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Categories of Amulets

On PowerFortunes, we have talismans and amulets of all types, for many different purposes. Some of these are wearable, while others are to be placed in a fixed position in your home. These fixed amulets are also available in different sizes and will bring about a positive influence in your life, when they are placed where you reside.

  • The amulets and talismans shown below are from the 'Success' category.
  • You can choose a different category by selecting from the menu below.
  • We also make custom amulets on special order.Drop us a line to let us know what you'd like.
Categories of Amulets
A large silver plated, special 8-metal alloy amulet for money and prosperity.
A powerful amulet that brings wealth, prosperity & success. Made in Special Alloy.
This amulet brings the blessings of the Goddess Durga, the destroyer of all manner of obstacle and evil. Made in Special Alloy.
For prosperity, protection & resolving problems. Representing the Goddess Durga. Made in Special Alloy.
For Success & Spiritual Enlightenment. Made in Special Alloy.
For success & accomplishing goals. In Special Alloy.
This 3-D amulet is made of a special 8-metal alloy that represents different positive elements. The 3-D, solid shape projects greater power. For money, success, good fortune, happiness and harmony.
For Success & Spiritual Enlightenment. Made in Special Alloy.
For overcoming obstacles. In Special Alloy.
For success & good fortune. (*Special Combination Yantra).
The Tortoise is the vehicle of prosperity and good luck. This powerful amulet combines different talismans for money, harmony, success, good luck and happiness.
(*Special Combination Yantra)
For money, success, good fortune, happiness and harmony. This 3-D amulet is made of natural crystal shaped into a 3-D, solid form, this increases the positive energy projected.
For wealth & success.
For success, wealth & good luck.
For accomplishing goals and achieving success.
For good fortune, success & overcoming obstacles.
This package has the most appropriate Yantras, locket and Mantra for gaining success in one's career and professional life.
Now were talking industrial grade good fortune! This is not just a good luck charm, this is a whole good luck necklace!
Rudraksh beads have been used by the ancient sages for many different forms of good fortune, such as wealth, success, good health, spiritual enlightenment & more.
Categories of Amulets
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  3. Good Health
  4. Protection
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  9. Psychic Ability
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