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Astrology of the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Astrology of Queen Elizabeth's Passing
Astrology of Queen Elizabeth's Passing
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The peaceful passing of Queen Elizabeth II brings to an end the reign of the longest presiding head of state that the world has ever seen. The astrologers at PowerFortunes have made an analysis of the astrological factors prevalent at this tragic, but important time in history.

Astrology is usually used to predict the future, so you might think that making an astrological analysis now that the event has passed, would be of little use. While it is true that astrology is mainly used for predictive purposes, it also helps us understand our circumstances and put into perspective the larger scheme of things.

This event does not just mean the death of a world figure. The Queen ascended to the throne at the age of 27 and remained there for seventy years, till the age of 96. She has, for generations remained a distinguished public figure. It is quite remarkable that she was around to see the rise and fall of the likes of Stalin, Churchill, Kennedy, Trump and swore in her last Prime Minister, Liz Truss just a few days before her demise.

In more real terms, the British monarch is the head of state to no less than fifteen countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and all the territories that make up Great Britain. Up till now, government in all these countries has been conducted in the name of Her Majesty and in one stroke, all such business will have to undergo a distinct change. That is, all official documents, uniforms, currency notes, postage stamps, passports and even national anthems, will have to be changed to represent the new King Charles III.

If you factor in that many of us have invested time in watching all seasons of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’, plus 007 no longer finds himself in the service of ‘Her Majesty’, well you get the picture as to why we would think that an astrological analysis is in order right now.


Natal Chart for Elizabeth II

The late Queen was born Elizabeth Windsor, at 2:40 AM on Wednesday, April 21, 1926, in Mayfair, London. The natal chart corresponding to these details is shown below.

Natal Chart for Elizabeth II
Natal Chart for Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth the Second’s ascendant was Sagittarius, ruled by a debilitated and weak Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are twin planets with essentially malefic characteristics. ‘Ketu’ occupies her ascendant’s house and ‘Rahu’ is placed in her 7th house.

The Moon occupies her 8th house, rules over this house and is happily placed in its own zodiac sign of Cancer. Hence, the Queen’s Moon sign was Cancer and the Moon was the ruling planet of her house of death.

We are not about to conduct a detailed astrological analysis of the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II. This has been covered by many before us and doing so would just be an exercise in stating what is already widely known. We intend to just focus on the prominent features of this chart and how they relate to present astrological influences.

Despite her circumstances, the Queen’s life was not one free of worries. Ketu’s influence means that there were ever changing circumstances that would have led to a fair deal of uncertainty and stress. Much of this anxiety relates to marital discord, due to Rahu’s presence in her house of married life and the adverse influences of Mars and Jupiter on her house of domestic life.

As one would expect in the case of a successful monarch, her Sun is exalted, placed in her 5th house and rules over her house of fate. The Sun not only brought her the patronage and protection of the State, but also blessings in terms of male progeny, which at the time was crucial for furthering the royal lineage.

Although she was a mature and sensible person, the Moon dictates that she was also a person of deep compassion and emotion. Something the general public may have recognised as her much publicised love for dogs and horses. Her lucky numbers are ‘3’ and ‘7’, confirming that she desired progress, was philosophical and possessed good fortune. The late Queen could not however, be considered to be a person of great enlightenment.

The ruling planet of her house of disease is Venus, which is favourably placed in the zodiac of Capricorn. Throughout her life, the Moon and Venus worked in tandem to keep her in good health and free of any major health problems.

Towards the end, the late Queen was passing through concurrent planetary transits of Jupiter, ‘Rahu’, Mercury and Venus, respectively. These transits may not have been wholly adverse, but they were somewhat contradictory and would have thus had the effects of a slow decline. She was also passing through ‘Yogini’ transits of ‘Sankata’ and ‘Bhramri’. ‘Yogini’ transits are unique to Vedic astrology and represent how auspicious or inauspicious the present time generally is for the concerned individual.

There are eight ‘Yogini’ transits, each associated with a different planet. Of these eight transits, ‘Sankata’ linked to ‘Rahu’, is considered to be the most inauspicious, causing various manner of hardship. In Her Majesty’s case, this would have been more pronounced after July 2021 when her transit of ‘Sankata’ coincided with her minor transit of ‘Rahu’. It has to be remembered that these hardships are relative to each person's circumstances. In her case this would have been in the form of troubles with the Sussexes, bearing the loss of Prince Philip, her bout with Covid-19 and general health problems.

In her final days, the protectors of her physical wellbeing, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter were either unfavourably aligned or weak and ineffective. Although this was a generally poor time for her health, the prevailing astrological influences were not adverse enough to have caused protracted or serious illness. However at this advanced stage in life, even relatively weaker factors can also take their toll and the prevalent influences would have led more to a gradual winding down of her mortality. In the end, it appears that her passing would have been peaceful and free of any major suffering.

As explained in our article on the link between astrology and reincarnation, Elizabeth II was apparently the beneficiary of good ‘Karma’ accumulated from her previous births. However, her horoscope does not suggest that this birth will be her last.


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Horoscope for the Queen’s Demise

Elizabeth the Second's death was announced by the Royal Family’s official Twitter account, on September 8, at 6:30 PM local time. This announcement stated that her passing occurred at Balmoral Castle, “This afternoon”, indicating that the actual time of passing may have been a while earlier. A horoscope chart cast for 5:30 PM, Balmoral, Scotland is shown below:

Horoscope for the Queen Elizabeth’s Death
Horoscope for the Queen’s Death

This chart is oddly regal in nature, as the Sun is exalted in Leo, in the ascendant’s house. The Sun is also the most powerful planet in the central houses of this chart, being placed at 21.25 degrees. This makes it stronger than Venus, which is debilitated in the ascendant’s house and Mars, which is neutrally placed in the 10th house.

Other mentionable features of this chart are that ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are located at the periphery and that Saturn and Jupiter are both exalted and in retrograde in the 6th and 8th houses, respectively. This is by all accounts, a favourable and auspicious chart. It is ironic that it should be associated with a sad occasion.

The key sense that this chart conveys is that a majestic air of grace and decorum will prevail. The people entrusted with the responsibility of decision making at this delicate time, will conduct themselves with distinguish. In doing so, they will provide direction and leadership to all those down the chain of command and set the tone for how this occasion will be remembered.

This chart also shows that this period of transition will be smooth and organised. Mercury is also strongly placed in this chart and clear and concise communication will ensure that there is no manner of chaos or confusion.


Final Thoughts

There is no denying that not all tax paying members of the British public are monarchists. Many argue that the ‘Firm’ is a drain on precious resources that is out of sync with modern times. In some Commonwealth countries such as India, some people regard the royal family as a painful reminder of their colonial past. Like them or loathe them, fact remains that the British monarchy is all set to continue under the reign of King Charles III. In fact, there are already jokes doing the rounds on social media in reference to Charles, declaring that, “A 73-year-old man finally gets a job!

At the time of writing this article, a ten day period of mourning has been declared by the British government, after which King Charles will ascend to the throne. The exact date for the formal Charles’s coronation has however, not yet been announced. The PowerFortunes astrologers have every intention of making predictions about the future of the King of England, once all details are known and they are busy readying their charts and almanacs in anticipation.

The headlines may say, “The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.” We say,

"Om Shanti, Shanti,
Shanti, Om."

Or, may God bring her peace.

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