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Astrology of the Coronation of King Charles III

Astrology Predictions for King Charles's Coronation
Astrology Predictions for King Charles's Coronation
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On Saturday May 6, 2023, 'Operation Golden Orb', the reported code name for the coronation of King Charles and wife, Camilla, Queen Consort, will get underway. The venue is the historic Westminster Abbey in Central London. This is a ceremony of great religious and political significance as it involves the monarch being anointed, blessed, consecrated and crowned by the Archbishop of the Church of England.


The Date and Time of the Coronation

The service is scheduled to begin on this day at eleven in the morning, local time. Astrologically, it appears that May and Taurus season are prominent periods for the British royal family, as:

  1. The late Queen's zodiac sign was Taurus.
  2. Royal baby Archie was born at 05:26 BST, on May 6, 2019 and is also a Taurean.
  3. Harry and Meghan were married on, May 19, 2018.

It is an interesting coincidence that the 6th of May is both the date of Charles's coronation and his grandson's birthday.

Interesting Astrological Characteristics of the Coronation

Queen Elizabeth's coronation took place on June 2, 1953 and on that occasion, the ceremony lasted three hours. It is reported that Charles's coronation ceremony will last for about 2 hours. This would mean that the moment of the actual crowning should be around 12:00PM, however we estimate that this will be closer to 1PM and after 12:41PM. From our analysis of past royal events, we have found that important ceremonies are timed to match favourable planetary alignments. This was certainly true in the case of the Harry and Meghan wedding.

On the day of the coronation, the ascendant will change from Cancer to Leo at 12:41PM, BST. A Leo ascendant will be very favourable for an occasion of this nature, as Leo is ruled by the Sun, a regal planet that represents power and authority. We have thus cast our chart for the coronation at 1PM, when Leo will be placed as the ascendant, at 03:29°.

The PowerFortunes astrologers have studied the nature of this chart and it appears to be an uncanny coincidence that this is very similar to the chart for the Harry and Meghan wedding. In fact, the auspicious nature of this chart, particularly in the context of an event of a royal nature, seems to strongly suggest that the time and date of the coronation have been carefully chosen, with astrological considerations in mind. That is, if the PowerFortunes astrologers, or any professional astrologer were asked to recommend a time for such an event, this would be it.

There are several stories in the media suggesting that Nostradamus had predicted that Charles will abdicate from the throne. In our predictions made at the time of Charles's ascension, we explained that there are several strong astrological factors that cast some doubt over the longevity of his reign. However, our reasons for drawing this conclusion are not the same as those cited for Nostradamus's prediction. Nevertheless, from an astrological point of view, the coronation seems to have been timed so as to mitigate the adverse factors surrounding Charles's reign as monarch.

We must hasten to add that all of what has been cited above and the charts that we cast, are based on the Vedic form of astrology. Western astrologers are likely to come up with different findings. Does this mean that the Royal Family follows astrology or that the Royal Astrologer, if one exists, practices Vedic astrology? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

The Horoscope Chart for King Charles's Coronation

The important characteristics for coronation day are:

  1. Ascendant: Leo.
  2. Constellation: 'Vishakha Nakshatra'.
  3. Moon Sign: Scorpio.
  4. Moon Phase: Waning day 1.

The chart for the day is shown below:


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Horoscope Chart for the Coronation of King Charles III
Horoscope Chart for the Coronation of King Charles III

As we have already explained, the notable feature of this chart is the prominent placement of the Sun, which is exalted in the house of fate, in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Scorpio being Charles's Moon sign. This shows that the British Crown is ready to deal with any challenges and that its status and prestige are robust.

Mars is the ruling planet of the house of fate, the house of material assets and is also the ruling planet of the Moon sign of this chart. Mars and the Sun have a strong affinity, as they belong to the same planetary group and share similar characteristics. The alignments of these two planets are particularly favourable for Charles, as Mars rules over his Moon sign of Aries and the Sun is his lord of wealth. This indicates that his coronation will further promote material gains and progress in his life.

Overall, this is quite a positive horoscope, as there are no significant adverse influences or alignments. Only two planets, the Moon and Mercury are afflicted. Mercury is both combusted and in-retrograde and hence has a diminished influence, suggesting that this event may suffer from a lack of planning and may not be able to convey a strong, positive message in favour of the King. Despite these influences, any negative effects that might result, are compensated by the strong alignments of the remaining planets. Saturn is strongly placed in Aquarius and controls the centre of this chart. This lends stability and strength to the reign of the 13th monarch of England.

All of these favourable influences are reinforced by a Scorpio placed Jupiter. This planet occupies the house of fate of the coronation chart and is also Charles's lord of fate in his own birth chart. Jupiter will promote wise decision making that lead to progress during Charles's reign as King. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter's influence signifies the spiritual nature of the coronation ceremony and shows that the prayers offered will have the desired effect.

In the final analysis, it has to be said that the coronation will bring renewed energy to Charles's reign as King.

Astrological Recommendations for King Charles

Whoever is in charge of scheduling this event has done a good job of ensuring that the astrological influences at play, are all favourable. The sum total of the compound date for the day works out to '9', corresponding to Mars. As explained above, Mars has a strongly positive role for both the coronation ceremony and for Charles personally.

Invoking these positive factors through the timing of the coronation ceremony, is to a certain degree, an effective way of negating the adverse influences associated with Charles's formal proclamation as King. It appears that the rules governing the official proclamation of a British monarch do not allow for much leeway. Hence, avoiding the inauspicious factors influencing that occasion would not have been possible, even if Buckingham Palace officials were inclined to do so. However, considering all the astrological factors surrounding his ascension to the throne, it would be reasonable to suggest that there are no immediate threats that are likely to bring a premature end to King Charles's reign.

In order to guarantee the his success as King, we would recommend that Charles further strengthen the favourable influence of the Sun and Mars by:

  1. Acquiring the corresponding talisman for the Sun, the 'Surya Yantra'.
  2. Acquiring the corresponding talisman for Mars, the 'Mangal Yantra'.

Final Thoughts

In our astrological analysis of the death of Queen Elizabeth we had said that the PowerFortunes astrologers would be ready with their predictions at the time of King Charles's coronation and here you have them.

This article is being published more than a week before the date of the coronation, we'll have to wait and see if the timing of the event is in accordance with our speculation. If it is not and is earlier than the time we mentioned, the auspicious nature of the chart for the event will not change significantly, but will not be quite as favourable as the chart we have analysed. Also, if the time of the main crowning ceremony is not after 12:41PM BST, this could be an indication that Buckingham Palace is not as strongly inclined towards astrology, might have assumed.

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