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The Sun Sign Guide to Fitness

Weight Loss Guidelines for your Zodiac Sign
Weight Loss Guidelines for your Zodiac Sign
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What keeps each astrological sign motivated to lose weight? Can a diet or workout routine be tailored to be more effective, according to your zodiac sign? explains how you can leverage your zodiac characteristics to attain greater physical fitness.


  1. Aries is governed by Mars and Ariens are lively individuals, hence staying in shape isn’t too difficult for them. All they need to do is, channel their exuberance and energy into their workout.
  2. Ariens should avoid hot and spicy foods and routines that may fuel their aggressive natures, like martial arts.
  3. They may also need to stay more hydrated than most people, as they may be prone to problems.



  1. Taurus is governed by Venus and Taureans are inclined to over indulge in rich and tasty, but otherwise fattening foods.
  2. Taureans have robust physiques, but can tend to put on weight. However, they are conscious of their appearance and have strong resolve. Once they decide to hit the gym, they will do whatever it takes to get back into shape and will find greater reward for this, than most.


  1. Geminis are complex and tend to lack application. In adverse situations, their resolve may desert them completely. Also, they enjoy cerebral, more than physical activities. Hence, following a strenuous work-out regime maybe isn’t for them.
  2. Geminis can be easily distracted and confused by too many different opinions. Hence, they need the guidance of a trainer to keep them focussed and driven.
  3. Geminis should avoid exposing themselves to cold temperatures whilst exercising, as well as food and drink that may be excessively cold.


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  1. Cancerians are governed by the Moon and have susceptibility towards obesity. Not only do they need to exercise regularly, they need to follow an active lifestyle.
  2. Dairy products suit Cancerians, as do rhythmic routines like aerobics or jogging.
  3. They are however, likely to abandon their fitness regimes before they see tangible results.


  1. Leos are prone to periods of lethargy and laziness. Their fondness for the good things in life and partying hard, doesn’t make for the healthiest of lifestyle. Even they king of the zodiac jungle needs to hit the gym once in a while.
  2. But, most Leos are likely to be under the impression that they are already in perfect shape.
  3. Your typical Leo needs to step away from the cheese burger and avoid anything high in cholesterol and artery clogging.


  1. Virgos know they need the exercise, but may avoid doing what is necessary, due to their own insecurities.
  2. They can be worriers and hypochondriacs and male Virgoans can sometimes give the impression of being effeminate.
  3. Team sports can toughen them up a bit and can help them to learn how to be better team players.
  4. There’s nothing in particular that they need to avoid, they only need to get over themselves and ‘Just do it’!



  1. The easy-going Libran can be susceptible to several different types of health problems and needs to guard against obesity.
  2. They can also be fond of extravagance, but Librans like balance in their lives and know if you are going to have that extra slice of chocolate cake, you’d better work it off later.


  1. Scorpio is ruled by the fiery Mars and they make some of the best sports persons.
  2. They just have to keep in mind that not everything is a competition and when you’re working out, you’re doing it for your own good.
  3. Scorpios should also avoid hot and spicy foods.


  1. Sagittarians should follow a regular cardiovascular workout regime, as they can be quick to anger and can be prone to hypertension.
  2. They should maintain a balanced diet and avoid a high intake of salt, sugar and carbohydrates.
  3. They can excel at both team and individual sports.


  1. Most Capricorns need to take a break from the monotony of work and engage in greater physical activity.
  2. Most Capricorns need to get out of their respective comfort zones and engage in team sports, or a group outdoor activities. This will help them physically and give them a more well-rounded character.
  3. Capricorns may be prone to stress and being overweight. They may also suffer problems relating to the legs and feet, abdomen and throat and may need to be careful of consuming alcohol in large quantities.



  1. Aquarians are also governed by Saturn, like Capricorns and can be similarly prone to problems of the legs and feet, abdomen and throat. They may also need to limit their alcohol intake.
  2. Although Aquarians are more inclined to engage in physical activities, they will still have to be pushed to make this a part of their everyday routine.
  3. Aquarians should avoid heavy meals and too rich a diet.


  1. Pisceans are not the most practical of people and can often retreat into a dream world. They will avoid regular exercise.
  2. Pisceans can lacking paying attention to their physical appearance and need someone to keep them motivated to stay in shape. They should avoid team sports, just to spare their teammates the exasperation.
  3. Ideally, they should train under the supervision of an expert. This will help them to follow the correct workout routine and make sure they stay off an unhealthy diet.

The zodiac has spoken and now there should be no more excuses to not get a regular fitness regime in place and into great shape. Nobody needs to be told that professional medical/fitness advice should always be sought before initiating anything related to your health. We are nevertheless, we are obligated to emphasise this all the same.

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