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Astrology Reading for the Future of King Charles III

King Charles. Horoscope, Astrology Predictions for the Future
King Charles. Horoscope, Astrology Predictions for the Future
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At the age of 73, the former Prince of Wales, Charles has become the thirteenth monarch of the present-day United Kingdom and Great Britain.

The United Kingdom as we know it, came into existence in the year 1922, with the inclusion of Northern Ireland into Great Britain. As there is no specific date or time for this event, a horoscope chart for the UK cannot be cast. Therefore, in order to make predictions about the future of the present monarch of the United Kingdom, we will have to refer to the following three charts.

  1. The horoscope prevalent at the time when King Charles succeeded Queen Elizabeth.
  2. The astrological influences prevalent at the time when King Charles was officially proclaimed King.
  3. King Charles's natal chart.

Horoscope for the Accession of Charles as King

As Charles was first in line to the British throne, he immediately assumed the title of 'King', after his mother's death.

Queen Elizabeth II's death was announced by the Royal Family's official Twitter account, on September 8, at 6:30 PM local time and we estimate that the exact time of her death may have been a little while earlier. Therefore, a horoscope chart cast for 5:30 PM, Balmoral, Scotland would probably be the one that represents Charles's accession as King.

We have already studied the nature of this chart in the context of our analysis of the Queen's death. This chart has several features that point to a very favourable future for the Crown. As mentioned in our previous article, it is somewhat ironic that this chart should be associated with a sad occasion.

  1. The Sun is the planet for authority and power. In this chart, the Sun is arguably the most influential planet, being strongly placed in its own zodiac sign of Leo, in the ascendant's house. This shows that the status of the British Crown is not about to diminish and the power and prestige of the Royal Family will be carried forward.
  2. Like the Sun, Mercury is also strongly placed in this chart. This planet occupies the 2nd house and is placed in its own sign of Virgo. Even though momentous changes are taking place, clear and concise communication will ensure that there is no manner of chaos or confusion. There will also be an abundance of resources and the financial strength of the Crown will be further enhanced.
  3. Another two more planets, Saturn and Jupiter also occupy their respective zodiac signs. However, these planets are in retrograde, meaning that their influence is diminished.
  4. The malefic influences of 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' are relegated to the periphery of this chart, where they are neutral in effect.
Horoscope Chart During for Accession of King Charles
Horoscope Chart During for Accession of King Charles

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Astrological Factors for Proclamation of Charles as King

Charles was officially announced as King by the Accession Council, on the morning of Saturday September 9, 2022, at 10:00 A.M., in London.

While the horoscope chart for Charles's effective accession to the throne is favourable, the period for his formal announcement as King, is decidedly not. The formal announcement took place during the period of 'Pitra Paksh', which is a time that is reserved for paying obeisance to our departed ancestors, according to the Vedic calendar. 'Pitra Paksh', is a fifteen day period that occurs once in a year, during a waning period of the Moon and is commonly referred to as the 'Shraadhs'. Embarking upon any type of new beginning or auspicious work is prohibited during this period, as this is a time that is reserved exclusively for making offerings to dead souls. In essence, the result of any activity undertaken during this period, goes to the dead and there will be no benefit to the living.

Unfortunately, this is not where the bad news ends. In addition to this 'Pitra Paksh' period, the date for the official proclamation took place just as the period of 'Panchak' began. This is an especially unlucky, five day period that occurs when the last five of the 27 constellations, are in alignment.

In Sanskrit, 'Panch' refers to five and the bad luck associated with 'Panchak' is thought to come in fives. There are also five types of misfortune that can occur, ranging from losses to illness and even death.

Regrettably, this is not a situation that could have been avoided, as the rules seem to dictate that an official proclamation of the new Regent has to take place at the earliest opportunity. However there is no escaping from the fact that the distinctly adverse nature of this time, do restrict the benefits of the accession period chart, described earlier. Also, as King Charles's reign officially came into force during a somewhat inauspicious time, it is inevitable that the remainder of his reign will to a certain extent, suffer the consequences.

Natal Chart for King Charles III

King Charles was born Charles Philip Arthur George, at 9:14 PM on Sunday, November 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace, London, England. The natal chart corresponding to these details is shown below.

Natal Chart for King Charles III
Natal Chart for King Charles III

Charles's ascendant is Cancer, which is ruled by a debilitated Moon. A debilitated Sun occupies his 4th house and rules over his house of wealth. Hence, both the Sun and Moon hold important positions in the centre of Charles's chart and confirm that his wealth, safety and privileges are provided by the State.

Jupiter is his lord of fate and this is placed in its own zodiac of Sagittarius, in his 6th house. This shows that he enjoys benefits not only from his land of birth, but from other places also. This is a probable reference to the benefits that accrue to him from other parts of Britain and the Commonwealth.

Mars also has a very positive role in King Charles's chart, as this is his lord of actions and the ruling planet of his Moon sign, Aries. This planet is placed in its own zodiac sign of Scorpio, in his 6th house. All the influential planets in his chart, namely the Sun, Jupiter and Mars, show that Charles is not the type of person who can play the role of a passive spectator. He will be very keen to take a hands-on approach and this is what we can expect to see as he assumes his role as king. He is also a progressive person and will use his knowledge and experience to his advantage.

Charles would have had an affectionate relationship with his mother, but he would also have had distinct differences with both parents. There was a strong emotional disconnect between him and his father. He would have experienced an underlying feeling of resentment and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with this relationship.

The twin malefic Vedic planets 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' cast a dark shadow over Charles's chart. These two planets hold dominant positions in the central houses, where they are in conflict with both the Sun and Moon. As these malefic planets are greater in strength than the Sun and the Moon, they hold sway over the centre of his chart.

In addition to this, 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' also form a partial 'Kal Sarp Yog' in this chart. Essentially, this leads to a life of unfulfilled potential or a chequered career, where success is elusive during one's prime.

What Kind of King will Charles III be?

Charles has an artistic, imaginative and creative nature. He is progressive in his thinking, has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to put his plans into action. He also has a definite inclination towards spirituality and alternative sciences. In fact, his chart suggests that he would find this astrological analysis to be of interest.

Queen Elizabeth had a reputation of being dedicated to her duties and yet able to remain detached from politics. The same will not be said of Charles because of his forthright views and strong opinions. He will try to impress his convictions upon his people and government alike.

Due to the influence of the Moon, not all of Charles's views and ideas will be totally grounded in reality. Some thoughts will betray a lack of pragmatism and attention to detail. Having said that, the influences of Jupiter and the Sun show that Charles is on course to acquit himself admirably during his reign.

In his role as king, Charles will benefit from the sound and wise counsel he receives from well-wishers. There appear to be several such persons who he keeps in close proximity. Also, if he encounters any prominent detractors, he will use reason and wisdom to prevail over them. Deep down King Charles is a kind, sensitive and compassionate person. All British subjects can sleep easy in the knowledge that he is not the type of monarch who will be fond of saying, “Off with their heads!”

What Lies in the Future for the British Crown?

King Charles is presently passing through a planetary transit of his lord of fate, Jupiter and the present time will be a mostly favourable one for him. For the most part, he will enjoy the support and good will of his subjects and government.

His mid-term transits show that right now his primary objective is to consolidate his position. He will be fully determined to fulfil his immediate obligations. In the short-term, much of his time will be taken up with his royal duties and the period till early January 2023 will be a busy one. There may be some transitional changes after this and this will lead to a few worries till August 2023.

King Charles will enter a complementary Jupiter-Sun transit after August 2023. He will enjoy an increase of prestige and progress in his life, into the mid-term future thereafter.

At the beginning of this article we made reference to King Charles being Britain's thirteenth monarch. There was a particular reason for doing so. It does appear that the unlucky number '13' may prove to be somewhat ominous for him.

In Vedic astrology '13' represents the planet 'Rahu'. King Charles is likely to experience unexpected troubles whenever he comes across this number. In addition to this, due to the influence of this number, the nature of his birth chart and the effects of the previously mentioned 'Panchak', he can also expect a difficult period of obstacles and struggles from mid-August 2026 onwards. As a confluence of three adverse factors will be at play, the problems during this period have the potential to possibly cut short his time as king.

In order to keep these factors at bay, he should acquire a combination of:

  1. A 'Mahamrityunjay Yantra' talisman. This will appease 'Rahu' and Saturn and strengthen the positive influence of the Moon.
  2. A 'Surya Yantra' talisman. This is the corresponding talisman for the Sun and will help him to project a positive image, secure his position and influence opinions to his advantage.
  3. A solid 'Shri Yantra' talisman. This will increase the positive influences of Jupiter and the Sun. This will also counter the negative factors surrounding his succession to the throne.

These talismans can be energised in his name and combined into a single unit, similar to the complex talisman shown below:

Astrological Talismans Suitable for King Charles
A Suitable Astrological Talisman for King Charles

Final Thoughts

No one ever said that being king would be easy and in the words of Shakespeare, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” But such is the nature of life, we all encounter periods of trouble and usually, the higher our station, the bigger the worries.

In the final analysis all the described negative influences in this matter are of less importance than the favourable ones. This is simply because these negative factors essentially relate to one event, Charles's official proclamation as King. In the larger scheme of things, this event plays a subordinate role to his actual accession to the throne. All things considered, there is nothing to suggest that King Charles III will be anything less than a resounding success. All hail the King!

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