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Astrological Warfare

Can Astrology Stop the 2022 Ukraine vs Russia War?
Can Astrology Stop the 2022 Ukraine vs Russia War?

"War, huh. Mr. Putin.
What is it good for?

Back in March 2022 PowerFortunes had made an in-depth analysis of the astrology of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this analysis we used the horoscopes of Putin, Zelenskyy and the war itself, to make predictions about when this war is likely to end and what the probable scenarios will be.

At the time, the strength of the Ukrainian resolve and resistance was not known and most political and military analysts were of the opinion that this war would be over in a matter of weeks, if not days. At that point, it certainly did not appear as though this war would continue for this length of time. No political commentator was of the view that this was a possibility.

Our astrological analysis on the other hand, indicated an improbable scenario that this war would last for months. So, we checked and rechecked, but the results were undeniable. Trusting our predictions we decided to go ahead and publish our findings and let history take its course.

The purpose of this article is not to congratulate ourselves about our predictions. We have all had to suffer the consequences of this war in some manner, none more than the brave people of Ukraine. As this conflict rages on, the horrors of war are constantly being imprinted on our collective psyches.

If astrology has given us insight into the future course of the Russia – Ukraine war, can we not use this knowledge to bring about an end to the war? You may sense that a major contradiction is about to manifest. If the period for the end of the war has already been predicted, using that prediction to hasten the end of the war would prove the prediction to be wrong. Right?


There is in fact no contradiction. For the most part, astrology doesn’t predict events, it predicts scenarios, possibilities and opportunities. During the course of an astrology reading, an astrologer assesses the cause and effect of the presented scenarios to work out which outcome is the most probable. This is somewhat analogous to simple computer code. That is, if a certain condition is met, a certain action may be completed, else as time progresses, a different action may take place. This is why astrological predictions offer different results for different timelines. This is explained in detail on our page, ‘What is Astrology?

In the case of our predictions for the 2022 war in Ukraine, we have concluded that three possibilities are likely, between April and December 2022. Another example of how predictions change with time can be found in our prediction for the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial, where the verdict is predicted to go Johnny’s way if pronounced before July and against him, if pronounced after July 2022.

Putin Cries, “Take Aim!”

To be clear, it may not be possible to end all wars or any war with astrology. This is simply because of the complexities involved. However, the present Russia – Ukraine war is uniquely different.

Most people will probably agree that in the case of this war:

  1. Russia is the aggressor and the stronger side. Therefore, it is essentially Russia’s prerogative to end the conflict.
  2. Russia is for all practical purposes an authoritarian regime, controlled by one person, Vladimir Putin.

Analysing Vladimir Putin’s horoscope in respect of current and future astrological conditions, can provide us with insights of possible opportunities to bring this war to an end. Of course, it would be up to the powers that be, such as the United Nations, NATO, the European Union or the United States to take appropriate action, based on these suggestions. This does seem far-fetched, but when the stakes are so high, why not explore every option at our disposal? It’s not as though all the realpolitiking that has been employed so far, has been a resounding success. To the leaders of the free world we would therefore say, by all means rule out this option, but only do so after you know what you are rejecting.


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Astrology Spoils the War

We won’t go into the details of Vladimir Putin’s horoscope, as the characteristics relevant to the present war situation have already been covered in our article, ‘Astrology of the Russian Ukrainian 2022 War’. We will now focus more on the President of Russia’s present and mid-term future.

Recent media reports suggest that Putin is presently undergoing treatment for cancer. This is possible because the Moon rules over his house of death and Jupiter rules his house of disease and he is passing through concurrent transits of both these planets at the present time.

In addition to this, Putin is under the influence of several contradictory factors that will cause mixed fortunes in his life till May 25, 2022. The health problems that he experiences in the short-term, will not lead to any major problems. Whatever treatment he is undergoing is likely to keep his ailment at bay till early July 2022. This treatment will also prevent his health from deteriorating, although he will feel the effects of both the treatment and his illness. He will be at risk of surgery or more intensive treatment between early July and late November, but long term health problems do not seem likely. His health should recover after November.

Other than health problems, there will be struggles and difficulties in Putin’s life in general, due to his minor ‘Yogini’ transit of ‘Sankata’. Till May 15, the results of his plans and efforts will not be in line with his expectations because these plans will be based more on instinct, rather than strategy and pragmatism. However, Venus is presently exalted and his resourcefulness will lead to some successes, despite these difficult circumstances. Nevertheless in the short-term, the period till May 15 will be the most opportune time to put Vladimir Putin under pressure.

Putin will experience some degree of frustration after May 15, due to this apparent lack of progress in his plans and Russian losses. He is liable to be more aggressive, impatient and impulsive as a consequence. However between May 25 and late June, this increase in aggression and his willingness to take risks, could put his opponents on the back foot. At the same time, his impatience and eagerness for the cavalier will increase after June. During this entire mid-May to early July period, Putin’s haste will make him liable to commit errors of judgment. These errors are not likely to lead to any major repercussions at this time though.

Vladimir Putin will enter a relatively adverse sub-transit of the malefic Vedic planet ‘Rahu’, after early July. Although the balance of power in this war is likely to shift in Russia’s favour post mid-June, for Putin the period between then and late November 2022 will be one of uncertainty and doubt. Also, any errors of judgment made before July, are now likely to have a greater impact.


(Prac)Tatical Astrology

We are obliged to once again reiterate that the accuracy of any astrological prediction is subject to the accuracy of the data used to cast the horoscope in question. In this instance, we are reliant on the birth data for Vladimir Putin that is available in the public domain, but we cannot verify exactly how accurate this data is. Also, how the above astrological information can be evolved into an effective military, diplomatic or economic strategy is outside our area of expertise. We are however open to suggestions, and queries from policy makers, should they ever have any.

What we are suggesting is contentious, but is something that should find sympathy amongst anti-war protagonists. Either way for the people of Ukraine, it’s a now or never situation. Astrologically speaking, if we fail to exercise our present options, we'll be collectively humming Creedence Clearwater’s “Run Through the Jungle” in the days to come. There will, no doubt be plenty of opinions for and against. We want to hear them all, so don’t be shy of tweeting at us @talismans, quoting #RussiaUkraineWar or by posting on any of our social media profiles.

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