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World Space Week

Astronomy, Outer Space and Astrology
Astronomy, Outer Space and Astrology
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In 1999, the UN General Assembly declared that every year, October 4 to 10 would be observed as World Space Week. This day was chosen to commemorate the first ever launch into space of a man-made satellite, the Soviet Russian Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957.

Things have come a long way since then. Space isn’t quite the ‘Final Frontier’ that it used to be in the days of the Star Ship Enterprise. Modern day marvels like the Hubble and James Webb telescopes now allow us to peer into the very heart of the Universe and peel away its mysteries, layer by layer. Having said that, the Klingons and Vulcans have so far, proven to be more elusive than we may have anticipated. This disappointment notwithstanding, man is set to walk the surface of a planet other than Earth’s, in the not too distant future. Also, ambitious private players have changed the rules of engagement and the space race is now no longer the exclusive domain of international rivalry.

As practitioners of astrology, at PowerFortunes we believe that in time, a greater understanding of the workings of the Universe will lead to a greater appreciation of astrology. Observing World Space Week is an opportunity to bring us a little closer to that objective.


Astrology vs Astronomy

The principles of astrology and astronomy are not mutually exclusive and a belief in both disciplines is possible. They are two sides of the same coin, the Yin and Yang of the Universe if you like. Astronomy is the logical, tangible, observable way of explaining existence, whereas astrology is a spiritual, mystical and somewhat subjective explanation of why things are, the way they are.

As astrology and astronomy share common terminology and operate on some common principles, many people think of the two as the ‘Twins’ who are polar opposites, somewhat akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the movie of the same name. That is, astronomy being the shining example of perfection and astrology being the stunted sibling, of somewhat questionable DNA. Needless to say, this is not an analogy that we would be inclined to agree with.

Astrology often receives bad press because of this use of common terminology. Questions such as, “How can planets influence our fortunes here on Earth?”, “What happens when new celestial objects are discovered?”, “How can the Sun and Moon be termed as planets?”, are often used to discredit astrological beliefs. There are valid astrological explanations for all such questions, but these follow the principles of astrology, not those of astronomy and never shall the two be interchanged.

In order to use astrology, you have to accept as fact, notions for which there is no corroborating scientific equation or quantifiable evidence. What has to be remembered is, when astrologers talks about say, a planet, they are not referring to a body made of gas and rock, but to the metaphysical characteristics and spiritual energy associated with that planet. For astrologers, the proof of the pudding, lies in the eating. The fact that astrology has worked for thousands of years and has stood the test of time, is the reason to believe.

If however, you thought that it is only astrology that requires us to accept incredible conclusions, you’d be mistaken. If we remove ourselves from our human sized scale of reference, scientific theory can seem as bizarre as anything that astrology brings to the party.


Mind Over Matter

When we look at things on a cosmic scale, we have to accept that there are major gaps in our knowledge. For example, the theoretical sum of the mass of the Universe or forces of gravitational attraction, do not quite add up. This leads us to the possible existence of ‘Dark Matter’, an exotic material that can only be discerned and cannot be observed. Also, our present understanding of the cosmos is bounded by the limits of the observable Universe and the moment just after time began. Go any further in either direction and our present laws of physics breakdown.

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We Aren’t Splitting Hairs, We’re Splitting the Atom

Matters don’t get any simpler at a subatomic scale either, splitting open the atom is like opening a whole other can of worms. Welcome to the weird and unfathomable world of quantum mechanics.

In theory, if we breakdown sub-atomic particles into their most basic components, we end up with vibrating filaments of energy. One school of thought holds that these filaments vibrate in and out of existence. So, if we break up the particles of which you and I are made, till we can break no further, part of us exists in the here and now, but some part does not! This is not some hair brained idea, this is scientific theory that can be balanced out in mathematical formula. This idea, also known as string and M-theory opens doors to parallel universes and higher dimensions, all within the realms of hardnosed science.

Be under no illusions, even in science, not everything is a binary one plus one is two. The answer to one plus one can change according to your scale of reference.

Everyday scientists make new discoveries that expand our horizons just a little bit further. The very recently awarded, 2022 Nobel Prize for physics, is a perfect illustration of this point. The award has gone to scientists Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their work that successfully demonstrates quantum entanglement in photons. The experiments conducted by this trio of physicists show that two separate photons can interact with each other, even though they are physically isolated. Could this be the beginnings of a scientific explanation for psychic ability and psychokinesis? You see where we’re going with this.

In many ways we are surrounded by the dark emptiness of space, warming ourselves around our campfire of knowledge. We presently only have conclusive explanations for whatever is illuminated in the immediate vicinity of our campfire. When we push past the present limits of our knowledge, we will have a way of explaining phenomena such as astrology, in a way that pleases both spiritualists and scientists alike.

The Circle of Knowledge

Building great machines like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, helps us to answer some of our most vexing scientific questions. In order to be conceived, built and manned, equipment of this nature requires the services of our most highly qualified researchers. According to Hindu mythology, many eras ago sages (Rishis) performed similarly pioneering research, through equally marvellous means.

Mankind is presently in the age of ‘Kali-Yug’. ‘Yug’ means age or era, but this is not like any era that we have experience of, as this will continue for millions of years. There are four such ‘Yugs’ and they are cyclical in nature. These are:

  1. Sat-Yug
  2. Treta-Yug
  3. Dwapar-Yug
  4. Kali-Yug

Our present time of ‘Kali-Yug’ is the last in this cycle and is a worldly period, where man is at his furthest from divinity. ‘Sat-Yug’ was the first period and an age of truth, when gods walked the earth, appearing before those sages who engaged in long periods of meditation and chanting. The gods often chose to bestow the sages with divine knowledge and this is how knowledge of disciplines such as ‘Yoga’, ‘Ayurved’ and astrology, was transferred to man. The sages responsible for making such discoveries are regarded as the Newtons and Einsteins of their time and their names are forever associated with their areas of expertise. The interesting belief behind the story of astrology is given on our ‘Fortune Telling’ page.

  1. Sage who discovered ‘Yoga’: Rishi Patanjali
  2. Sage who discovered Astrology/‘Jyotish’: Rishi Prashar
  3. Sage who discovered ‘Ayurveda’: Rishi Dhanvantari

Whether you subscribe to mythological beliefs or not, the fact remains that man’s quest for knowledge is one of the threads that binds modern day astronomy and ancient astrology. Although the means of acquiring and manner of application of this knowledge may be different, the motives for doing so, essentially remain the same.

The Astrology of World Space Week

Each year the United Nations assigns a theme to World Space Week. The politically correct and environmentally friendly theme of ‘Space and Sustainability’ has been chosen for 2022. Though how the UN proposes this will be achieved remains a mystery, considering that any exploration into space is bound to leave a carbon footprint of well, astronomical proportions.

What is astrologically noteworthy of the 2022 Space Week, is that October 4 falls during the auspicious ‘Navratra’ time of the year. This is a favourable nine day period and taking up any new enterprise during this period, is considered lucky. This year, this began on September 26 and ends on October 4. The horoscope chart for this day and astrological details for World Space Week are given below:

Horoscope Chart for World Space Week
Horoscope Chart for World Space Week
  1. Ascendant till October 4: Scorpio.
  2. Ascendant from October 5 to 10: Sagittarius.
  3. Moon Signs from October 4 to 10: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
  4. Sun Sign: Scorpio.
  5. Constellations: Uttarashadha, Shatabhishak, Revati.

A debilitated Mars is the ascendant’s lord of this chart, this occupies the 7th house and this is the ruling planet of the prevailing Sun sign. Mars is also the only planet in the centre of this chart and therefore has a dominant influence. Perhaps this is an indication that for space explorers, it’s going to be ‘Next stop Mars’.

The lord of fate, the Moon is placed in Capricorn and aspects the house of fate. Due to this and the influence of Mars, the first day of Space Week will be a time to take up challenges and to get creative. As Mercury occupies its own zodiac sign of Virgo in the house of gains, contemplate your options and draw up a considered strategy to embark upon new plans.

After October 4, a retrograde Jupiter will take over from Mars as the ascendant’s lord of the Space Week chart. This will be helpful for acquiring expertise and skills that aid in fulfilling your ambitions. This is also a good time to pursue spiritual interests and to gain spiritual knowledge.

Talismans to Get for World Space Week

Acquiring a talisman with celestial qualities would be most appropriate for Space Week. So, for all those who are looking to acquire new talismans, we would suggest:

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