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Personality Development through your Sun Sign

Weird Ways your Zodiac Sign Might be Holding you Back
Weird Ways your Zodiac Sign Might be Holding you Back

What problems might come about as a result of your strongest and weakest personality traits? Do you think you lack of friends, are prone to troubles at work or are often stuck in tough relationships? Could a better understanding of your zodiac sign be the answer to working out these problems?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Below are the weakest and strongest personality (mostly weakest) traits of each sign, as explained on


  1. Aries is governed by Mars and Ariens tend to be full or energy. Their own impatience makes them prone to being distracted from their objectives. Ariens don’t pull their punches and can be troublesome subordinates.
  2. The redeeming quality of Aries is that they have a popularity score of 66.63% and are currently the third most popular zodiac sign, which means they know how to get along with other people. All they need to do is, channel their exuberance and aggressive in the right direction.



  1. Taureans are notorious for their stubborn bull-headedness. Their lesser known shortcomings are that they can be argumentative, slaves to convention and prone to harbouring grudges. They are creatures of habit and won’t find it easy to change their ways.
  2. Taurean qualities far out-weigh their shortcomings. They are dependable and pragmatic, so they usually don’t let these negative characteristics dominate their natures. They make excellent Second-in-Commands.


  1. Geminis are complex and contradictory people. They can they sulk like children and demand attention in a similar manner.
  2. Geminis tend to lack application. In adverse situations, their resolve may desert them completely. These characteristics tend to make them unreliable. Geminis can also be self-centred.


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  1. Cancerians can be timid, dull, shy and withdrawn. There is a degree of duality in their nature, while outwardly they can appear to be tough, inside they are sentimental.
  2. They can be swayed by the emotion of the moment. They are also prone to being untidy, moody, suffering from a feeling of self-pity or inferiority. They can be easily offended by imaginary insults, but can also be taken in by sycophancy.


  1. Leos have the dubious distinction of presently being the least liked of all zodiac signs, because in extreme cases, they can be most unpleasant. They can display some of the worst human characteristics such as being arrogant, autocratic, jealous, selfish, aggressive and short-tempered.
  2. Leos do not make the most faithful of partners and are prone to infidelity.


  1. With a popularity rating of 59.03%, Virgos are the second least liked zodiac sign. They tend to supress their true feelings and can appear to be cold. Due to this and because of their own insecurities, they do not make compatible partners with passionate people.
  2. They can be worriers and hypochondriacs and can also be indecisive. Male Virgoans can sometimes give the impression of being effeminate.



  1. Librans can be shallow, fickle and indecisive. The can be easy-going to the point of being timid. Many a time they will fail to stand up for themselves when they ought to. At the same time, they can fly off the handle without warning.
  2. They can be susceptible to several different types of health problems and need to guard against obesity. They can also be prone to extravagance. Librans like balance in their lives and use this to overcome many of their shortcomings.


  1. Scorpio is ruled by the fiery Mars and Scorpios are the hotheads of the zodiac. They can be short-tempered, vindictive, impatient and impulsive. Scorpios can be guilty of discarding friends, once they perceive that such people are no longer of use.
  2. Despite their shortcommings, Scorpios are presently the most popular zodiac sign.
  3. A romantic alliance with a Scorpio can be passionate, but turbulent.


  1. A Sagittarian is not shy of changing loyalties or abandoning long held beliefs, if they perceive that this may be to their advantage. They are reluctant to express their emotions and Sagittarian women are prone to being frigid.
  2. They can be quick to anger and demanding. They are outspoken and are not shy of offending those close to them.


  1. With a popularity rating of 61.23%, Capricorns are not a favourite amongst the other zodiac signs. They lack creativity and originality, but they can also be flippant and capricious. They can be demanding and authoritarian.
  2. Capricorns are also prone to being selfish and miserly, boring and chronic complainers.



  1. Aquarians can be guilty of being frivolous exhibitionists. If provoked, their anger can be fierce and they do not forgive easily.
  2. They can be inclined to being rude, eccentric loners and stubborn in their opinions. They are however, the most popular of all the zodiac signs.


  1. Pisceans can lack confidence and clarity. They have impractical natures and can often retreat into a dream world.
  2. They can be exasperating, unreliable, oversensitive and naïve. Pisceans can be guilty of lacking physical desire and passion.

It was once said on a T-shirt that, “Nobody’s perfect, and I’m nobody”. Well the first part of that statement is definitely true and likewise, no zodiac sign is perfect. Everything mentioned above is done so in jest. Personalities and zodiac signs are far more complex than the few points mentioned above. Visit our ‘Zodiac Sign’ section to find out exactly how much more complex.

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