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astrology readingsAstrology Readings You don't have to believe in astrology to know that there are ups and downs in life, but astrology can help you identify the reasons for problems that have no apparent solutions.
If you're not sure of your exact time of birth, we can answer your questions using horary astrology. Let us use our knowledge of astrology, to answer your questions about the future!
Astrology Compatibility ReportAstrology Compatibility How compatible are you with your partner?
What kind of people can you form successful personal and professional relationships with? Get a detailed Astrology Compatibility report to find out. Or choose an astrology report for an area of interest in your life.
Astrology ReportAstrology Reports Discover more about yourself and your life, through our range of personalised astrology reports, including reports for:
Learn how to avoid bad luck and how to get more out of life.


Tarot ReadingsTarot Readings The Tarot is one of the most insightful ways to look into the future. Ask our resident tarot reader your questions and let the tarot be your guide through life's uncertainties.
Tarot Fortune Telling Cards.Fortune Telling Cards We need not explain how knowledge of the future can be of benefit. Our tarot derived fortune telling cards have unlocked the secrets of the future, from ancient times to the present day, for the lucky few who have had access to them. Now you too can join this select group. What's more, you don't have to rely on anybody else's fortune telling talents, except your own. Find out how these amazing Fortune Telling Cards predict the future with such accuracy.


horoscopesFree Horoscopes What zodiac sign do you fall under according to Vedic Astrology? View our daily and monthly predictions for each zodiac sign.
horoscopesPersonalised Horoscopes Have your personalised monthly astrology predictions delivered to you by e-mail, or order a GIFT reading for a friend.

Talismans & Amulets

talismans and amuletsVedic Talismans What is a Vedic talisman? What is the relationship between astrology, talismans and human existence? We explain how our talismans are made, how they are consecrated and how they work.
unique amulets and talismans Energised Amulets We all get the feeling sometimes, that luck isn't going our way, that we don't get the breaks we ought to. Well, you can only try your best and the rest is up to fate. Or is it...? Well, yes and no - while you can't completely alter destiny, you certainly can influence the direction it's taking you in. That's exactly what our Energised Talismans do – help you to put luck in your corner. Find amulets for prosperity, success, obstacles, good health, romance and relationships and more, or choose from our range of exclusive 'Special Combination Talismans'. This isn't too good to be true, these are genuine powerful, energised talismans, that will quickly deliver positive results into your life.
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Browse a unique range of lucky charm lockets, bracelets and lucky key rings, combining the powers of Vedic talismans and good luck charms. Is there a lucky charm that can help you to win the lottery?
Mantra Affirmations
Positive Affirmations Download our mantra mp3s to learn to recite them like a pro. Use the power of these positive affirmations to achieve your goals in life. Or, load them to your mobile phone and receive your calls with a spiritual Ringtone.
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