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Love Charms Unveiled. Symbols and Secrets of Romance

The Best Lucky Charms for Love & Romance
The Best Lucky Charms for Love & Romance
"Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."
- Rumi.

Step into the world of love charms, where secret symbols form a heart shaped wrecking ball, demolishing those barriers to love. These symbols differ from culture to culture. From the power of 'Vashikaran' symbolising attraction, to the auspicious number 8 in Chinese culture, find out which of these spiritual objects can direct Cupid's arrow to the right target.

Various symbols, such as keys, horseshoes or stars, are often used as amulets for good luck in love. Some are worn as jewellery while other are placed in the home. Here are some popular good luck charms for love and romance:


The Best Lucky Charms for Love

Vashikaran Yantra

The ‘Vashikaran Yantra’ is a sacred geometric diagram in Vedic tradition believed to possess mystical and influencing powers. This talisman is specifically associated with the power of 'Vashikaran', an ancient practice related to attraction and control. The ‘Vashikaran Yantra’ enhances one's ability to attract and influence the feelings of others, fostering love, harmony and positive connections. Individuals may use this talisman as a tool for meditation and ritualistic practices to harness its energies for matters related to relationships and interpersonal dynamics.

Saraswati Yantra

The ‘Saraswati Yantra’ is formed by the divine geometry dedicated to the goddess 'Saraswati', who is revered as the embodiment of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. The Goddess is also the governing deity of 'Vashikaran', therefore possessing this talisman is useful for those seeking to enhance their powers of attraction and influence. Invoking the blessings of Saraswati helps in developing skills that increase the powers of persuasion, eloquence and a deeper understanding of the state of mind of other people.

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The Love Talisman

The ‘Vashikaran’ locket is exactly the same amulet as the larger, fixed ‘Vashikaran Yantra’. The only difference being that the larger, fixed amulet is placed a specific position in your home, where it remains undisturbed as it brings positive changes to your life. The locket is a pendant version of the amulet that you wear on your person. This then effects changes, as you go about your life.

Plate Yantras, when kept in a fixed place, can be used for meditation, worship, or as a focal point in a sacred space. They are considered energised symbols that attract specific cosmic energies or divine forces. Pendant talismans are designed to be adorned and allow you to carry the energies of the associated deity or cosmic forces with you. These good luck charms are mobile and accompany the individual throughout their day. They are believed to enhance the wearer's spiritual well-being.

Amulets for Love & Relationships

For the best of both worlds of fixed and wearable amulets, the complete combination of the fixed 'Vashikaran Yantra', its locket and their two corresponding Mantra chants should be acquired. One of these Mantras is such that a person's name is incorporated into the chant. Reciting this is thought to allow the affections of a specific person to be drawn.

Lucky Charms for Accomplishment

The ‘Karya Siddhi Yantra’ is a good luck charm that is designed to harness divine energies for success and fulfillment of goals. ‘Karya Siddhi’ translates to the "Fulfillment of objectives" in Sanskrit. This amulet not only brings prosperity, but removes all mannet of obstacle and ensures success in the pursuit of any objective. It is therefore useful for fulfilling personal aspirations, such as those concerning relationships.

Lucky Number 8

No, this is not a Chanel perfume.

According to Chinese beliefs, the number '8' is considered extremely lucky, especially in matters of love and relationships. Many people in China, East Asia and beyond, often use items with the number 8, as love charms.

The Nine Planet Talisman

This is a special talisman that represents the nine celestial bodies or planets, refered to as the ‘Navgrahs’ in Sanskrit. The objective of this talisman is to harmonise and balance the influences of the planets in a person's astrological chart. As planetary imbalances often result in relationship problems, this talisman promotes harmony in personal relationships.

Rose Quartz for good luck

Known as the "Love Stone", rose quartz is believed to enhance love and promote positive energy. It is often used in jewellery or placed in the bedroom to attract love.

Red Candles for good luck

In many cultures, red is the colour of love and passion. Lighting red candles is believed to bring positive energy and luck in matters of the heart. Red candles can be particularly effective at setting a romantic atmosphere if they are scented with a fragrance like lavender. Lavender is also associated with love and romance. Hence, using lavender scented products or placing dried lavender in your living space is thought to also attract love. Red, lavender scented candles are not always easy to come by, so infusing a red candle with lavender oil or essence is a good solution.

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How does Astrology Influence Love?

The success of any romantic alliance is determined by the astrological compatibility of the two partners in the relationship. The analysis and comparison of birth charts, zodiac signs and planetary positions is for this reason a powerful means of assessing the potential for success or failure, for any nature of partnership between two people.

The alignment of the stars and planets at the time of one's birth is believed to influence personality characteristics, preferences and even communication styles. Astrology provides a framework for comprehending the dynamics between different signs, helping individuals navigate the complexities of love.

Compatibility assessments based on astrological signs contribute to relationship insights, assisting self-awareness and understanding between partners. Whether it's exploring the passionate nature of a Fire sign, the nurturing qualities of an Earth sign, the communicative skills of an Air sign, or the emotional depth of a Water sign, astrology adds a layer of depth to the exploration of love.

While most of us are aware of our zodiac sign and its impact on our romantic lives, there are astrological factors that go beyond the signs and which have a more profound influence. These are:

The Houses of the Birth Chart

  1. Ist House. The house representing thoughts and temperament.
  2. IInd House. The house representing our homes and domestic life.
  3. VIth House. The house of friendships and enmities.
  4. VIIth House. The house of married life/long term relationships.

In Vedic astrology, there is also a division of the main natal/birth chart that relates specifically to marriage, this is known as the 'Navamsh' chart. Just like a main birth chart, this divisional chart is also divided into 12 different houses, each controlling a different aspect of life after marriage.

To make predictions about the course of a person's love life, an astrologist essentially studies the influences on these houses, in the birth and divisional charts.

Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to love and relationships.
Love & Relationships Houses in a Birth Chart

Life on Planet Love

An detailed astrological love analysis involves studying the planetary influences on the above houses of one or ideally both, partners. That is, the nature and influence of the planets that occupy and aspect these houses. Of the planets that are taken into consideration in astrology, the following are important for relationship matters:

Planets that Relate to Love & Attraction ↴
  1. Venus ♀
  2. The Moon ☽
  3. Mercury ☿
  4. Rahu ☊
  5. Ketu ☋
  6. Mars ♂

How to Use Astrology for Love

All of the above described astrological information and more, can be used to generate relationship based astrology reports of the following nature:

  1. An Astrology Love Report: This type of astrology report analyses of all of the above factors, in addition to the concerned person's Moon sign, name derived zodiac sign, past, present and future transits and more. This can help a person understand who they might be romantically compatible with and when and under what circumstances they might expect to meet such a person. It is essentially an astrological way of describing an individual's romantic nature.
  2. The Love Calculator: This is an easy and accurate way for anyone to, not only compare their sun sign with that of a potential partner, but to also accurately analyse the name derived zodiac signs and important astrological and numerological influences that make up the personalities of both people. This calculator is sensitive because it both adds and subtracts influences, so even small changes to the input data can substantially change the results generated.
  3. An Astrology Compatibility Report: This is a comprehensive comparison of the horoscopes of two individuals and is also known as horoscope matching. This type of analysis can offer conclusive information about the future course and chances of success of any union between two people. Such an analysis is thought to be essential before a marriage is entered into.

According to the talented Hollywood actor and funnyman Will Ferrell,

"Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are."

While we would hesitate to contest Mr. Ferrell's wisdom, in today's day and age, slow internet is for all purposes, a thing of the past. We would therefore recommend an astrological analysis and a suitable lucky charm, as a more effective means of finding success in love.

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