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Astrological Profiles of the Main Ozark Characters

Astrology of the Characters from Ozark
Astrology of the Characters from Ozark
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Ozark has been one of the most popular shows to stream on Netflix. We won’t go into what Ozark is about, you're probably well aware of that already.

The production is slick, the cast is strong and the script is compelling. Little wonder it had a successful run of four seasons. Will Ozark have a season 5? It appears not, as the fourteen episodes of season 4 parts 1 and 2, are reported to be the last.

Viewer reaction to how Ozark ends has been mixed, leading to comparisons with the disappointing end to ‘Game of Thrones’. So much so that some avid viewers have taken to Youtube to produce videos on how Ozark should have ended. Perhaps when a series script becomes this complex, it is always destined for a disappointing end.

Be that as it may, PowerFortunes has ventured to create simple astrological profiles for the complex personalities, of some of the more popular Ozark characters. To do this, we have applied a few of the basic principles that we employ whilst making our detailed ‘Astrological Personality Reports’.


If Netflix Used Astrology

Ruth Langmore

The potty mouthed Ruth Langmore played by, Julia Garner appears to be a fan favourite. She was born into a life of petty crime, but was arguably the smartest redneck of the notorious Langmore clan. These characteristics suggest that Mercury may have been the ruling planet of her ascendant or occupied her ascendant’s house.

She was hardworking, loyal and courageous, earning her the trust and respect of the Byrdes. This shows that a favourably placed Saturn would have been her lord of actions and possibly also her lord of fate, as her hard work did lead to gains. Aries would have been a suitable Moon sign for Ruth.

Ben Davis

The fun and friendly uncle made a late waltz into the series, swinging to his own special brand of ‘Looney Tunes’. He was cast as an erratic character, whose moods would swing between violent outburst and weepy pessimism and everything in between. A person of such a nature would probably have a debilitated Moon in their VIth house, ruling the ascendant and a debilitated ‘Ketu’ placed in their ascendant’s house. Some such permutation of a Moon-Ketu combination is sure to have existed in his horoscope.


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Rachel Garrison

Rachel is one of the more normal and likeable Ozark characters. She holds the distinction of being one of the first persons in the Ozarks to enter into business with Marty. She clearly has a head for business and an entrepreneurial inclination, although her business plans were not all that successful. We would say that Venus, Mercury and the Moon must have important roles in her birth chart. As not all her plans were well thought out and as she had an interest in the food and drink business, the Moon may have been the ruling planet of her ascendant. Venus is the likely ruling planet of her house of wealth and house of gains or house of livelihood. Her Moon sign seems like Virgo.

Marty Byrde

Jason Bateman’s performance playing lead character Marty was quite exceptional. Marty might be responsible for the Byrde family’s unlikely circumstances, but he uses his amazing mental and professional talents to get them out of one difficult situation after the other.

Marty is anything but perfect and he can be accused of being spineless, but he is loyal and his heart appears to be in the right place. The goings on in his life are evidence that his horoscope has many different characteristics, with planets that are strong, but which work at cross purposes. We’ll try and limit our description to just the most prominent features.

He is a man of few words, but has strong communication skills and a head for numbers. His fortunes are constantly changing, so Mercury must have a strong influence over his house of wealth and house of fate.

He handles large volumes of money for a living, but not much of it ends up in his hands. One of the twin malefic Vedic planets, ‘Rahu’ or ‘Ketu’ probably occupies his ascendant’s house or house of financial expenses. Saturn is likely to be his lord of actions and the ruling planet of his Moon sign, which could be either Capricorn or Aquarius. The Sun is appropriately the ruling planet of his name derived zodiac sign Leo, given his strong powers of persuasion. A strong Sun must also be favourably placed in a central house of his natal chart.

Charlotte Byrde

Charlotte has displayed maturity beyond her years and Jupiter would be an appropriate ruling planet for her 1st house. She clashed with her mother during earlier seasons, but has now assumed a more positive, responsible role in the family and family businesses. Mars probably occupies her house of actions and adversely aspects her house of maternal influences. She must have been passing through adverse transits relative to Mars during earlier seasons, resulting in angry conflicts with Wendy and upheavals at home. She is intelligent and has good powers of communication, so her Moon sign should be Virgo.

Jonah Byrde

A Byrde of the feather, Jonah has been described as a mini Marty, as he has all his father’s good qualities. However, Jonah takes on Charlotte’s rebellious role in season 4.

Just like Byrde senior, Jonah too must have strong influences of Mercury and Saturn. But unlike his daddy, he does not have a strong Sun. Saturn probably occupies his house of actions and adversely aspects his house of maternal influences, hence his stubborn differences with both parents, but more so with Wendy. He must also be passing through a transit of ‘Ketu’, as there is uncertainty in his life and he ends up pointing a shotgun at someone, with intent to pull the trigger.

Wendy Byrde

Wendy Byrde played by Laura Linney could well be one of the most hated characters on the small screen since Cersei Lannister. Although Cersei would probably win the contest if body count is considered.

Wendy’s role has changed throughout the seasons, but she has ultimately proven herself to be a master manipulator, helping her to establish a rapport with the fearsome leader of the Navarro cartel.

Wendy’s is quite a complex character, like Marty her horoscope must have many different facets and much could probably be written about this. However in her case too, we’ll stick to just the major features.

The malefic Vedic planets ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ almost certainly occupy her 1st and 7th houses, respectively. A debilitated Saturn would seem appropriate as the lord of her ascendant. These alignments would explain her lack of ethics, moral turpitude, selfishness and the discord in her marriage. However, ‘Rahu’ appears to be exalted, as she does not appear to suffer from the associated effects of a debilitated ‘Rahu’.

Many of her plans have succeeded and both she and Marty have managed to wriggle out of some seemingly impossible situations, so she is probably passing through favourable transits. Her somewhat vicious nature would suggest that her Moon sign is Scorpio.

Helen Pierce

Helen Pierce was tasked with executing the cartel’s evil designs in earlier seasons, only to be bumped off by season 3. She was highly intelligent, ruthless and cruel.

Helen led a dual life, leaving her family unaware of her day job. Again like Wendy, it appears that the malefic Vedic planets ‘Rahu’ occupied her 1st house. Her ascendant’s lord seems to correspond to Mars, as her vindictiveness seemed more blatant than Wendy’s. It is possible that her Moon sign was Cancer, explaining the duality in her nature.

Omar Navarro

Omar was the evil boss at the top of the hated Navarro cartel food chain. He was a domineering character, with apparently no sense of empathy. It is difficult to gauge exactly what kind of horoscope would be behind such a ruthless, but composed personality. His Moon sign would probably have been Leo and the Sun would have had a dominant role in his chart, accounting for his ego and allowing him to impose his authority over all the other bad characters in the cartel. His Moon sign may have also been Leo and once again, ‘Rahu’ must have occupied his 1st house, to allow such a criminal bent of mind.

Darlene Snell

Darlene Snell was like a female Omar Navarro. She therefore must have shared many of Navarro’s astrological characteristics. She was extremely stubborn and capable of blowing anyone’s brains out, she killed her own husband with surprising ease. Her ascendant’s lord would correspond to a debilitated Saturn and her Moon sign would have been Scorpio. She was not afraid of taking risks to achieve her objectives, suggesting that the Sun had a dominant role in her chart and was probably her lord of actions.

Camila Elizondro

We chose to analyse Camila over son Javi, as she was responsible for the deaths of two of Ozark’s leading characters.

Leading a quiet existence till Javi’s death, we have to assume that her ascendant’s lord was Saturn, as her determination to hunt down Javi’s killer was unshakeable. The viciousness in her nature suggests that a debilitated Mars may have been her lord of actions and the ruling planet of her Moon sign.

If you want more information about how we chose the planets mentioned above, look them up in our ‘Planets’ section. You’ll find detailed descriptions of the characteristics of each one.

Which parts of our analysis do you agree or not agree with? Which Ozark characters do you associate with the most? Which season was the best in your opinion? We want to know your views and what you liked about the Ozark series. Tweet your responses at us @talismans, quoting #Ozark or by posting on any of our social media profiles.

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