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Astrological Forecast for Elon Musk & Twitter

Astrology Predictions for Elon Musk & Twitter
Astrology Predictions for Elon Musk & Twitter
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six or so months, news of Twitter’s 44 billion Dollar takeover by Elon Musk, would not have escaped your attention.

Do the stars favour this deal? We’ve run the numbers and the results are surprising. The astrological charts relevant to this matter do show evidence of changes. Further such changes and upheavals are predicted, but the general long term outlook for Twitter, looks good.


Twitter’s Astrological Profile

Twitter was launched in San Francisco by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams on July 15, 2006. It is believed that over the next six years, it acquired a phenomenal 100 million users.

According to CNN, since going public in 2013, Twitter has only turned a profit in the years 2018 and 2019. The platform has however, shown steady growth in its user base, so the profile of this business is such that it yields growth, but not profit. We will use this characteristic and the company’s financial history to assess what the Twitter horoscope chart should look like.

The horoscope cast for Twitter’s launch is shown below. The exact time of the launch is not known, so we have chosen 09:30AM, as a chart cast at this time appears to reflect Twitter’s characteristics and financial profile.

The compound date for launch day is, ‘3’. This number corresponds to Jupiter, which represents progress, knowledge and good fortune.

Our ‘Lucky Number Calculator’ shows that the ‘Destiny’ and ‘Ultimate’ numbers for Twitter are ‘7’ and ‘8’, respectively. These numbers are associated with scientific know-how and achieving acclaim through the use of knowledge. They also show a desire for wealth and power and instil a dominant, business-like nature.

All these numbers seem to be quite appropriate and show that Twitter will always be a leading social media platform with a strong business potential. The horoscope chart for Twitter is shown below:

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The Horoscope for Twitter
The Horoscope Chart for Twitter

Some important astrological characteristics associated with Twitter are:

  1. Moon sign: Pisces.
  2. Name derived zodiac sign: Leo.
  3. Constellation: Poorvabhadra.

The horoscope for Twitter has a neutral Sun placed in the house of gains and this planet is the ascendant of the chart. The ascendant is the most influential planet in a horoscope and determines the overall nature of the entity in question. The Sun rules over the zodiac sign of Leo. This planet repeatedly appears in different roles in the Twitter horoscope and hence, the Sun should be considered to be a dominant factor in the platform’s fortunes. This is a strong indication that whatever the situation, Twitter will always be a leader in its field and is unlikely to fade into obscurity, anytime in the foreseeable future.

Another striking feature of this chart is the role of Mars as the lord of fate. Mars occupies Leo in the ascendant’s house and this placement gives strength to both Mars and Leo, emphasising the strength of the brand. Mars’s influence dictates that Twitter’s management will be rewarded for its initiative and enterprise and the company owes its rapid rise to this planet’s alignment.

Twitter’s house of wealth is ruled by a debilitated, retrograde and combusted Mercury, which occupies the house of expenses. This planet is weak and ineffective. Although this company has great potential, translating this into profit will always be a difficult task.

A neutral and weak ‘Ketu’ or the southern lunar node occupies the house of wealth. The combination of ‘Ketu’ and Mercury are the astrological reasons why Twitter has underperformed financially. Money has and will continue to be invested on improving the company’s prospects, but this will not bring the returns that are expected. Financial instability is always likely to be a characteristic that Twitter will not be able to shake. The effects of Mercury, ‘Ketu’ and the Sun, show that this is the most likely chart for the platform. The influence of these planets corresponds to Twitter’s popular, but financially weak profile.


A debilitated Jupiter is the ruling planet of Twitter’s Moon sign and also corresponds to its compound date. A neutral Venus occupies its house of gains and rules the house of actions. These planets show that those at the helm will always strive for progress and that this will be achieved through innovative ideas.

Correlating Twitter’s Historical & Astrological Data

The company was passing through complementary major and minor transits of Jupiter and Mars at launch. This accounts for its initial rapid growth. These transits then gave way to a major transit of Saturn, due to which Twitter entered a period of slow growth and relative stagnation after February 2009.

Twitter entered a relatively favourable minor transit of Mercury between February 2012 and late October 2014. This was a period of new plans and ideas, particularly those of a financial nature and it is no coincidence that Twitter’s IPO was launched during this transit, in 2013.

The most favourable transits that Twitter has passed through in recent times, are the complementary, Saturn-Venus major, minor transits that ran from December 2015 to February 2019. The only years that Twitter returned a profit were during these transits. Part of the year 2019 was also during major and minor transits of Saturn and the Sun, which are contradictory and therefore not favourable. However as explained above, the Sun has a very positive influence over Twitter’s horoscope and this translated into gains, during this Sun transit.

Since September 2022, the company has been passing through a relatively adverse, but also complementary minor transit of ‘Rahu’. This accounts for all the turmoil and upheaval that has occurred, as a result of the company’s takeover.

Chief Twit, Elon Musk’s Horoscope Chart

Elon Musk’s birth data is as follows:

  1. Date: 28 June 1971
  2. Time: 06:30AM ~ 12:00PM
  3. Place: Pretoria, S.A.

There is some ambiguity regarding his exact time of birth. Some astrologers claim that this is 06:30, while certain information available in the public domain shows this as 12:00. To our minds a chart cast at 06:30AM is unlikely to be one that represents a multibillionaire, as such a person will undoubtedly have strong positive signals surrounding their financial position. This will be the case if 12:00PM is taken as the time to cast his chart and hence, this is the time we have chosen.

What does the birth chart of one of the richest persons in the world look like? Well, no prizes for guessing that unsurprisingly, it has many strong features. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself:

Elon Musk’s Horoscope Chart
Elon Musk’s Horoscope Chart

Just as in the case of Twitter’s chart, the Sun plays an influential role in Elon’s birth chart too. This planet dominates the centre of his chart, rules the house of financial expenses and is the ruling planet of his Moon sign.

Mercury and Venus also have strongly favourable roles in Elon’s horoscope. Mercury occupies its own sign of Gemini, in his house of actions and rules over this house and his ascendant’s house. Venus is also placed in its own zodiac sign. This planet occupies his house of fate, rules over this house, is his lord of wealth and also rules his name zodiac sign, Taurus.

The favourable planetary alignments of this chart do not end there. Out of the nine planets in the chart, eight are placed in their own or friendly zodiac signs. The one that is not, ‘Ketu’ occupies the house of gains. It is believed that any planet that occupies the house of gains, does only good and this will certainly be true in the case of this particular chart.

In short, Musk’s birth chart shows that he has strong analytical powers, a mind for business and finance and a domineering attitude. He has strong leadership qualities that he will use to his advantage, particularly in his financial life. Musk will not be shy of extravagant spending or rushing into financial situations where angel investors fear to tread.

Musk is also able to use his innovative talents to repeatedly bring progress to his life. His lord of wealth will ensure that this progress is also associated with prosperity, such that money always flows in through multiple sources.

Just like every other human being to be born, Elon Musk cannot escape the burden of his ‘Karmic’ debt. The ruling planet of his ascendant’s house Mercury, is combusted. This means that he will not receive all the power and benefits that this planet would have otherwise provided. Despite his sharp intellect, he will suffer from a lack of clarity and decisiveness in his thinking. This will cause him to over-analyse simple matters and frequently change his thoughts and plans. All of this will result in many instances of avoidable confusion in his life.

Also, communication will prove to be his Achilles heel and he will be prone to putting his foot in his mouth.

The timeline for the events at Twitter do not entirely correspond to Musk’s planetary transits. This is probably because we don’t have an accurate enough time of birth for his chart. This lack of input notwithstanding, we do have a fairly accurate chart for Twitter itself and we can use this to predict the organisations future.


Why Did Elon Musk Buy Twitter?

This is a $44 billion question that has crossed the minds of many people.

Elon Musk is a person who basks in attention, due to the strong role that the Sun plays in his birth chart. A high profile takeover is something that he will be very inclined to engage in and in his case, it is not a question of if, but when he is likely to partake in such an activity. Right now he is passing through two relatively adverse transits that will cause him to make decisions that bring complications and obstacles to his life and this takeover seems to be one such decision. However, Musk is likely to ultimately prevail over this situation and this will not have a major or long term, negative impact on his life. By October 2026 this will all be history.

Predictions for Twitter’s Future

The turmoil that Twitter has been passing through is set to continue into the mid-term future. There will be struggles and this will lead to doubts about the success of this takeover and uncertainty about the company’s future. Twitter will pass through further sub-transits of Saturn, Mercury and ‘Ketu’ from mid-July 2023 to late July 2024. This could mark the peak of Twitter’s current troubles and the company is likely to encounter significant financial difficulties during this period.

When Does Astrology Predict Twitter will Turn Profitable?

It is difficult to say exactly if and when Twitter will start to make a profit. The planetary transits between now and mid-February 2028 show that major financial gains are likely to elude Twitter shareholders during this period.

The period post August, 2025 will be one of consolidation and slow progress built on the basis of realistic and pragmatic decision making. However Elon Musk himself is passing through a period of difficulty that lasts till late October 2026. He may therefore, either not see any returns on his investment during this period, or he may sell his stake at a loss, before November 2026.

After mid-February 2028, Twitter will enter a major transit of its lord of wealth, Mercury. There will be changes after this that will have a major impact on the company’s financials and there will be gains from then onwards, into the mid-term future. Hence it appears that Twitter will only become a genuinely money making venture after February 2028.

Astrological Recommendations for Elon Musk

In order to maximise the success of his Twitter takeover, we would advise Elon Musk to follow these recommendations:

  1. Given that Twitter’s future profitability is dependent on Mercury and that this planet is the ruling planet of Elon's ascendant, he should acquire a ‘Crystal Ganpathi Locket’ talisman. This will bring him the blessings of the lord of good fortune, ‘Ganpathi’, who is worshipped by Mercury. The crystal in the locket will also strengthen the positive influence that Venus has in his chart.
  2. Elon should use the power of the number ‘7’, by giving prominence to this number while conducting important activities related to Twitter.

Elon is of course, always welcome to contact for an astrology reading, should he require more personalised information. Now, get with the programme and tweet at us, @talismans with your comments.

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