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June 2024 Astrology News & Stories

Astrology News for June 2024
Astrology News for June 2024
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June is Gemini and Cancer season.

June is the month for an important celestial and astrological event, the 'Summer Solstice' in the Northern Hemisphere. Although the 21st is generally considered to be the day of the Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year, the event can span between the 20th and 21st. This year the Summer Solstice takes place on June 20, at 20:51 GMT (16:51 EDT). A detailed explanation of the astrological signficance of the Summer Solstice is given in this linked article.

Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806-1867) was an American author, poet and editor. He wrote this about June,

"It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses."

Some noteworthy dates this month include:

  1. World Environment Day, June 5.
  2. 'Shani Jayanti', June 20. The day marking the birth anniversary of 'Shani' or the mythological ruling deity of Saturn.
  3. 'Ganga Dusshera', June 16. A celebration in honour of 'Ganga', the Goddess of the river Ganges, to commemorate the day on which the river descended to earth from heaven.
  4. The Summer Solstice, June 20.
  5. International Day of Yoga, June 20.
  6. International Fairy Day, June 24.

News Updates for June 2024

A round-up of breaking news and the most interesting stories from the world of astrology and esotericism.

The French-Canadian paper, 'Journal de Montreal' reported that astrology enthusiast, Robert Gareau of Montreal won the option to take home $7 million or $1,000 a day for life, in the draw of 'Grande Vie', held on April 25.

Gareau writes astrology columns for newspapers and magazines. He said the signs of his victory were written in the sky, because as he put it, "The planets were aligned, Jupiter and Uranus."

The 69 year old Gareau wants to use part of the jackpot to buy a new bicycle, after his previous one was stolen a few years ago.

Marsilio and Crypto Damus are astrologers who predict the ups and downs of Bitcoin, based on planetary movements. They claim they are bullish on the crypto currency, at least for the next month or so. "The really most important thing, as I've said, is where we are going to end up in late May and early June. There's a lot of very favourable astrology there", forecasts Crypto Damus. That favourable astrology includes a Jupiter conjunction with Venus and Uranus. Historically, Jupiter transits coincide with Bitcoin cycle tops. "Astrology isn't always about predicting the future", he says. "It's looking at what's happening in the present, based on the past."

According to the Smithsonian, the legenadry musician, Bob Dylan created an untitled piece of artwork in the 1960s while recovering from a motorcycle accident in Woodstock, New York.

RR Auction, the auction house conducting the painting's sale said, "Dylan created the abstract painting for Sandy LePanto, another Woodstock-area resident. In exchange, she performed astrology readings." Anne Margaret Daniel, a literary scholar and historian who is writing a series of essays on Dylan, had this to say about the painting's recepient, "Sandy was not only one of the most beautiful women in Woodstock at a time when there were many; she was a mystic, a channeler, a reader of stars and maker of astrology charts for her friends."

The abstract painting is a collage of bold colours juxtaposed with recognisable forms, such as musical symbols, bull horns, bow ties and a pair of eyes. A red outline of a man with a brimmed hat, which some say could be a self-portrait and this sits at the top of the canvas. The auction house estimates the painting to sell for as much as $100,000.

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In a remarkable prediction Vedic astrologer, Kushal Kumar predicts that there's a high chance World War III will commence on June 18, 2024.

He claims an astrology chart that he previously cast envisaged rising tensions between Israel and Hamas, North and South Korea, China and Taiwan and Russia and Ukraine.

Kumar is thus set to become either the most famous astrologer in history, or the most avoided.

Writer Emma Ginsberg claims that she has, "Always been on the skeptical side when it comes to astrology", but nevertheless, "Knew my big three". Given the earlier statement it is unclear how and why, but she said, "I stumbled upon Soulloop, an app that promised to make me feel more in tune with my own self-care routine by using astrology." After trying the routine for 30 days, Ginsberg claims, "I can honestly say that I feel more in tune with myself than I have in months."

With the release of the film, 'Tarot', psychic medium Samantha Jayne warns about the dangers of messing around with Tarot cards and meddling with the unknown. The American supernatural horror film explores what happens when a group of friends knowingly decide to break one of the rules of Tarot readings: never use someone else's deck.

"Tarot cards are not a game, just as a Ouija board is not a game, even though some toy manufacturers seem to think so. Playing around with energies you do not understand can go horribly wrong. While this film is a fiction, it does draw attention to the fact that some things are not well understood and are not suitable for game playing", Samantha said. Jayne had these words of warning, "The rules are simple. Don't touch someone else's cards without permission and make sure to set a clear intention before shuffling the cards. Tarot cards can absorb good and bad energies from the people they have given insight into. It is important to set your intentions as the cards will give you divine guidance as they connect with a situation." Jayne also added, "If you do not do this, you are not protecting yourself from negative energy or advice which could lead to some bad decisions."

The recently released movie, 'Tarot' has received generally poor reviews from critics and movie goers, alike. The movie catgorised as, 'Horror, Mystery and Thriller' has only mustered a satisfaction rating of 20% on review site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Pre-release news of the movie was covered in the March edition of Astrology News. Tarot's storyline surrounds a group of friends who mess around with a deck of Tarot cards. In the process, they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings.

Witches use hexes to cast spells on mere mortals. Nikola Arkane used those same powers to manipulate a deck of Tarot cards for Penn and Teller on "Fool Us."

This piece in the 'Economic Times', India quotes a recent Redseer report titled, 'Astro-Tech: Navigating Cosmic Trends in the Digital Era'. The report quantifies the status and growth potential of the Indian online astrology market and says that the online astrology business is experiencing rapid growth in India and is projected to grow significantly.

The pandemic further accelerated this trend, leading to a surge in consultations and subscriptions. Future growth will reportedly be driven by tech advancements and changing consumer behaviour.

The spike in online astrology business may have slackened after the pandemic but it opened up a vast digital market for astrologers. Of India's estimated $350 billion faith and religious products market, the astrology segment is ripe for a tech-enabled growth, says the Redseer report.

The Hollywood actress, Christina Ricci is reported to have worked on the deck with husband Mark Hampton and a team of creatives and Tarot experts.

The 78 card Tarot deck is named the, 'Cat Full of Spiders Tarot Deck and Guidebook' and featuring a foreword by Ricci and custom artwork. It is reported that "Tarot lovers can experience the actress's personal and professional story through a wholly unique lens."

In a statement shared exclusively with PEOPLE Ricci said, "This Tarot deck is a passion project for me. It is filled with references to moments in my life and touches on the moments that come our way as we journey through the world."

A new podcast series, The 'Sky Vibe', hosted by iHeartRadio's Judi Diamond and professional astrologer and broadcaster, Thomas Miller has gone online.

Boston based band, 'Happy Little Clouds' is reported to draw inspiration for their songs from the whole Tarot deck, according to singer-guitarist, Jac Mestel.

Earlier this year, the rock band released, "The Emperor's Song", a tune about an established protagonist a little bit like the Emperor card. While on May 1, they released the fun, energetic, grunge-tinged single, "I Don't Suppose" which features cover art depicting another Tarot card, 'The Fool'. When you pull the Fool during a Tarot reading, the card signifies new beginnings and innocence, an adventure into the unknown.

The band's singer, Mestel is claimed to sound like a "90s Alanis Morrissette". He did not however say, "You oughta know" in response!

Famous Birthdays this Month

Some famous personalities with birthdays in June are:

  • Marilyn Monroe, June 1, 1926
  • Alanis Morisette, June 1, 1974
  • Rafa Nadal, June 3, 1986
  • Angelina Jolie, June 4, 1975
  • Mark Wahlberg, June 5, 1971
  • Prince (The Singer), June 7, 1958
  • Bear Grylls, June 7, 1974
  • Emily Ratajkowski, June 7, 1991
  • Kanye West, June 8, 1977
  • Natalie Portman, June 9, 1981
  • Elizabeth Hurley, June 10, 1965
  • Peter Dinklage, June 11, 1969
  • Donald J. Trump, June 14, 1946
  • Courteney Cox, June 15, 1964
  • Geronimo, June 16, 1829
  • Paula Abdul, June 19, 1962
  • Nicole Kidman, June 20, 1967
  • Prince William, June 21, 1982
  • Lana Del Rey, June 21, 1985
  • Lionel Messi, June 24, 1987
  • Ricky Gervais, June 25, 1961
  • Ariana Grande, June 26, 1993
  • Elon Musk, June 28, 1971
  • Nicole Scherzinger, June 29, 1978
  • Mike Tyson, June 30, 1966

Important Dates

These are the most favourable and unfavourable dates this month, according to the prevailing celestial alignments. The good dates are the best of those mentioned for our 'Monthly Lucky Dates' section. This selection is suitable for commencing or undertaking any type of important task, be this of a personal or professional nature. Doing so will multiply your returns and increases the chances of success. The opposite is true of the inauspicious dates.

The Most Auspicious Dates in June

  • June 18 to 19:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: June 18, 15:56 to 06:00 (19) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: June 18, 06:26 to 20:30 (18) EDT*.
    • This is a 'Tripushkar Yog' that occurs on the 11th and 12th days of the waxing moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Swati'.
    • The 'Swati Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be auspisicious.
  • June 23 to 24:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: June 23, 17:04 to 03:27 (24) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: June 23, 07:34 to 17:57 (23) EDT*.
    • This occurs on the 2nd day of the waning moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Purva Ashadha'.
    • The 'Purva Ashadha Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be auspicious.

The Most Inauspicious Dates in June

  • June 02 to 03:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: June 02, 02:41 to 01:40 (03) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: June 1, 17:11 to 16:10 (2) EDT*.
    • Three unfavourable periods, 'Gand Mool' and 'Panchak' coincide on the 11th to the 13th days of the waning moon.
  • June 21 to 22:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: June 21, 07:31 to 17:54 (22) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: June 20, 22:01 to 08:24 (22) EDT*.
    • Unfavourable periods of, 'Gand Mool' and 'Bhadra' will occur on the 14th day of the waxing moon till the day of the full moon.

* The times shown are in IST (Indian Standard Time). You may use an online time converter to get your local time.

Lunar Phases for June

The moon will follow the following alignments this month:

Waning Crescent of the Moon. Day, 4
At the beginning of the month, the moon will be at day '9' of its waning phase, in Pisces. ☽ ♓
The New Moon
The new moon will be on, Thirsday, June 6 and the moon will occupy the sign of Taurus. ☽ ♉
The Full Moon
The full moon will be on, Saturday, June 22. The June full moon is referred to as a, 'Strawberry Full Moon' and the moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius. ☽ ♐

Planetary Trends for June

The horoscope charts will progress as follows during the course of the month. For an explanation of some of the terminology used, see our 'Astrology Glossary'.

  1. At the beginning of June, Mercury will rule the ascendant.
  2. A weak and debilitated Moon will be the ascendant's lord by the end of the month.
Horoscope Chart for Sun June 2 2024 Horoscope chart for Sun June 2 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Tue June 11 2024 Horoscope chart for Tue June 11 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Thu June 20 2024 Horoscope chart for Thu June 20 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Sun June 30 2024 Horoscope chart for Sun June 30 2024.
  1. The Sun ⊙:
    • At the beginning of June, the Sun will be neutral in the sign of Taurus, at 16° where it is conjunct with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. ⊙ ♉
    • By around mid-June, the Sun will be weak at about 00:36° and debilitated in Gemini, conjunct with Mercury and Venus. This is not a particularly favourable placement for the Sun during the 'Summer Solstice'. ⊙ ♊
    • By the end of the month, the Sun will be at over 14° conjunct with Venus, while remaining in Gemini. ⊙ ♊
  2. The Moon ☽:
    • At the beginning of June, the Moon will be in the sign of Pisces, at 7°, conjunct with Mars and Rahu. ☽ ♓
    • By around mid-June it will be neutral in the sign of Virgo, but in conflict with Ketu and placed at about 11°. ☽ ♋
    • By the end of the month, the Moon will be weak at 2° and debilitated in Aries, in conjunction with Mars. ☽ ♈
  3. Jupiter ♃:
    • At the beginning of June, Jupiter will be combusted in Taurus and placed at over 7°. It will be in conjunction with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. ♃ ♉
    • By around mid-June it will be neutral in Taurus, at just over 10°. ♃ ♉
    • By the end of June Jupiter will remain in Taurus, at 13°. ♃ ♉
  4. Rahu ☊:
    • At the beginning of June, Rahu will be at about 19°, debilitated in Pisces, with Mars and the Moon. ☊ ♓
    • By around mid-June it will still be in Pisces at 18°, conjunct with Mercury and Venus. ☊ ♓
    • By the end of June, Rahu will remain in Pisces, at over 17°. ☊ ♓
  5. Mercury ☿:
    • At the beginning of June, Mercury will be weak and neutral, at 1° in Taurus with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. ☿ ♉
    • By around mid-June Mercury will be combusted, but in its own sign of Gemini, at 1°, conjunct with the Sun and Venus. ☿ ♊
    • By the end of the month, Mercury will be weak at over 1° and debilitated in Cancer. ☿ ♋
  6. Venus ♀:
    • At the beginning of June, a combusted Venus will be at 16°, in its own sign of Taurus, conjuct with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. ♀ ♉
    • By around mid-June it will be neutral, but combusted in Gemini, at about 3° and in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury. ♀ ♊
    • By the end of the month, Venus will be at 21°, but still combusted in Gemini, in conjunction with the Sun. ♀ ♊
  7. Ketu ☋:
    • At the beginning of June, the malefic Ketu will be neutrally placed in Virgo, at 19°. ☋ ♍
    • By around mid-June it will still be in Virgo, at 18°, but in conflict with the Moon. ☋ ♍
    • By June end, Ketu will be at just over 17° in Virgo. ☋ ♍
  8. Mars ♂:
    • At the beginning of June, Mars will be weak at 29° in the friendly sign of Pisces, conjunct with the Moon and Rahu. ♂ ♓
    • By around mid-June it will be favourably placed in its own zodiac sign of Aries, at 10°. ♂ ♈
    • By the end of June, Mars will be conjunct with the Moon in Aries, at around 21°. ♂ ♈
  9. Saturn ♄:
    • During early June, a strong Saturn will occupy its own zodiac sign of Aquarius, at 24°. This is a favourable placement for this planet during the period of, 'Shani Jayanti'. ♄ ♒
    • By mid-June, it will be at about 25° in Aquarius. ♄ ♒
    • By the end of June, Saturn will still be at around 25° in Aquarius. ♄ ♒

Stars Watch

The main celestial events for June are:

  1. June 2, a Moon-Mars conjunction in Pisces.
  2. June 4, a Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Taurus.
  3. June 27, a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

The horoscope charts for Shani Jayanti and Summer Solstice are shown below:

Horoscope Chart for Shani Jayanti Horoscope chart for Shani Jayanti.
Horoscope Chart for Summer Solstice Horoscope chart for Summer Solstice.

What's Coming Up in July?

Some important events that occur next month are:

  • The Earth's Aphelion or at its most distant point from the Sun.
  • 'Guru Purnima', a full moon day reserved for worshipping Jupiter and spiritual guides.
  • International Moon Day.
  • July will be Cancer and Leo seasons.
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