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Good Luck Charms for Health and Well-Being

The Best Good Luck Charms for Good Health
The Best Good Luck Charms for Good Health

Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings, which is perhaps why Lord Buddha offered mankind the following advice, "To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." Although we live in an information age, as opposed to a spiritual one, this is a message that has not been lost on us. Thanks to advancements in medical science and a greater awareness of alternative therapies, most people are now generally more health conscious and in better shape, than previous generations. For most people, beliefs systems like 'Ayurved', rekhi and astrology were in the not too distant past, mysteries, but now expert information about such subjects is just a search engine submission, or Chat GTP prompt away.

Spirituality and Health Remedies

Is spirituality good for your health? Can this help in the recovery from illness and if so, would this suggest that spiritual people enjoy better health than non-believers? These are not questions that modern medical science considers as legitimate and worthy of wider scientific investigation. One distinction that prevents spiritual knowledge from being incorporated into medical practice is that medicine is considered to be a matter that affects the public at large, whereas spirituality is a matter of individual belief. Having said that, the research that has been conducted has found definitive evidence that higher levels of spiritual involvement are associated with better levels of health.

Many traditional medicines and practices are based on spiritual principles. Whether they be remedies for common colds or serious ailments, there are infinite instances of traditional practices having succeeded, where medical science has been unable to. However, the absence of a rational explanation for the mechanisms that produced these results means that any such evidence, will only be classified as anecdotal and bereft of scientific principle.

One possible explanation for the apparent benefits of spirituality in countering disease, is that this often provides an explanation for the reason for our suffering and hence, this better equips us with the mental fortitude to overcome the challenges brought on by poor health. On the flip side, the converse is also true, so if the body be a temple, then possessing good health and wellness is important for practicing any form of spirituality. Yoga, focussed breathing exercises like the yogic practice of 'Pranayam', meditation and even simple prayer, have all been found to have multiple beneficial effects on mental and physical health. Few doctors will disagree with the benefits of engaging in such practices, in any situation short of a medical emergency.

Whatever the arguments for or against the effects of spirituality on people's health, the fact remains that these are questions that historically humankind has strived to answer and which continue to fascinate people, even today. Hence, let us not deny the history of such traditional medical practices or the potential benefits that they might offer.


Astrology Health and Well-Being

In astrological terms, there are at least three houses of a natal chart that specifically allude to a person's health, well-being, physical characteristics and life span. These being the:

  1. 1st House: This is the house of the ascendant planet of the chart and governs the general mental and physical health, physical attributes, thoughts and temperament of a person.
  2. 6th House: This is the house of disease and illness. The planets that rule, occupy and aspect this house show what types of major and minor illnesses a person may be susceptible to. The planetary periods that the individual will pass through during their lifetime show when these illnesses may occur and end.
  3. 8th House: This is the house of death and longevity. The planets that rule, occupy and aspect this house are also an indication of the more major ailments that may affect an individual's health.
Alternative Health Remedies Infographic
Alternative Health Remedies Infographic
Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to health, illness.
Health Related Houses in a Birth Chart

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In addition to these houses, the main natal chart may be sub-divided into a further 16 divisional charts, each of which contains a complete set of twelve houses. One of these divisional charts is known as the 'Trishamsh' chart and this describes the possible forms of health related misfortune that an individual may suffer, during their lifetime. An astrologer will take into account all such horoscope details whilst compiling a comprehensive Medical Astrology Report.

Planets that Influence Health

Barring the northern and southern lunar nodes, 'Rahu' and 'Ketu', no planet is implicitly good or bad for one's health. All other planets can have an either good or bad influence on health, depending on the houses and zodiac signs that they occupy in a horoscope chart. The health related characteristics of each planet is as follows:

  1. The Sun ⊙
    • The Sun is associated with overall vitality and general well-being. The Sun is responsible for the heart, spine and circulatory system.
    • Associated Colours for the Sun: Red, maroon, pink.
    • Sun related diseases and health risks: Heart problems, eye ailments, high blood pressure and spinal issues.
  2. The Moon ☽
    • The Moon is associated with a person's physical and emotional state. The Moon has an influence on the bones, breasts, digestive system and lymphatic system. This planet has a strong influence on one's psyche, confidence and general psychological state.
    • Associated Colours for the Moon: Beige, white, cream.
    • Moon related diseases and health risks: Digestive issues, fluid retention, breast cancer, and mental health issues.
  3. Mercury ☿
    • Mercury is associated with the nervous system, the brain, speech and communication. It is believed to influence the throat, mouth, lungs, thyroid, gall bladder and respiratory system.
    • Associated Colours for Mercury: Green.
    • Mercury related diseases and health risks: Respiratory issues, nervous system disorders, skin problems, and thyroid imbalances.
  4. Venus ♀
    • Venus governs beauty, pleasure and physical attributes. It is believed to influence the skin, throat, kidneys, reproductive organs and sexual drive.
    • Associated Colours for Venus: White.
    • Venus related diseases and health risks: Kidney problems, reproductive system disorders, hormonal imbalances, and skin problems.
  5. Mars ♂
    • Mars is associated with energy, strength and vitality. Mars affects the muscles, blood and immune system. It also has an influence on the circulatory system and blood related characteristics such as pressure and composition.
    • Associated Colours for Mars: Orange, saffron, red.
    • Mars related diseases and health risks: Inflammation, fever, accidents, burns, electrical shock and blood disorders.
  6. Jupiter ♃
    • Jupiter is associated with growth and abundance, and is said to influence the liver, hips, and thighs.
    • Associated Colours for Jupiter: Golden, yellow.
    • Jupiter related diseases and health risks: Liver problems, jaundice, obesity, diabetes and arterial disorders.
  7. Saturn ♄
    • Saturn relates to the lower limbs, bones, teeth and skin.
    • Associated Colours for Saturn: Blue and black.
    • Saturn related diseases and health risks: Physical pain, surgery, joint and bone problems, arthritis, dental problems and skin diseases.
  8. Rahu
    • Rahu relates to the head, lower limbs, digestive system and internal ailments.
    • Associated Colours for Rahu: Light blue and black.
    • Rahu related diseases and health risks: Depression, stress, anxiety, parasites, toxicity, tumours, cancers, addictions and injuries.
  9. Ketu
    • Ketu relates to the bones, eyes, stomach and skin.
    • Associated Colours for Ketu: Grey.
    • Ketu related diseases and health risks: Eye ailments, weak eyesight, stress, skin diseases, infections, depression and mental disorders. Ketu is considered to be responsible for the spread of epidemics.
  10. Uranus ♅
    • Although it may sound like a part of your anatomy, Uranus is in fact associated with the nervous system and mental health.
    • Associated Colours for Uranus: Purple, turquoise, electric blue.
    • Uranus related diseases and health risks: Neurological disorders, mental health issues and sudden illnesses.
  11. Neptune ♆
    • Neptune is associated with spirituality and creativity, and is believed to influence the feet, pineal gland and immune system.
    • Associated Colours for Neptune: Sea green and deep blue.
    • Neptune related diseases and health risks: Addictions, immune system disorders, foot and leg problems and mental health issues.
  12. Pluto ♇
    • Pluto is associated with transformation, rebirth, health issues related to addiction, compulsive disorders and illnesses that evade an easy diagnosis or treatment.
    • Associated Colours for Pluto: Dark red and black.
    • Pluto related diseases and health risks: Sexual disorders, chronic diseases and disorders related to the reproductive system, liver, kidneys and spleen.

Superstitions Surrounding Illnesses

There is an old Arabian proverb that says, "He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." Traditional practices have been used for centuries to promote well-being and good health, but our beliefs in alternative health is something that nowadays is often overlooked, even though they provide an important source of comfort and security for those who observe them. One superstition common to many traditional cultures is that disease and illness are manifestations of evil wishes, spirits or supernatural forces and hence require supernatural cures.

Some ancient Islamic cures prescribe the writing of words, symbols and numbers that represent God, on bark or paper, during certain periods of the Moon. The ink on this paper is then dissolved in water and consumed by the ailing person in order to relieve them of their illness. The German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche coined the famous saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", a line that we all know, particularly if you've listened to Kelly Clarkson. But, drinking an evil dispelling potion, is probably not what Nietzsche had in mind when he conceived the idea.

In India, Hindu priests are sometimes requested to perform prayer ceremonies to ward off evil when a person suffers from a persistent affliction. These ceremonies involve the chanting of prayers and incantations, whilst the priest brushes away the evil attachment with a bundle of peacock feathers. Such practices are often resorted to when medical treatment fails to yield results. It is however, not uncommon to hear of subsequent miraculous recoveries, for which even the attending doctors can offer no plausible explanation. In fact PowerFortunes' very own Chief Astrologer, Pandit Sarvesh is a seasoned specialist of such practices.

Good Luck Charms for Health

Mahatma Gandhi said, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" and this is a concept that people have understood well since ancient times. Hence along with traditional health remedies, sages and wise people of ancient times have advocated the wearing of amulets and placing good luck charms in the homes of the ailing, to promote wellness and good health. By understanding the different types of good luck charms available, we can better understand how they may help us to stay healthy and safe, ward off evil and bring us good luck.

The workings of lucky charms, talismans, amulets and symbols in attracting different forms of good fortune, has been explained in detail on our page about 'Good Luck Charms'. Amulets are objects that are believed to bring luck or protection, while talismans are believed to possess magical powers. There are many kinds of health charms, amulets and talismans that have been used for centuries, for ensuring wellness and warding off illness. These charms are believed to be a source of spiritual protection and can be found in many cultures around the world. They come in many forms, from physical objects such as stones or coins, to symbols like the evil eye or horseshoe.

The concept of good luck charms for health is based on the idea that certain symbols and practices can bring positive energy into our lives and protect us from harm. This belief is rooted in cultural and spiritual practices, symbolism and even in superstition. It is believed that these health charms can help to protect us from illness by providing a metaphysical layer of protection against negative energies or bad luck.

The Best Good Luck Charms for Health and Well-Being

Lucky Horseshoe

Horseshoes are believed to bring good fortune and good luck, as they represent the link between the material and metaphysical worlds. There are however, a few conditions regarding the placement of this symbol, in order for it to deliver positive results. Firstly, the horseshoe needs to be placed with its open ends facing skywards. Good energy is believed to flow out, as opposed to being retained within the inner space of the horseshoe, if this orientation is reversed.

Placing a horseshoe above a door is a way to welcome luck into your surroundings, to end all sorrows and prevent entry to evil spirits. Horseshoes are also considered to be a means of protection from black magic and the dreaded evil eye.

Prayer Bead Rosary

A rosary is a string of beads that can be made of different materials, including wood, gemstones, seeds, crystals, glass or combinations of all. The different materials impart different qualities into the rosary. A rosary made of 'Rudraksh' beads is good for spiritual enlightenment and spiritual and physical protection. If this is made of crystal, the power of the prayers and chants being recited, is increased.

Although they are primarily used in prayer, rosaries can be used as a necklace for luck and protection. Praying and chanting with the beads is the manner in which the rosary is charged with positive energy.

Mahamrityunjay Amulet

This amulet is a physical representation of the Mahamrityunjay Mantra, which is a potent chant for gaining the blessings of Lord Shiva, who is referred to as Lord to the gods. This Mantra was composed by the sage, Rishi Markandey and is described in the ancient Hindu scriptures the 'Rig', 'Yajur' and 'Athhur' Vedas. 'Mahamrityunjay' can be considered to be a form of Lord Shiva which means, victory over death and it uses 'Knowledge of Resurrection' or 'Sanjeevani Vidya', to prevent an untimely death and misfortune. This amulet brings good health, vibrancy, strength and all forms of good fortune.

Trigaya Yantra Talisman

'Trigaya' is a Sanskrit word that means to singularly focus one's energies so as to achieve a specific task or objective. This word is also synonymous with Lord Buddha. The talisman of this name brings great strength so as to extend one's lifespan that is, this talisman promotes a long life. It is placed at a fixed location in the home of the worshipper and is to face east. It then focuses the positive energy coming from the east to bring strength and longevity to the worshipper.

Pregnancy Charm

Furthering the line of succession was of the utmost importance in olden times, especially for the ruling class. This talisman, the 'Santaan Gopal Yantra' was conceived for this purpose, as this ensures a healthy pregnancy and successful childbirth. This is thus a useful remedy for both protecting an expectant mother's health till the time of delivery and the health of the post natal baby, thereafter.

Black Cat Figurines

Black cats are associated with the Moon and are symbolic of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Black cats are symbols of fertility, prosperity and good health. In oriental societies, black cats do not receive the bad press that they do in western cultures. According to Feng Shui, black cats are considered to be little feline bearers of good luck, as they possess 'Good' energy that wards off evil and frightens away negative energy.

In Japanese culture, black cats symbolise good fortune, so much so that people often greet them with a polite "Kon'nichiwa", or good afternoon (day), if paths happen to cross. Black cats are also thought to have the effect of making their Japanese mistresses more physically desirable. In other parts of the world, during olden times, black cats were considered to be lucky by many, from sailors to stage performers. So if you suffer from cat allergies, or not and you still want to benefit from black kitty's positive vibes, getting a figurine of one is thought to be an acceptable substitute to the real deal.

Rabbit's Foot

Possessing a rabbit's foot is believed to bring good fortune, although I suspect the subject probably drives most rabbits hopping mad. Owning this furry little appendage is believed to protect you from evil spirits and bring good luck in love and relationships to boot. (Some pun intended). It is difficult to say how much truth there actually is to this belief, especially if you consider that it didn't do much good for the unfortunate bunny that was the original owner!

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From ancient times, people have believed in the power of astrology and spiritual practices to attract positive energy and bring good health. This still holds true today, regardless of whether you're a firm believer or just plain curious about such practices. Remember, the key to success with such matters is to approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Good luck charms are some of the most fascinating ways for us to enrich our lives and there is one out there that will help you to achieve optimal well-being. So why not start exploring these benefits and unlocking the power of astrology right from today? The results may surprise you, but the benefits to your health and well-being are sure to be long-lasting and life-changing.

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