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Astrology Based New Year, 2023 Resolutions

2023 New Year's Resolutions for each Zodiac Sign
2023 New Year's Resolutions for each Zodiac Sign
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Not everybody is a fan of the ubiquitous New Year's resolution. Like them or loathe them, we all know in our heart of hearts that come New Year’s Eve, we owe ourselves at least one vow of self-improvement. It’s of course a completely different matter that most newly commissioned New Year’s resolutions are liable to be consigned to the forgotten list, by the time we hit mid-Jan.

Rather than fighting an uphill battle against fate, why not use astrology to pre-empt what is in store for us and tailor our resolutions to meet those challenges? Well, that’s what we’ll attempt to do by casting the horoscope chart for the 2023 New Year and suggesting resolutions, based on how this is likely to affect each of the twelve zodiac signs. Keep an open mind because the results do deviate somewhat from your more common New Year's Resolutions. The horoscope chart for January 1, 2023 is thus shown below.

The Horoscope Chart for January 1, 2023
The Horoscope Chart for January 1, 2023

The Horoscope Chart for New Year’s, 2023

Most astrologers will agree that the most striking feature of this chart is that Jupiter occupies the ascendant’s house, in Pisces. That is, a strong Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, positivity and good fortune occupies its own zodiac sign and is the most influential planet in this chart. This sets 2023 off to an auspicious start and the emphasis for all concerned should be, to introduce greater spirituality to our normal routines. There will be rewards for those who strive to bring progress to every aspect of their lives.

Predictions for 2023, for all Signs of the Zodiac

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Your ruling planet Mars, will be in-retrograde and the malefic Vedic planet ‘Rahu’, or the northern lunar node, will occupy your zodiac sign as 2023 begins.

  • Challenges for Aries: You will feel frustrated by the obstacles that crop up in many of your on-going plans. You will be inclined to seek shortcuts to success, but they will not have the desired effects.
  • Opportunities for Aries: Rising to the challenges that life throws at you, will lead you to new possibilities. Even though it may not seem like it, the planets are supporting your efforts and the ‘Navgrah Yantra’ talisman will further strengthen their influence.
  • New Year's Resolution for Aries: "I will remain unfazed, because patience is a virtue".

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

A retrograde Mars will enter Taurus in January and Venus will be placed in your house of fate. This will have a mixed influence on your zodiac sign.

  • Challenges for Taurus: Expect the unexpected. You will be subjected to Mars’s fiery influence and will be liable to flying off the handle, at the slightest provocation. Staying calm under pressure will your biggest challenge. Avoid rash and impulsive actions.
  • Opportunities for Taurus: New career and work opportunities will come your way. This is the time to take a few calculated risks and to cautiously follow your instincts. The ‘Sukh Samriddhi Yantra’ talisman will help you to convert opportunities into tangible results.
  • New Year's Resolution for Taurus: "When in doubt, go slow and steady".

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Mercury will be in-retrograde as you enter the New Year, but the Sun favourably aspects your sign.

  • Challenges for Gemini: Focusing on your priorities and important matters will be difficult. This will mainly be due to a lack of clarity in your thoughts and decision making process.
  • Opportunities for Gemini: Have faith in your ideas and convictions. Geminis should focus on their core talents and passions. There will be opportunities for you to broaden your knowledge and skills. You could receive some form of recognition or honour for your hard work and creativity. The ‘Gayatri Yantra’ talisman will allow you to radiate the power of the Sun and to stay centred.
  • New Year's Resolution for Gemini: "If I focus my energies, I can achieve almost anything".

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

At the beginning of the year, there will be some moderately adverse influences on your sign. Saturn will aspect Cancer and the Moon will be placed in Aries. However, Jupiter’s favourable influence will be a stabilising factor, helping you to make wise, sensible choices.

  • Challenges for Cancer: Achieving progress in your plans will be a slow and difficult process. This will lead to an increase in the levels of stress and anxiety in your life.
  • Opportunities for Cancer: Cancerians will be able to overcome any obstacle they face through sheer hard work and determination. Trust in your wisdom and determination to overcome any obstacle or realise any goal. Use the power of the ‘Durga Yantra’ talisman to help you tap into your inner courage.
  • New Year's Resolution for Cancer: "I am ready to step out of my comfort zone in order to seize new opportunities".

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The Sun will be favourably placed in your 5th house, as you enter the New Year. An Aries Moon will provide a positive, mellowing influence on the zodiac sign of Leo.

  • Challenges for Leo: Saturn’s adverse influence on Leo in the short term, will result in career related obstacles. Both your personal and professional lives are likely to be subjected to unnecessary complications.
  • Opportunities for Leo: Calculated risks will, by and large pay you dividends. Take advantage of your confidence and ambition to go after what you want. Fortune will favour brave Leos. The ‘Crystal Shri Yantra Locket’ talisman will help to ensure that these risks are rewarded positively.
  • New Year's Resolution for Leo: "No guts, no glory".

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

There will be mixed influences on Virgo as 2023 begins. Jupiter will have a strong positive influence, but the ruling planet of this sign, Mercury will be in-retrograde.

  • Challenges for Virgo: Important plans may suffer due to your propensity to procrastinate. A lack of clear and open communication could bring tension or conflicts to your personal relationships.
  • Opportunities for Virgo: Trust your knowledge and experience. Your natural leadership qualities will bring new opportunities with associated financial benefits. The ‘Crystal Ganpathi Locket’ talisman will bring you the blessings of 'Ganpathi', the lord of good fortune who is worshipped by Mercury. Don’t be shy of using your charm and charisma to help you win others over.
  • New Year's Resolution for Virgo: "Success is within my grasp, I just need to keep my eyes on the prize".

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your ruling planet, Venus is favourably placed in your house of material assets. On the other hand, the malefic Vedic planet, ‘Ketu’ or the southern lunar mode presently occupies Virgo.

  • Challenges for Libra: There will be a few ups and downs and difficulties in your life and this may dampen your spirits, as you enter the New Year. There will be an air of uncertainty in your life, as your plans for the future will suffer from a lack of clarity.
  • Opportunities for Libra: You will quickly overcome the challenges you face. There will be opportunities to enhance your skills or knowledge and this will open up new prospects. New material possessions will make your life just that little bit more comfortable. Use the ‘Pyramid Shri Yantra’ talisman to maximise your rewards.
  • New Year's Resolution for Libra: "I have faith in my convictions".

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Although Mars will be in-retrograde, together with Jupiter, this planet will have a favourable influence on Scorpio. Although the New Year will begin on a slow, sedate note, there will soon be favourable changes.

  • Challenges for Scorpio: You will tend to become frustrated at the lack of reward for your effort and slow pace of change. Allow your plans to reach a logical conclusion, acting in haste will only be counterproductive.
  • Opportunities for Scorpio: There will be unexpected rewards for past efforts. Use your enterprise to take advantage of the new opportunities that are coming your way. Your instincts are strong and will lead you in the right direction. The ‘Solid Shri Yantra’ will allow you to achieve the results you seek.
  • New Year's Resolution for Scorpio: "I will try to always be calm and collected".

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You are slowly exiting a negative influence of Saturn. As 2023 begins, the Sun will be favourably placed in your sign and the ruling planet for Sagittarius, Jupiter will be strongly placed in Pisces. Hence, the general outlook for Sagittarius is fairly positive.

  • Challenges for Sagittarius: You are likely to face a few financial troubles. These will be overcome without too much difficulty.
  • Opportunities for Sagittarius: The Sun and Jupiter are encouraging you to think big and to be enterprising. New social connections will open up new possibilities in your life, in the year ahead. The ‘Karya Siddhi Yantra’ locket is the right talismans to help you convert these opportunities into tangible gains.
  • New Year's Resolution for Sagittarius: "I am determined to turn my ambitions into reality".

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

You are presently passing through a seven-and-a-half year, negative transit of Saturn. However, Saturn is the ruling planet of your sign and this presently occupies Capricorn along with Venus.

  • Challenges for Capricorn: Executing and completing important plans will be a slow and tedious process. This will create a slight feeling of despondency, as it will seem as if you are getting nowhere fast. Avoid being viewed as obstinate.
  • Opportunities for Capricorn: You are determined to realise your objectives and you will find innovative ways of doing so. Wearing a ‘Mahamrityunjay Yantra’ locket will allow you to utilise your potential. There will be new romance possibilities in your life, at the beginning of the year.
  • New Year's Resolution for Capricorn: "I will be more compromising with the people I care about".

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Saturn, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, presently occupies its own zodiac sign of Capricorn and therefore, this has a strong and favourable influence on your sign.

  • Challenges for Aquarius: You will experience some frustration at your perceived lack of reward and the slow pace of change in your life. You may be slow to react to changing circumstances and to making timely course corrections.
  • Opportunities for Aquarius: Your hard work and effort will slowly be rewarded. Although there may be relative stagnancy, there is also stability in your life. Your determination and focus are laying the foundation for future success and progress. The ‘Shr Yantra’ will accelerate the effects of your efforts.
  • New Year's Resolution for Aquarius: "Patience is my strength, but I am open to new possibilities".

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The presence of Jupiter in your zodiac sign, at the beginning of the year is an auspicious omen for you. However, you will begin a seven-and-a-half year, negative transit of Saturn after mid-January.

  • Challenges for Pisces: Struggles and complications may gradually begin to increase in your life by mid-2023.
  • Opportunities for Pisces: The New Year could bring you some form of unexpected, financial gain. This will also be a good time to increase your spiritual awareness, as this will lead to an improvement in all aspects of your life. Enhancing your skills and knowledge will bring you unexpected rewards. The ‘Mahamrityunjay Yantra’ talisman will negate the effects of your adverse Saturn transit.
  • New Year's Resolution for Pisces: "I will strive to be a better me".

At the end of the day, life is what you make of it. Make the right choices and everything else takes care of itself.

Have a great New Year!

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