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Astrology Predictions for the Future of Prince Harry

Prince Harry. Astrology Chart & Predictions for the Future
Prince Harry. Astrology Chart & Predictions for the Future
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They may not be the most adored people in the world for the rest of the British royal family, but Prince Harry and the duchess Meghan are not about to let that stop them from garnering media attention right now.

The Sussexes have been busy in recent times. They kicked off their latest PR campaign with a Netflix series dedicated to convincing common folk that their lives as Royals was in fact, a royal pain. This was followed up with TV interviews and the publishing of Harry’s memoirs in his book entitled, 'Spare'. Media reports call their Netflix docuseries, “Sensational” and claim that this was watched by “Millions”. Well make that millions minus one, for I for one said, “Spare me”, as I hit the back button after enduring about two episodes of their insufferable, public pity party.

Personal opinions aside, world over, there is a great deal of public interest in the lives of the British royal family. They are an institution unto themselves, on which hinge the fortunes of a frontline nation, albeit a now somewhat declining, frontline nation. Many are eager to know what the stars have in store for the sixth in line to the British throne, now that he has decided to bare his soul and dish out all the secrets of life behind palace walls.


Astrology Chart for Prince Harry

In order to know Harry’s full and correct name, you have to refer to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which states that he was born, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, duke of Sussex. His birth data is:

  • Time of birth: 4:20 PM
  • Date of birth: September 15, 1984
  • Place of birth: London, England.
Horoscope Chart for Prince Harry
Horoscope Chart for Prince Harry

The main features of Prince Harry’s birth chart are given below.

Jupiter occupies its own zodiac sign of Pisces, in Harry’s ascendant house. This planet rules over his ascendant and his 4th house. The Sun is his lord of fate and this occupies its own zodiac sign of Leo. Mars is placed in his 12th house, rules over this house and this planet also occupies one of its own zodiac signs, that being Scorpio. Harry’s Moon sign is Aries and hence, Mars is the ruling planet of his Moon sign.

It is thus clear that three important planets in Harry’s chart occupy their own zodiac signs. These three planets also belong to the same planetary group and therefore complement each other’s favourable influence. The positive features of his chart don’t end there. Harry’s lord of wealth, Saturn is exalted in his house of gains and the Northern Lunar Node, ‘Rahu’ is exalted in his 6th house. If one considers that even the Southern Lunar Node, ‘Ketu’ is also favourably aligned, there are in fact no planets, other than the Moon and Venus that are not.

This chart does suggest that whatever Harry’s situation in life, he will enjoy the patronage and benefits of being born into the British royal family. Most of the success, fame and progress in his life will result directly or indirectly from his royal lineage, even if he remains estranged or alienated from the ‘Firm’. His horoscope as a whole, seems to be quite categorical in this regard.

A person born with such a chart will inherit a life that is by and large filled with affluence, security, stability and privilege. Most astrologers will agree that this is an astrology chart fit for a prince and therein lies something of a contradiction. This may seem presumptuous, as at PowerFortunes we don’t know Harry personally, but somehow the man doesn’t seem to fit the horoscope, particularly in light of the more recent events in his life. There is only one way to reconcile this mismatch, but what we are about to suggest may belong in the realm of wild conspiracy theory, so we leave it up to the reader to decide what to believe and what to reject.

The timings of certain Royal events has led us to believe that the royal family does take astrology into consideration in the planning of important matters. The time and date of Harry and Meghan’s wedding being a case in point, as explained in our article on the event. It may be possible that Harry’s official time of birth, as available in the public domain is not his real time and the time announced may have been chosen so that this seemingly perfect birth chart, is assigned to him.

If his official time is preponed by even one hour and twenty minutes, Harry’s chart changes quite radically and seems to be more in sync with the goings on in his life. Having said that, to the best of our knowledge, this is not something that has been suggested by any other astrologer and brother William’s chart seems quite normal, so we will continue this analysis on the basis of the official 16:20 time. For reference however, we have provided the chart for the preponed time below.

Alternative Horoscope Chart for Prince Harry
Possible Horoscope Chart for Prince Harry

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What Kind of Personality is Harry?

Returning back to the birth chart cast at Harry’s official time of 16:20, we find that Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, all have a similar and positive effect on his nature. These three planets are working in unison and make him an optimist with a progressive mindset. He is a straightforward type of person who constantly seeks ways to improve himself, particularly in a cerebral sense, as he has a thirst for knowledge. Driven by ambition and enterprise, he will always strive to improve every aspect of his being. His qualities will make him popular and well liked in the public eye.

Harry is not one to sit back and wait for things to happen, he will proactively seize the initiative to put important plans into action. This enterprise will almost always pay off, leading him on to greater successes in life.

Due to the influences of Venus and Mercury, he is a person of many talents and interests. He is creative and has a head for numbers and business. Venus does indicate that there will be a lack of affection is his relationship with his father.

Harry would have had a strong, frank relationship with his mother, based on intellectual similarities. In other words, they would have been able to relate to each other and appreciate their respective points of view.

Harry’s Basic Nature & Temperament

Based on the above described factors prevalent in Prince Harry's horoscope, the main features of his temperament and psyche should be as follows:

  1. Harry has a generally positive attitude and a lively, energetic nature.
  2. He is brave and truthful, knows his own mind and is forthright in his opinions.
  3. He is cultured, well mannered, modest, benevolent and thoughtful.
  4. He has an intellectual nature and a desire to acquire knowledge. He is also a spiritual person and has a philanthropic inclination.
  5. Harry is a progressive person, he wishes to gain knowledge that can bring positive changes to every aspect of his life.
  6. His ability to influence the opinions of others will bring him fame and progress.
  7. Harry can be impatient and impulsive. His thoughts are prone to becoming restless. He can also be arrogant, vengeful and unduly harsh. He may be inclined to discard long held beliefs or traditions.
  8. Harry can be prone to lapses of judgment that lead him to misrepresenting facts and boasting.

Predictions for Prince Harry’s Future

Prince Harry is presently passing through a major planetary period of the malefic planet ‘Rahu’, or the Northern Lunar Node and this will last untill late March 2025. Till mid-March 2024, Harry will pass through a concurrent, minor period of the Moon, which is contradictory to his ‘Rahu’ major period. This will be a time of relative upheaval and struggle that create suspicions and doubts about the future. This situation will make Harry somewhat susceptible to making unwise choices in the period till March 2024.

In addition to this, Harry has been passing through a further sub-planetary period of ‘Rahu’, since late November. In order to achieve his short-term objectives, Harry will be inclined to act in a way that may not be considered to be completely honourable. ‘Rahu’ and the Moon are planets that are strongly opposed to one another. Therefore, there will be even greater turmoil in his life till mid-February 2023, due to this contradictory influence. However, as ‘Rahu’ is exalted in his 6th house, speculative decisions will bring him unexpected gains, in the period till mid-February 2023. As a result, he is not likely to suffer any major consequence due to the turmoil and upheaval that is likely to prevail in his life till March 2024.

After March 2024, Prince Harry will enter a Mars planetary period, which runs until late March 2025. The background of struggle and doubt that prevails in his life is not likely to disappear, on account of his on-going major ‘Rahu’ period. However, any troubles in his life will now result in fewer complications down the line. The conditions will be such that Harry will generally find himself in a positive state of mind. He will be more sure of himself and keener to take on challenges and detractors alike.

In the latter half of March 2025, Prince Harry will emerge from a challenging phase in his life. From this point onwards, a major planetary period of Jupiter will be prevalent. This is a planet which is very favourably placed in his natal chart and will bring about a new era of progress and growth.

During this phase, Jupiter will be neutrally placed in Taurus, in Harry’s 6th house. He will think of inventive ways to bring progress to his short-term plans. He will also strengthen social bonds and establish new connections and in doing so, he will gain the upper hand on those who have positioned themselves as his rivals and critics. Hence his long term future from this period onwards, looks decidedly positive. If Harry takes advantage of this situation by learning from past experiences and using this to make wise decisions, this will be a time when he will come into his own and shine. Either way, this will be a period during which there will be progressive advancements in his life and for him as a person.

As for the future of the Harry and Meghan relationship, this would require a comparison of their respective horoscopes and is not something we have looked into at this point. Only a detailed analysis would reveal any definite conclusions in this regard. Hence this is perhaps a subject best left to an article for another day. We can say this though, Prince Harry’s present and mid-term future planetary periods do not suggest any matrimonial break ups or troubles.


Will Harry Remain a Prince?

By stepping back from their roles as senior members of the royal family and choosing not to perform official duties on behalf of the Crown, the Sussexes have thrown the future of their titles and their status as members of the royal family, into doubt.

Any decision to rescind the title of a member of the British royal family would typically be left to the monarch of the day, who will act on the advice of the government. The circumstances under which this might happen are not clear, but this would be a very rare occurrence.

The relatively adverse period that Prince Harry is currently passing through is not likely to significantly impact his present or long term future. Considering that he will enter a rather favourable period in his life post March 2025, there appears to be no imminent danger to his title as Prince.

Astrological Suggestions for the Sussexes

In order to keep any potential troubles at bay and to ensure a successful future together, Harry and Meghan should acquire the following:

Crystal Ganpathi Locket Talisman

If they both wear this locket, they will receive good fortune in the form of the blessings of the lord of good fortune,’Ganpathi’. This talisman will also increase the positive influence of Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Harry’s house of matrimony, in addition to its other important roles in his horoscope.

Crystal Shri Yantra Talismans

This will increase the positive influences of Jupiter, Venus and the Sun. This talisman will allow Harry to take complete advantage of the good times that lie ahead after March 2025.

Final Thoughts

Astrology is but a tool for examining the potential future. However, it should be noted that astrology does not dictate that our destinies are set in stone. As the great Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant." In the ultimate analysis it is one's choices and actions that determine the outcome to what lies ahead.

Prince Harry, with his risk-taking nature, has shown an inclination towards ambition and taking bold steps in life. His natal chart suggests that for him the future holds promise. However, it is yet to be seen exactly how his past actions and decisions will impact future events in his life. There is always a balancing act between taking calculated risks and making wise choices. Only time will tell if Prince Harry's past and present choices will be regarded as wise.

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