this:


  • Novak Djokovic
  • Cameron Norrie
  • Rafa Nadal
  • Nick Kyrgios


  • Simona Halep
  • Elena Rybakina
  • Ons Jabeur
  • Tatjana Maria

It appears that the men’s finals will be between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios. Ons Jabeur and Elena Rybakina look set to be the women’s finalist on Centre Court.

As for the winners, the tarot seems to suggest that the 2022 winners will be Novak Djokovic and Ons Jabeur. There you have it, the tarot has spoken.

These predictions are for informational and entertainment purposes. If you are planning to place financial bets on match results, please do so at your own discretion, assessing all risks and by exercising appropriate due diligence.

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